Hemorrhoid Band Ligation

Hemorrhoid Band Ligation

Hemorrhoid Band Ligation is a procedure which involves the application of rubber bands to the base of second-degree internal hemorrhoids in order to restrict the flow of blood supply to the mass. Blood deprived hemorrhoids usually shrivel and die in less than a week. Regular bowel movement gets the shriveled hemorrhoids detached and flushed out of anus.

The reasons people who develop internal hemorrhoids choose the rubber band ligation (in medical terms, ligation is the making of a tie, aka ligature) over surgical removal are less pain and shorter recovery period. Hospitalization for the procedure usually takes less than 24 hours.

The video below contains footage of the Hemorrhoid Band Ligation filmed by a camera mounted on the tip of a scope used to carry out the procedure. The video doesn’t contain the footage of actual ligation (tying of the rubber bands) but does show what internal hemorrhoids look like from the inside of anus.

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