Swedish Man Marcus Jannes Commits Suicide Live on the Internet (actual video)

Swedish Man Commits Suicide and Broadcasts it Live on the Internet (actual video)

Way to make history. This young, 21 year old Swedish man by the name of Marcus Jannes announced his plans to commit suicide on a Swedish forum board Flashback.org and remained a man of his word. As far as I know, this is the first, real suicide that was broadcast over the internet in real time so people could view it as it was happening.

When it became apparent that Marcus Jannes means business and is not just messing around, the viewers of this live broadcast suicide alerted the police. 21 minutes later, the Swedish police showed up at Marcus Jannes’ apartment and immediately started with resuscitation but the attempts to revive the man failed. He was later pronounced dead.

The suicide announcement that Marcus Jannes made came only minutes before he put the noose around his neck. He told board readers that he was a 21 year old guy with his own apartment and good money from government. He said he suffered from asperger syndrome (high functioning autism) and had poor social skills that made him a lonely person. Prior to suicide, he doped himself up with painkillers (100mg dexofen and 1500mg paracetamol) and tested self strangulation to get the hang of what was coming. He then set up his webcam with a program that dumps an image captured every 2 seconds onto an FTP server and provided the IP port and login credentials right before the initiation of suicide.

Marcus Jannes chose a rather appropriate t-shirt in which to commit live suicide. Reading “Just Do It”, the man didn’t mess around and just did it. He must have been seriously determined as he hung himself sitting. Being hung with hands tight behind one’s back and feet above ground is one thing, but being able to get up and loosen the rope that’s tightening around your neck to avoid dying, yet still managing to suppress instincts that would naturally strive for self preservation is whole another. Impressive determination to die.

And let’s not forget about the hue his face takes on and loses during the process of strangulation. First it turns blue and then goes back to being pale. Wow!

As they say about suicides – it’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Many survivors of suicide attempts admit to it being a mistake and are glad they’d survived. Marcus Jannes will not be getting a second chance.

The original thread (in Swedish) is on https://www.flashback.org/t1322408. Marcus Jannes signed up on the website as LurifaxFlux on the day he announced he was going to hang himself. Actual video of Marcus Jannes’ suicide as it was broadcast live across the internet is below. Now you can say you have seen it all:

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