Autopsy of Girl Who was Raped and Strangled

The video which you are about to see shows an underage girl undergoing an autopsy. I am going to “squash the beef” before it even starts: This is not classified as child pornography by any state, local, federal or international agency. These types of autopsies are preformed daily and are legally recorded for educational reasons … Continue reading “Autopsy of Girl Who was Raped and Strangled”

Gallery of Medical Gore

Life got you down? Foreign conflicts too confusing? Police brutality too rage-inducing? Well, put down that razor blade, Dr. Obli’s got 10cc’s of medical-related gore to get you back on your feet. Some brutal shit here, guys. Guts everywhere, assorted body parts, autopsies and deformed infants. What the fuck else could you ask for? In … Continue reading “Gallery of Medical Gore”

Upper Torso Innards Revealed

Blue body bag on the table, black garbage bag in the corner, leather belt with studs, mullet of champions… this picture has it all. Even exposed innards which look bloody strange for innards from upper torso. I don’t know what exactly happened here, or where for that matter. Does he look Middle Eastern to you? … Continue reading “Upper Torso Innards Revealed”

Hemorrhoid Band Ligation

Hemorrhoid Band Ligation is a procedure which involves the application of rubber bands to the base of second-degree internal hemorrhoids in order to restrict the flow of blood supply to the mass. Blood deprived hemorrhoids usually shrivel and die in less than a week. Regular bowel movement gets the shriveled hemorrhoids detached and flushed out … Continue reading “Hemorrhoid Band Ligation”

Midsagittal Plane – Photo of Vertical Section Through Female Body

Midsagittal Plane is a vertical section through the body that divides it into left and right (unlike coronal plane which divides the body into front and rear, or transverse plane which divides it into top and bottom). This photo is of Sagittal Plane of a midsection of female body (Midsagittal Plane) and shows what the … Continue reading “Midsagittal Plane – Photo of Vertical Section Through Female Body”