Homeless Man Has Foot Swollen and Ankle Overrun with Maggots

Video from Russia or somewhere thereabout shows a homeless man getting his foot looked at by someone – presumably a medic. Careful removal of sock that must have been on the homeless guy’s foot for a long time without having been taken off revealed severe swelling of the foot and what looks like a million … Continue reading “Homeless Man Has Foot Swollen and Ankle Overrun with Maggots”

Botfly Being Pulled Out of an Eyeball

They may be nigh indestructible, but not even mighty eyes are immune to the invasion of parasitic botflies. But of all possible body parts, for that bugger to settle in the eyeball, that’s some bad luck for the host right there. Although the pic doesn’t provide a very conclusive evidence of where exactly the larvae … Continue reading “Botfly Being Pulled Out of an Eyeball”

Man Has Eyes and Head Wounds Full of Crawling Maggots

I don’t know the background story about this video, but the visuals are pretty creepy. A man laid naked on a hospital bed has maggots crawling all over the old wounds on his head and inside his eye sockets. The eyelids are closed so it’s hard to tell if the eyeballs are still OK, but … Continue reading “Man Has Eyes and Head Wounds Full of Crawling Maggots”

Doctor Extracts Larvae from Necrotic Foot

A person has a gaping hole in her foot and a doctor pokes around it and pulls things, including live larvae out of it. How amazing… Apparently, the infection was started with a bite from a cat. The patient waited for a month before seeking medical help. By that time, this is what her foot … Continue reading “Doctor Extracts Larvae from Necrotic Foot”

Advanced Myiasis – Hundreds of Maggots Munch on Infected Scalp

If I understood it correctly, then the patient is a homeless man who suffered an injury to his head. Being homeless, he didn’t have it looked at, the wound got infected and the infection progressed into an advanced necrosis so much so, that a large area of scalp was eaten away, exposing underlying skull. What … Continue reading “Advanced Myiasis – Hundreds of Maggots Munch on Infected Scalp”

Rotten Teeth Pulled Out to Reveal Maggots in Gums

When your teeth are so rotten, they shatter into fragment when they’re being pulled out, so each individual fragment needs to be dealt with separately, and when with each removed fragment a nest of maggots settled inside your gums is revealed, then it’s definitely safe to assume that your dental hygiene sucks fat bollocks. No … Continue reading “Rotten Teeth Pulled Out to Reveal Maggots in Gums”

Bloated, Putrefying Corpse Found Hanged in the Woods in Thailand

Bloated and putrefying body was found on April 27, 2013 hanged from a tree in the Kathina Forest in Sattahip, 10 miles south of Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand. The corpse had been dead for at least 4 to 5 days and was covered with maggots all over. Apparently, the corpse showed signs of other trauma but … Continue reading “Bloated, Putrefying Corpse Found Hanged in the Woods in Thailand”

Argentinean Girl Lost Her Eye Due to Medical Negligence

This 21 year old Argentinean girl was admitted to a mental hospital where she developed an infection in her eye but was allegedly not provided with any specialist care, deep cleaning or any other form of adequate treatment. As a result, the infection progressed and the girl lost her eye. It happened, I’m told in … Continue reading “Argentinean Girl Lost Her Eye Due to Medical Negligence”

Maggot Therapy Applied to Rotten Foot

Maggot therapy is the cheapest and perhaps the most effective method of controlling narcotisation of flesh without side effects. When supply of blood is severely disrupted, which often happens in cases of people suffering from diabetes, cells begin to die and whole area can turn into a rotten mass. Maggots feed on dead flesh, slowing … Continue reading “Maggot Therapy Applied to Rotten Foot”

Maggots Settle in Machete Wounds

Captions at the beginning of this video explain how the man came by his nasty head wounds and why they are full of maggots. I had to painfully type all the gibberish out from the video and paste it into a translator to make some sense of it. The original text in Spanish reads this: … Continue reading “Maggots Settle in Machete Wounds”