Muslims Circle Jerking with Severed Head

Just what the title says. No info on it whats so ever, and I’m not even gonna attempt to discern which particular faction of militant muslim this might be. Although it looks like more legit outfit to me. Anyone know that symbol on the uniform? Might not even matter, we’ve seen fake uniforms being used … Continue reading “Muslims Circle Jerking with Severed Head”

Videos of Suicide Bomb Attacks in Jakarta, Indonesia

A series of coordinated suicide bomb and gun attacks rocked the downtown area of Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta. ISIS is said to have taken responsibility for the attacks, making it the first such attack in the South East Asian nation. So far, at least seven people have been reported killed, of whom five were … Continue reading “Videos of Suicide Bomb Attacks in Jakarta, Indonesia”

African Woman Beaten, Interrogated and Beheaded by Muslims

Video from from undisclosed location, possibly West Africa, captures a young woman who has been captured, bound and beaten. She is then interrogated by men before being beheaded in an uncensored and effective manner by Muslims. The victim is accused of a heinous crime such as adultery or other such (Muslim) felony to warrant this … Continue reading “African Woman Beaten, Interrogated and Beheaded by Muslims”

Muslim Woman Buried Neck Deep in Hole and Stoned to Death

The video shows a Muslim woman being buried up to her neck in a hole, and stoned to death by a group of people standing around. The woman had her feet bound together, and a blindfold tied over her eyes before being dumped in the hole. I don’t know where this took place, nor what … Continue reading “Muslim Woman Buried Neck Deep in Hole and Stoned to Death”

Man Beheaded by Taliban Child Soldiers

An older video released by the Taliban shows their child soldiers beheading a captured man. The victim seemed pretty resigned to the inevitable. The beheader couldn’t find a way to cut through the spine, but found a way to chop through it. Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the video: What People … Continue reading “Man Beheaded by Taliban Child Soldiers”

Man Shot In the Face at Close Range by ISIS

In this video, a man is executed by being shot in the face at close range with an assault rifle. Though I don’t have any background information about the video, apparently he was executed by ISIS. At this point, even mainstream media report on evidence of foreign puppeteers behind ISIS. British Daily Mirror published an … Continue reading “Man Shot In the Face at Close Range by ISIS”

Iraqi Soldiers Try to Behead Dead ISIS Mujaheddin

The video depicts Iraqi soldiers trying to behead a dead ISIS mujaheddin. They need lessons from this guy on how to do it. The corpse they are beheading has his hands tied behind his back. This pretty much suggests that he’d been executed. Cause you don’t die in battle with your hands cuffed. Props to … Continue reading “Iraqi Soldiers Try to Behead Dead ISIS Mujaheddin”

Syrian Man Hoisted Upside Down and Executed by Tunisian ISIS Battalion

A Tunisian ISIS battalion of five militants executed a Syrian Arab man in Al-Hassakah, Syria. Before the execution, the jihadist gives speech about promises of future terrorist attacks in their homeland of Tunisia. The victim was hoisted upside down in a tree and shot in the head at close range with a rifle. Props to … Continue reading “Syrian Man Hoisted Upside Down and Executed by Tunisian ISIS Battalion”

Two Men Accused of Sorcery Beheaded by ISIS in Libya

A video allegedly released by ISIS in Libya depicts the beheading of two men accused of sorcery. The video is titled “And the Magician Will Not Succeed Wherever He Is“. The video also shows several people being punished by whipping according to Sharia Law for various offences. The two alleged sorcerers are brought into the … Continue reading “Two Men Accused of Sorcery Beheaded by ISIS in Libya”

ISIS Child Soldiers Execute Alleged Spies

Disturbing video here. A brief documentary on the training of Muslim children to be soldiers for ISIS. Also featured are several executions committed by the kids. The ISIS dogs use the Qur’an and culture of these Middle Eastern peoples to brain wash these children into serving them. We see them sitting at desks, receiving lessons … Continue reading “ISIS Child Soldiers Execute Alleged Spies”