Biker’s Leg Takes Shape of Question Mark After Accident

On February 20, 2016, outside of Pilibhit – a city in the Uttar Pradesh state, India, a biker clipped another vehicle and broke his leg. The photo shows his thigh in a shape of a question mark, and bloodied lower leg with foot twisted backward. I see a few Brazilian style flip flops in there … Continue reading “Biker’s Leg Takes Shape of Question Mark After Accident”

Young Indian Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging in Mysore

That place became my sore… In Mysore, a city in the state of Karnataka, India, a 26 year old woman named Madhu committed suicide by hanging from a ceiling fan in her home. The woman worked for an Indian software company and recently lost her mother. She had reportedly suffered from depression since. They speak … Continue reading “Young Indian Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging in Mysore”

Aftermath of Traffic Accident in India That Ripped Unborn Baby Out of Pregnant Woman

This post expands on the single picture of Unborn Baby Squirted Onto Road After Accident. Best Gore member wakkawak12 hooked us up with a few more pics of the aftermath of the crash. The pics show several people, one dismembered, and the ex-pregnant woman lying crushed near the baby. The accident happened in India.

The Caption This Photo Contest #83

Well…Caption this photo if you can. Also, we’d like to wish a very happy birthday to a Best Gore OG. Brokeback, this one’s for you. BEST CAPTION: When she says she can’t deep throat but you try anyway – ms g0rem8 RUNNERS UP: This is what happens when you go through puberty wanking to rap … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #83”

Pic of Indian Woman After Truck Ran Over Her Head

Here’s a single pic of an Indian woman who’s head was run over by a truck. You can tell her skull was cracked open, but it was not pancaked the way it sometimes happens when it’s a very big truck. I don’t have any specific background info about this accident, nor could I find any … Continue reading “Pic of Indian Woman After Truck Ran Over Her Head”

Woman Found Hanged in Saudi Arabia

Video from Saudi Arabia shows an apparent suicide by a female. The woman, not an indigenous Saudi, is speculated to be an immigrant maid from India or other surrounding land. People who have come to Saudi Arabia for work from destitute countries like Ethiopia, Somalia, Pakistan and India are often times mistreated or even tortured … Continue reading “Woman Found Hanged in Saudi Arabia”

Indian Boy with Shredded Legs Begs for Help, People Gawk

Video from India shows a boy on the side of the road with legs shredded in an accident, begging passerby for help, but to no avail. Bystanders gawk and film the boy but do nothing to help him or even comfort him, although two men prop him up. Video surfaced on January 17th, 2016. Condition … Continue reading “Indian Boy with Shredded Legs Begs for Help, People Gawk”

Woman in India Caught on Hidden Cam Assaulting Mother in Law

A woman from Bijnore in Uttar Pradesh, India was filmed on hidden camera slapping, kicking, choking and hitting with a stone her elderly mother in law. The camera was set up by her husband. Sangeeta Jain was arrested and charged with attempted murder, but quickly invoked female privilege and screamed the version of RAPE by … Continue reading “Woman in India Caught on Hidden Cam Assaulting Mother in Law”

Indian Woman Commits Suicide by Train at Station

At a train station in India, a woman nervously walks up and down the platform. As a train approaches the station, she jumps in front of it, and lays her neck on the track. Most other commuter respond to the sound of decapitation by instinctively moving further away from the train, but the guy with … Continue reading “Indian Woman Commits Suicide by Train at Station”

15 Month Old Girl Brutalized by German Shepard

A 15-month-old girl was attacked by a German Shepard in a public park while in the company of her 10-year-old brother in Ahmedabad, India. The incident occurred in December of 2014 and luckily her brother manages to protect his sister from a worse mauling than she got. Just watching the first bit, you might think; … Continue reading “15 Month Old Girl Brutalized by German Shepard”