Broken Motorcyclist Twitches As Life Takes Its Leave

In Ipatinga, a municipality the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, a young man on a motorcycle got himself involved in an accident. The video shows him laid on the bike with visibly broken pelvis, performing agonal breathing. I think that if you consider the extent of immediately visible injuries, coupled with agonal breathing indue twitching, … Continue reading “Broken Motorcyclist Twitches As Life Takes Its Leave”

Femur Sticks Out Through Compound Fracture of Leg

I don’t have any backinfo about this video. It appears to depict the aftermath of a traffic accident involving a motorcyclist. The biker is shown on the road with a compound fracture of the leg somewhere in the knee area. His defleshed femur sticks out.

Mangled, Amputated Limb Extracted from Wrecked Vehicle

Video from Brazil shows responders to a fatal traffic accident extracting a mangled, severed limb from the wrecked car. The limb is tightly lodged in the crumbled crack between the frame and the door. I like how the guy plays with the fresh meat at around 2:09.

Biker with Leg Destroyed in Collision Gets Feisty with People Comforting Him

This video I believe is also from Brazil, though I didn’t get much background info about it. It depicts the aftermath of a collision between a motorcycle and a car, in which the motorcyclist had his right leg destroyed below the knee. The noteworthy part of the video is how feisty the injured motorcyclist got … Continue reading “Biker with Leg Destroyed in Collision Gets Feisty with People Comforting Him”

Follow Up on Motorcycle Knee Injury – 9 Months Later

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @manonmk, who back in September of 2015, sent us pictures of her knee injury sustained when she crashed motorcycle in Thailand. 9 months after the injury, @manonmk followed up with photos taken during the process of healing, including a photo … Continue reading “Follow Up on Motorcycle Knee Injury – 9 Months Later”

Traffic Accident Victim with Multiple Leg Fractures

Video from Brazil shows a young woman with multiple fractures of the leg. She was obviously involved in a traffic accident, but I didn’t get any specifics as to what exactly happened. That leg looks seriously messed up. The victim turned the accident into an opportunity to test her high pitch shriek.

Crashed Motorcyclist Lands on Side of Road with Leg Destroyed

The video shows an aftermath of a motorcycle accident. The motorcyclist is on the side of the road with his left leg pretty much destroyed. As he rolls around and moans with pain, he lifts his mangled leg to expose the degloved femur (thighbone), with everything below the knee joint shredded beyond repair.

Biker’s Leg Takes Shape of Question Mark After Accident

On February 20, 2016, outside of Pilibhit – a city in the Uttar Pradesh state, India, a biker clipped another vehicle and broke his leg. The photo shows his thigh in a shape of a question mark, and bloodied lower leg with foot twisted backward. I see a few Brazilian style flip flops in there … Continue reading “Biker’s Leg Takes Shape of Question Mark After Accident”

Young Couple Seems Dead After Motorcycle Accident

The video shows the aftermath of a deadly accident in Brazil. I don’t have any specific information, but a young couple is shown without any signs of life. The guy had his leg ripped off and is bleeding out, even though still seemingly alive. The motorcycle they were presumably riding is a distance away, and … Continue reading “Young Couple Seems Dead After Motorcycle Accident”

Brutal Motorcycle Accident Aftermath – Woman with Leg Ripped Off at Crotch

I don’t have any background information about this video, but it looks like this happened in Brazil. The video captures an aftermath of a brutal motorcycle accident. A young couple somehow jumped the median strip and hit a concrete post planted in it. Looks like the man hit his head and died instantly, whereas the … Continue reading “Brutal Motorcycle Accident Aftermath – Woman with Leg Ripped Off at Crotch”