Maggots Squeezed Out of Pee Hole of Mutilated Penis

This appears to be the case of maggot fetish, whereby some individuals pop maggots up their genital orifice because they like the way the crawlies wriggled up the tube. In the S&M community, the act of inserting objects into one’s urethra is known as “sounding“, although it typically involves insertions of inanimate objects, like pens, … Continue reading “Maggots Squeezed Out of Pee Hole of Mutilated Penis”

Maggots Crawl Inside Swollen, Infected Pussy

I don’t have any background information about the video, but this here pussy is right up there with Blue Waffle, or this weirdness, as one of the world’s nastiest cracks. The visibly swollen and infected pussy, when spread open, reveals a colony of maggots that are excessively busy crawling over one another. Makes you wonder … Continue reading “Maggots Crawl Inside Swollen, Infected Pussy”

Maggot-Mouthed Kid Being Examined

Why am I looking at a kid playing with rice? Oh dear Lord…more maggots courtesy of a little kid. As opposed to the ones this little girl suffered with, these ones are pretty damn big. Can’t help but think they are being used to clean up a gum infection of some kind. God, can you … Continue reading “Maggot-Mouthed Kid Being Examined”

Fat Woman Covered in Maggots

What we have here is yet another case which proves that the living are far more disgusting than the dead. Fat woman is brought in with a nasty looking stomach wound that is just covered in maggots. Filled with fucking maggots. Look at that fucking gut jiggling and pulsating. I was seriously expecting it to … Continue reading “Fat Woman Covered in Maggots”

Body Found Wrapped in Trash Bag, Covered in Shit and Maggots

A body was found in a sort of out house behind a college in Thailand. The body is shown to be covered in feces and squirming maggots. The knock the wall out of the building in order to more easily pull the body out. No info has been released about the gender of the victim … Continue reading “Body Found Wrapped in Trash Bag, Covered in Shit and Maggots”

Rotting, Maggot-Riddled Bloater in Thailand

Alright, what’s better than a bloated corpse? A bloated corpse covered in…Maggots!!! Video captures all of the grotesqueries as they unfold. Look at those feet and the toe nails, simply hideous. The peeling, wrinkled skin, sickening. And the maggots, maggots, maggots between her thighs. Unknown what happened although it is possible it’s a suicide. Pictures … Continue reading “Rotting, Maggot-Riddled Bloater in Thailand”

Video of Maggots Being Pulled From a Penis

It’s the weekend, why not start things off with some nasty ass shit. Unfortunately, there is no back story on this so how this happened is anyone’s guess. Maybe something similar to this. Hell, maybe she was the one who did this to him. Either way, this is sick. Not necessarily the maggots, but the … Continue reading “Video of Maggots Being Pulled From a Penis”

Green Meanie Bathing in Maggots

The Thai suicide is more than a little suspect this time around as we definite signs of violence in the room this bloated monstrosity died in. Two guitars, blue speedo underwear, smashed furniture, a room in disarray, pointers and a green, hulked-out body wearing a fine layer of maggots. It’s Thailand as only Best Gore … Continue reading “Green Meanie Bathing in Maggots”

Dominican Woman Has Large Sore on Head with Maggots Crawling Inside

A woman from Dominican Republic has a large, open sore on her head with maggot crawling all over it. She is visibly distressed, experiences pain and probably can’t think rationally anymore, seeing how the maggots are chewing into her brain. I’m not a doctor, but I can’t see how there could be much anyone could … Continue reading “Dominican Woman Has Large Sore on Head with Maggots Crawling Inside”

Man with Rotting Tissue on Upper Back and Shoulders Due to Severe Infection

Here’s a video of a guy with nasty, necrotic lesions on his upper back and shoulders. The lesions are deep, and filled with pus, making the man look like his upper body is rotting away while he’s still alive. There are also maggots in the lesions, enjoying a nice swim in the warm goo. I … Continue reading “Man with Rotting Tissue on Upper Back and Shoulders Due to Severe Infection”