Guro Art – Tribute to Mark and the Golden Days of Best Gore


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Ah nostalgia. Remembering the good old days. That’s the purpose of this post. A tribute to the man who started it all and the days when Best Gore was a tight, tight community of freaks and fiends and friends. This … Continue reading

Aokigahara – The Suicide Forest


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Happy Halloween boys and gores. To celebrate Samhain, how about a little ghost story? This is Aokigahara, also known as Jukai (the Sea of Trees). It is a dense forest set at the base of Mt. Fuji less then 100 … Continue reading

Aftermath of Live Dissection of a Woman in Unit 731, Japan


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Japanese Unit 731 gained worldwide notoriety for being a laboratory and a research station in which the medical, biological and chemical experiments were often performed on live humans (mostly prisoners of war from China or Korea). Although inhumanely cruel, the … Continue reading

Impaled Girl by Hiroaki Samura plus Note on Age Restriction


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Since it’s Easter, here’s a picture of a girl impaled on a spear. It’s a drawing by an amazing illustrator from Japan – Hiroaki Samura. From what I’ve seen so far, Hiroaki Samura is hands down best guro illustrator on … Continue reading

Guro Art – Pussy Spread Open Bloody to Reveal Cervix


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It’s been a while since we’ve had any Guro – Japanese anime gore art on Best Gore, so let’s fix that. Spreading a pussy open with metal bars so it’s stretched larger than girl’s head has got to leave the … Continue reading

Vulva, Bloody Mess, Guro Art and Comment Moderation Update

Vulva, Bloody Mess, Guro Art and Comment Moderation Update

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the amazing Best Gore community for being so fucking awesome I have troubles finding right words to express myself. I feel exceptionally privileged to be a part of this experience and would like each and every one of you to know that I appreciate your participation and stay committed to making it an enjoyable experience for all.

Comment Moderation Update

That being said, I need to update you on newly adopted comment moderation practices. In order to keep childish bullshit away from the site, comments all in caps, as well as C0MmEnTs UsInG cHiLdIsH sPeLlInG are being routinely edited out. This has been practised for a few weeks and will continue being in effect cause unless your comment in exceptionally witty or there is some truly justifiable reason to say it all in caps, then it’s just annoying as fuck and nobody needs to have to read through that.

Furthermore, I need to admit that I’ve had it with people who don’t remember where they left a comment and then come on here whining that their comments were removed. They were not removed, they are still there, you just need to look on the page where you left it, not on other pages. Keep in mind that if there is a post with a gallery of pictures, it is possible to comment on a home post as well as each picture individually. So if you decide to comment on a specific picture and then come on the main post page and can’t see it there – it’s because that’s not where you left your fucking comment, bitch!

In order to keep the experience using the website bullshit free for the 99% of us who have the decency to understand what they are doing, we are now adopting the “fuck the bullshit, keep the sanity” policy. Any more bullshiters waste our time with their “where are my comments?” bullshit not remembering where they left them will be unceremoniously stopped. Simple as that. This has been going on for long enough to have eventually gotten out of hand and in need of being dealt with. From now on, it will be.

Shout Out to

I would also like to say “Hi” to the admin of Swedish website There are some amazing gore fans in Sweden and admin of has linked Best Gore many a time sending lots of quality traffic. The website is all in Swedish so unless you can understand the language it may not make much sense, but if you’re a Swede, please do pay them a visit and send the admin props from me. Visit by clicking on the link below:

BTW, if you’re one of active Best Gore members and have your own blog, send me its URL to mark [at] If you’ve been a quality commenter, you will get a shout out too.

And finally, I hope you like the bloody mess picture. The vulva cut off is particularly hawt 😛

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Anime Gore – Japanese Blood Art, Young Girl Cut in Half

Anime Gore - Japanese Blood Art, Young Girl Cut in Half

Due to many requests, Best Gore is responding to growing popularity of Anime Gore. Japanese drawn images are known for pushing boundaries beyond limit. The only known limit is knowing that it’s a drawn art, not a reality. Never the less, there are many fans of anime gore among you so let’s have some of it. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll just pretend we’ve never had anime gore on here and will focus on real life gore images and videos.

I don’t know who the author of this picture is. I was trying to track the author down to give credit, but to no avail. If you know whose art it is, please let me know so i can issue appropriate credit. The drawing depicts young girl being hung by one leg and cut in half with a huge knife. Girl is completely naked with her hands tied behind her back. Her big breasts fall loosely across her chest as she’s hung upside down, with one of her feet extending under her head because of cut through torso.

I’m not a big fan of anime in general, but I can appreciate anime gore. The girl is wearing a collar which adds a nice touch to the drawing and that ribbon in her hair – I guess that’s a signature touch to anime art – got to make those chicks look young, right? Anyway – it would appear that the artist was trying to achieve an effect of a single blow cut. Blood splashes through girls mouth and the cut that halves her torso, but rather than sowing through her body with that giant knife, I think the executioner delivered one solid slash and it didn’t quite go all the way through.

Enjoy our new addition to Best Gore – anime gore pictures from Japan. Source of this pic:

Thanks Eric 😉

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