Kid Has Face Sliced in Two with Machete During Fight

According to the info I got, the kid got involved in a street fight, and ended up getting slashed across the face with a machete. The video shows him with his face sliced in half, as cameraman pokes his flaps around to expose the underlying tissue. UPDATE Looks like we’ve been fugazied. This appears to … Continue reading “Kid Has Face Sliced in Two with Machete During Fight”

Muslims Circle Jerking with Severed Head

Just what the title says. No info on it whats so ever, and I’m not even gonna attempt to discern which particular faction of militant muslim this might be. Although it looks like more legit outfit to me. Anyone know that symbol on the uniform? Might not even matter, we’ve seen fake uniforms being used … Continue reading “Muslims Circle Jerking with Severed Head”

African Woman Beaten, Interrogated and Beheaded by Muslims

Video from from undisclosed location, possibly West Africa, captures a young woman who has been captured, bound and beaten. She is then interrogated by men before being beheaded in an uncensored and effective manner by Muslims. The victim is accused of a heinous crime such as adultery or other such (Muslim) felony to warrant this … Continue reading “African Woman Beaten, Interrogated and Beheaded by Muslims”

Motorcyclist Decapitated After Crashing

The video depicts the aftermath of a traffic accident involving a motorcyclist. I don’t have any background information, but the video shows the motorcyclist decapitated, with his head on one side of the road, and his body all the way on the other side of the median strip. There is also a vehicle on fire, … Continue reading “Motorcyclist Decapitated After Crashing”

Chinese Girl on the Slab

Well, it’s just as the title says. Some pretty good, hi-res photos of pre-autopsy examination of a young Chinese woman. Although, we do get a nice ending shot of her opened up. Wish there was more.. Unfortunately, no real info on what exactly happened, although I can speculate, same as you guys. Notice the mark … Continue reading “Chinese Girl on the Slab”

Old Men Have Vicious and Bloody Machete Fight After Argument in Bar

On the afternoon of Saturday December 5, 2015, two drunk old men got into an argument in a bar, and grabbed their machetes to square up. The fight spilled on the street outside the bar, where the two swung at each other like mad. The incident happened in Vila Militar neighborhood in Santa Inês, 246 … Continue reading “Old Men Have Vicious and Bloody Machete Fight After Argument in Bar”

Convicted Murderer is Murdered in Toritama, Brazil

A 38-year-old ex-con identified as Orlando Francisco da Silva was murdered in his residence in the Valentim neighbourhood in Tortiama, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. He moved to Toritama last year, first working at a laundry and had spent the last three months as a mason. He served time for a murder in Palmares fifteen years … Continue reading “Convicted Murderer is Murdered in Toritama, Brazil”

Man Struck by Car Near Hospital in Paraguay

Not a whole lot of info but a good amount of blood from the city of Hernandarias, in Paraguay. A man was riding his motorcycle near a hospital when he was struck by a car and killed, suffering a nasty neck wound. Look at the dent in that door, holy shit. Props to Best Gore … Continue reading “Man Struck by Car Near Hospital in Paraguay”

Man Caught Sexually Abusing 8 Year Old Girl Chopped Up with Machete

A man was allegedly attempting to sexually abuse an 8 year old girl, but her uncle caught him red handed, and immediately proceeded to apply machete justice on the perp. The would be child rapist had both his hands cut off, his head slashed in multiple locations, and other parts of the body lacerated. Props … Continue reading “Man Caught Sexually Abusing 8 Year Old Girl Chopped Up with Machete”

Thai Man Takes Beating for Stabbing a Girl

In Thailand, a guy attacked a young girl in a mall, and apparently stabbed her several times without caring about all the people around. Passers by quickly overwhelmed the attacker and delivered random beating to him, but it all may have been late for the girl. She’s covered in blood, and seems unresponsive. Judging by … Continue reading “Thai Man Takes Beating for Stabbing a Girl”