Dead Baby Blood Bathing in Toilet Bowl

If you’re a woman in Thailand and find yourself having to use a public washroom, expect surprises. And you better never wait until you really can’t hold it anymore, cause if the only bathroom in the area stares back at you with a dead baby blood bath, you ain’t laying no shits there. The brief, … Continue reading “Dead Baby Blood Bathing in Toilet Bowl”

Father and Child Die in Accident in Pahang, Malaysia

Near Cempedak Bay in Pahang, Malaysia, a vehicle with parents and their small child on board crashed under unclear circumstances. Father and the child died, while mother survived, but is in critical condition. The incident occurred on July 1, 2015 at approximately 6:45 pm.

Corpses of Two Newborns Found in City Dump by Scavengers

On June 2, 2016, in the city of Baturité, state of Ceará, Brazil, corpses of two newborn children were found in a city dump. The corpses were stumbled across by scavengers. The police believe the corpses were placed there the day earlier. One of them had been strangled. Both showed signs of violence.

Dead Filipino Baby Found Inside Bag in Manila

A dead Filipino baby was found inside a bag in the nation’s capital city of Manila. It was reported that the mother of the child was raped by an addict. Too scared to get an abortion (abortion is illegal in the Philippines), the mother decided to give birth, and dump the baby. The mother was … Continue reading “Dead Filipino Baby Found Inside Bag in Manila”

Son of Russian Oligarch Igor Sosin Strangles Own Mother with Cord

Unfortunately, the best image is pixelated. In Latinized terminology, the act of killing one’s mother is called “matricide“. Yegor Sosin, 19 year old son of Russian billionaire oligarch Igor Sosin, went on a bonding trip to the city of Kazan with his mother and oligarch’s ex-wife Anastasia Sosina-Novikova. Anastasia and Yegor stayed in Kazan’s posh … Continue reading “Son of Russian Oligarch Igor Sosin Strangles Own Mother with Cord”

Dead Fetus Market in Asia

If you ever wondered if those rumors about dead fetus butcher’s shops in Asia are true, this video may once and for all answer the question. Though it’s not quite clear what exactly is going on. I believe the video is from Thailand – where lack of unwanted fetuses has never been an issue. The … Continue reading “Dead Fetus Market in Asia”

Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging, Uses Son as Counterweight

In Khagrachari, Bangladesh, a young woman committed suicide by hanging herself, and while she was at it, hanged her little son so she’d have a dead weight to act as counterweight. Woman’s brother-in-law overheard the child’s screams and ran to the house to find out what was going on. But found the door locked. So … Continue reading “Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging, Uses Son as Counterweight”

Closeup Video of Late Term Abortion

Whereas a common late term abortion procedure involves crushing the fetus’ head and scraping out the pieces, this video shows the fetus being removed intact. This is achieved by injecting the unborn baby with a poison before pulling its lifeless corpse out. It is for this reason why the baby is not reacting to being … Continue reading “Closeup Video of Late Term Abortion”

Dead Baby Found Floating in Filthy Lake in Thailand

Another discarded newborn baby in Thailand? You betcha. This one was shoved in a plastic bag which was then tossed in a lake that looks like it gets a fair share of garbage being tossed in it. Makes you wonder when a Thai woman will just squat over the filthy lake and shit her baby … Continue reading “Dead Baby Found Floating in Filthy Lake in Thailand”

Discarded Baby Stains Canal with Rot As It Begins to Decompose

I don’t even need to mention in the title where this happen, do I? Something’s telling me everyone who’s been on Best Gore for at least a few days would know right away. In Khlong Toei – a district in central Bangkok, Thailand, a corpse of a newborn baby was found floating in the canal … Continue reading “Discarded Baby Stains Canal with Rot As It Begins to Decompose”