Video of Saddam Hussein with Neck Wound in a Morgue After Execution


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An old gore classic which follows up on the video of Saddam Hussein’s execution by hanging. The video shows dead body of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein on a gurney in a morgue. A large, gaping wound is visible on the … Continue reading

Syrian Woman with Severe Head and Leg Trauma


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The most obviously ridiculous part of this video is how naked titties were blurred out. The woman is shown with bullet hole in her head and her right foot ripped off, but naked titties are too un-Islamic to show on … Continue reading

Young Girl Strangled by Jealous Boyfriend with Electrical Cord


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This fine, young girl was strangled to death with an electric cord by her then boyfriend who got uncontrollably jealous after seeing her with another man. That’s a bit excessive for jealousy, but it is what it is. She must … Continue reading

The Act of Seeing with One’s Own Eyes


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The Act of Seeing with One’s Own Eyes is a film by Stan Brakhage documenting autopsies performed in the Pittsburgh’s morgue. Filmed in 1971, The Act of Seeing with One’s Own Eyes has that old and creepy feel you would … Continue reading

Doctor Has a Collection of Real Cut Out Vaginas from Dead Women


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These photos are from the “what the actual fuck, I still haven’t seen it all?” series. It takes the bizarre to a whole new level. The set appears to show a pathologist cutting out a vagina from a body of … Continue reading

Thai Red Shirt Protester Minus Brain in the Morgue in Bangkok


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This awesome video from the morgue in Bangkok, Thailand was forwarded to me by Best Gore member Dutch along with this priceless comment: This is a video of the Thai Red Shirts at the Morgue in BKK last year after … Continue reading

Skull Destroyed After Drunk Driver Collides with Truck in Mexico

Mexican Morticians Seem to Have As Much Fun At Work As Thais For Whom Death Is a Joke

Today’s Best Gore is brought to you by Best Gore friend Daniel M. from Mexico who graciously shared these images from his private stash. The victim is a 55 year old male who went for a ride after a whole lot of tequila shots and got into a collision with a truck in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico. The morale of the story clearly is – unless you’re driving a nigh indestructible Smart Car, a collision of your passenger car with a truck is gonna result in truck’s favor. If you’re lucky, it will only be your car that gets destroyed. If you’re less lucky, it will be both your car and yourself… Actually NO. You should not drink and drive regardless of what you drive. Drunk drivers never win and even get mocked after death (see pic).

The man in our pictures ended up with nasty skull crush, but it is the pathologist who makes the pics so Caption-Contest worthy. Viva la Mexico.

Thanks Daniel for pictures ;)

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Upper Torso Innards Revealed

Upper Torso Innards Revealed

Blue body bag on the table, black garbage bag in the corner, leather belt with studs, mullet of champions… this picture has it all. Even exposed innards which look bloody strange for innards from upper torso.

I don’t know what exactly happened here, or where for that matter. Does he look Middle Eastern to you? They don’t wear mullets in Iraq or Afghanistan, do they? Give me your theories cause I really don’t know what the hack is going on.

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The Caption This Photo Contest #32

Three Thai Twinks, One Thumbs Up

Good old Thailand. Caption it if you can…

Best Caption:

It looks like Lee just finished so now it’s Tobi’s turn. – mastermind420


Mail Order brides – now with less bitchyness, easier to fuck. Many men give thumbs up for our service! – Deliverance

Knock knock.
-Who’s there?
-Thumb who?
Well, thumb like it warm, and, well. Thumb like it cold! – Crazeone

it all good, bwo, Adam apple gone, now be full wady-boy – tiger

Hey I stuck my thumb up her ass…wanna smell it – Neeca

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There, I Fixed Him!

Almost Looks Like Voodoo Doll with Stithced Up Eye Lids

Spectacular stitching job. Reminds me of that popular “There I Fixed It” series that’s all over t3h interwebz. Like new, all ready for an open casket funeral! I certainly hope this is not the final product and the mortician will also stuff his fractured skull with whatever they use as stuffing material to make it more ball shaped before they release the body. That Frankenstein monster look is otherwise rather unappealing for an open casket.

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