Close Brush with Death Caught on Dashcam

What the hell is going on here? Can anybody tell? I have no idea. It’s a dashcam video from China or Taiwan. Could be the latter as that’s the type of hills you’ll find all over the island. It was filmed during a rainy weather, and at one point it looks like something exploded on … Continue reading “Close Brush with Death Caught on Dashcam”

Indian Soldier Rescued After Being Buried Under 35 Feet of Snow for Days

In India, soldiers of the army rescued one of their own after being allegedly buried under 35 feet of snow for several days. Even though snow can be seen falling quite heavily in the video, I don’t suppose the said soldier was buried by snow fall. Rather, I suppose he got smacked by an avalanche. … Continue reading “Indian Soldier Rescued After Being Buried Under 35 Feet of Snow for Days”

Car with Passengers Buried by Huayco in La Libertad, Peru

A huayco is a name for a flash flood caused by torrential rains in the mountains of Peru. On March 8, 2017, a huayco caused a land/rock slide that buried a car with its passengers on the road. The incident happened in the mountainous Department of La Libertad in northwestern Peru. The video shows rescuers … Continue reading “Car with Passengers Buried by Huayco in La Libertad, Peru”

Brazilian Baby Born with Cyclops Face

In Brazil, a beautiful baby with the face of an angel was born. Depends on your perception of angels… I don’t know what the hell kind of medical condition this is, but obviously something went terribly wrong in the mother’s womb. The baby came out wearing the cyclops face, but the parents, or at least … Continue reading “Brazilian Baby Born with Cyclops Face”

Eye Infection Caused by Scratch from Dog

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member, @musickness666. He and his dog had an unfortunate mishap in bed one morning ( 😉 ), but I’ll let him tell the tale: My dog, Dante, jumped into my bed to wake me up to let him out. When he … Continue reading “Eye Infection Caused by Scratch from Dog”

Thai Bloater in a Sack

So I come on to Best Gore earlier today and what do I see? A corn cob coming out of an asshole. Thanks, @ate. Well, I don’t really have a way to beat that, but I do so happen to have in possesion another bloater. This time courtesy of Thailand. A man was pulled from … Continue reading “Thai Bloater in a Sack”

Bloater Found on Side of the Road in Caruaru

On the afternoon of Saturday, April 9th, 2016, the badly bloated body of a man was found on the side of a road in Caruru. The man has not yet been identified and authorities have not determined if foul play was involved in the man’s death. Oh, come on! It’s Caruaru. Foul play and Caruaru … Continue reading “Bloater Found on Side of the Road in Caruaru”

The Caption This Photo Contest #84

Caption this photo if you can… Also, check out last time’s winner here. Best Caption: Is the massage oil gluten free? – escapegoose Runners-Up: Der Duhr huhha sumtymz I like flyeeing in my dweems hoohuhha – Lio Cho He chose poorly… – greetsob Single white female seeking sandwich. Please, no Rye. Provolone a must. Only … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #84”

Skeleton Found in Car Pulled from Lake in Thailand

A car was found at the bottom of a lake in Thailand by some people who had come to lake to go fishing. When pulled from the water, a skeleton was found within. It has not been determined if the car found it’s way into the water because of an accident or something more sinister. … Continue reading “Skeleton Found in Car Pulled from Lake in Thailand”

Bloater Floater Pulled from Mekong River, Thailand

A floating bloater was pulled from the Mekong River, Barn Wern, Phon Phisai, Nong Khai province, Thailand. Identified as 46-year-old “Mr. Happy” from Nong Khai province. At around 9:00 pm. A man found floating water The Mekong River Pasha Wenzhou area home Sub. Chumphon A man named Mr. Happy net Larsen 46-year-old house at 242 … Continue reading “Bloater Floater Pulled from Mekong River, Thailand”