Scooter and Pickup Truck Collide in Thailand, Creating a Corpse with Mangled Foot


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A 34 year old Thai on his little scooter got into a head on crash with a pickup truck (seriously, how many grey pickup trucks have we seen from accidents in Thailand?). The Thai, sans helmet, was either tossed into … Continue reading

Canadian Goes Sky Diving Off a Marriott Hotel in Bangkok


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Well, well, well, yet another foreigner has somehow managed to plunge to his death while visiting the Land of Smiles. This time a Canadian. Obviously, the official Thai ruling is “suicide” but one can never be too sure when in … Continue reading

Deadly Accident in South India – Child Dead, Woman with Leg Stripped to Bone


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Video from South India depicts the aftermath of a deadly traffic accident. A woman had her lower leg stripped down to the bare bone. Her foot is not attached at all – it was completely amputated. Child by the truck … Continue reading

Man Struck by Vehicle, Ripped to Shreds on Highway in Thailand


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This latest helping of Thai road pizza was served up on January 31st, 2015, in Mueang Chachoengsao, Chachoengsao District, Thailand. The mangled body of an as-of-yet unidentified man struck by a vehicle was found on a highway. I’m assuming that … Continue reading

Tanker Truck Versus Pickup Truck – Epic Road Carnage


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This is essentially an update post. a companion piece, if you will, to the tanker post from a couple of days ago. I was able to get so many more images and info that it seemed best to just make … Continue reading

Mountain Biker Impales His Thigh with Handle Bar


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A similar incident was featured on Best Gore before, but it’s a young girl version. Smaller impalement too. The Death Machine strikes yet again. Sadly, no background story for his one, SOBs. But fret not, I’ll try to make up … Continue reading

Truck Flips in Thailand, Woman Loses Leg


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Accident in Thailand (are you surprised?) apparently involving just a pick up which flipped and rolled over, injuring the three people in the vehicle. The woman in the cab had her leg severed at the knee. Circumstances…well, let’s just say … Continue reading

Motorcyclist Dies After Crashing Into Lamppost


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On Monday, January 19, 2015 a motorcyclist died after apparently crashing into a lamppost in the city of Santa Quitéria, state of Ceará, Brazil. The city locality in which the accident occurred is called “Baixo Boa Vida”, which according to … Continue reading

Thai Man is Obliterated by a Semi and Leaves a Long Smear Down the Road


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Obli here, serving up this latest offering from the Land of Smiles. A man was completely obliterated by a huge truck, leaving him in pieces and just look at that nice, long smear of blood and fleshy bits going all … Continue reading

Thai Man’s Preferred Method of Suicide is Dismemberment by Train


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Another Thai chose to opt out of life and do so in a way to create some nice gore. I’m of course talking about one of my favorite suicide methods; train dismemberment. The train is a force to be reckoned … Continue reading