Creepy Thai Bastard Cut Out His Own Eyes

What the actual fuck? Yes, it seems to be true no matter how bizarre that title may seem. Report is that a man sitting on the street in Thailand had removed both of his eyes with a knife. The creepy part is how calm he seems to be about the whole thing. Looks likes he’s … Continue reading “Creepy Thai Bastard Cut Out His Own Eyes”

Plane Crash in Dominican Republic Kills Three People

Three people were killed in a single engine plane crash in the Estancia Nueva area in the municipality of Puñal, Dominican Republic. The victims included two brothers, aged 28 and 26 respectively, and the pilot, identified as 26 year old José Ariel. No reports of anyone on the ground being injured. The plane had recently … Continue reading “Plane Crash in Dominican Republic Kills Three People”

Female Motorcyclist Crashes and Wrecks Her Face

DWF here has done something I didn’t think was possible; she actually curb stomped herself. Holy shit just watching that has me grinding my teeth. She was supposedly killed instantly from the impact and I would have to agree. We see the impact and then a still image of people with her body and then … Continue reading “Female Motorcyclist Crashes and Wrecks Her Face”

Brazilians Mangled in Brutal Car Wreck

Brutal accident in Manaus, state of Amazonas, Brazil. At least three young persons were killed in a car wreck and ripped to pieces, having their guts and brains blanketing the remains of the car as well as the road side. No telling how many vehicles were involved or what the actual cause was. Bodies sleeping … Continue reading “Brazilians Mangled in Brutal Car Wreck”

Train Accident in Mumbai, Man Run Over

A man in Mumbai, India, had the indignity of being run over by a train, twice. The first may have been a suicide or plain accident and the event ripped him out of his clothes and severed his limbs. Then, before the body can be removed, it is again run over by a slow moving … Continue reading “Train Accident in Mumbai, Man Run Over”

Two People Crushed by Truck, Brains Smashed and Splattered on Road

This is some brutal shit, for sure. Two people horribly mangled after being run over by a large truck. One flattened under the huge wheel, leaking streams of blood down the road and the other was pulverized, having his brain ejected from his cracked open skull. Laying there in the road like an aborted mutant … Continue reading “Two People Crushed by Truck, Brains Smashed and Splattered on Road”

Horrible Accident Leaves Many Dead and Many Grieving

Grieving survivors of brutal accidents seems to be the theme for today. Some pretty sad shit here, boys and gores. Lots of people wiped out in a vehicle accident. I’m not sure where the video is from, but aside from the body count, the thing to really note is the ones left alive and grieving. … Continue reading “Horrible Accident Leaves Many Dead and Many Grieving”

DWF + DWA on Scooter + Cement Truck = Dead

No real info on this brutal accident other than it involving an Asian Female Driver (trifecta of doom) on a scooter who had a run in with a cement truck. Fucking Christ, the humanity! That woman is stretched out six ways from Sunday. Did the biggest split of her life and got smeared all the … Continue reading “DWF + DWA on Scooter + Cement Truck = Dead”

Severed Head Sliding Out of Wreckage

Apparently this is an old gore classic, and upon viewing it, I can see why. It’s not been featured here before so there are others, like myself, who have not seen it. What we have here is a massive wreck that destroyed at least one occupant. His head ripped and just barely hanging on when … Continue reading “Severed Head Sliding Out of Wreckage”

Filipino’s Head Splattered on the Road

Obli here, serving up some head goulash for you SOB’s to feed your eyes with. So here we have a road accident in Pasig, Philippines. Apparent victim of a hit and run. I don’t think this dude was wearing a helmet unless it took off and flew down the road, but head never seems to … Continue reading “Filipino’s Head Splattered on the Road”