Speeding Motorcycle Accident Pictures

Speeding Motorcycle Accident Pictures

The first thing that came to mind after I’ve seen these pictures of a shredded motorcycle rider was Nikki Catsouras. Remember how general consensus was that pictures of Nikki Catsouras, however graphic and beyond gory, should be used at driver’s ed classes as deterrent of reckless driving and speeding? Well, these pictures should be shown to all people buying a motorcycle so they think twice before they rev up their steel horse to the max.

I don’t know where this accident took place, but I’m guessing somewhere in South East Asia. I also don’t know what caused the accident, but it looks like there’s a sharp curve at this part of the road which could have been difficult to steer through safely at high speed. Unless the rider hit the guard rails as he was speeding through.

Maybe he was on his way home from school, judging by the books. And maybe he’s a she, cause that white looking thing in the foreground kind of has an appearance of a girl’s shoe. The most confusing thing is the speed. All they ride for motorcycles in South East Asia are scooters that go a mighty good 40km/h or so (aka sometimes faster than bicycles).

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Bad Car Accident Leaves People Mangled Beyond Recognition (pics)

Bad Car Accident Leaves People Mangled Beyond Recognition

I don’t know about you, but each time I look at photos of bad car accident victims, I know for damn sure that I won’t be speeding anytime soon. Porsche Girl Nikki Catsouras is hands down the most effective and most famous speeding deterrent. Other car accident victims – even though they don’t get as much recognition as the Porsche Girl, still work magic when it comes to demonstrating dangers of bad driving habits. These photos are from an unknown car crash I don’t know much about. Obviously, unless a car accident involves a pretty, 18 year old girl who has super rich dad, the names and circumstances mean nothing. These guys were left mangled beyond recognition, to the point that Nicole Catsouras seems like not much.

The most shocking pic I think is the own where guys head was decapitated leaving only his jaw attached to the rest of the body. If the head was decapitated clean, it wouldn’t look as bad but the remains of the jaw with few teeth sticking out makes it pretty awfully looking. It looks like they must have been driving at a very high speed and crashed into something that didn’t give way. If I were to guess, I’d say they didn’t suffer much and were dead almost instantly upon impact. Take the foot off the pedal when you’re driving folks. It might be an easy and fast way to go, but it sure ain’t pretty.

Gallery of gruesome pictures depicting victims of really bad car accident that left three people mangled beyond recognition is below. Don’t speed and don’t drink and drive. Regardless of how mundane it sounds.

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Porsche Girl Nikki Catsouras Car Crash Photos

Porsche Girl Nikki Catsouras Car Crash

Gruesome pictures of Nikki Catsouras also known as Porsche Girl are the most famous car crash photos ever. There are many car crashes happening on the road every day and many of them are horrific. If you search the internet just a little bit, you will find countless numbers of gory death pictures of bloody accidents on the road. But none of these dead people grew to be as famous as Porsche Girl Nikki Catsouras. Why? Read on to find out.

Nikki Catsouras Car Crash – What Exactly Happened

Nicole Catsouras was a good looking young girl. She was 18 year old when she had a little argument because she was doing drugs (cocaine). Her dad, Christos Catsouras may have yelled at her that day after he found out and took the car keys from her car away. As a result, Nikki Catsouras stole keys from his $150k Porsche Carrera, took it on a high way and not having enough driving experience, she was plowing it down at excess of 100 miles per hour.

Porsche she was driving was capable of reaching high speeds and Nikki took advantage of it. She was going way over speed limit when she hit a Honda car that was driving down the highway at 70 mph nearly killing the people inside. The clip made Nikki Catsouras loose control, her fast moving Porsche got off the highway just about missing random people there and crashed full speed into a concrete toll booth.

Nikki Catsouras died instantly. She basically had half of her head decapitated as it got caught between solid concrete and a Porsche speeding at more than 100 mph. Needless to say, Nikki catsouras who was previously a hot chick, turned into a bloody mess with head completely destroyed and hanging over demolished car. Nikki’s brain was all over the place and her blood filled up the ground mixing itself with automobil’s fluids. It was not a pretty sight.

Nikki Catsouras Death Pictures

The police were called on the scene and did what they always do – took pictures of the car crash. As she hit that toll booth at a high speed, her death pictures look extremely horrific, but nothing that highway patrols would not deal with on daily basis. However there was something special about Nikki Catsouras – you don’t always see a super hot blonde girl destroyed like this. Typically hot blonds play cat and mouse games, teasing you for personal amusement, and here she was, completely owned.

As the death pictures were being processed, one of the Californian Highway Patrol Officers dealing with Nikki Catsouras’ death emailed the pictures to his colleague and in all that mess they were leaked outside of the police department and once they were out of there, they hit the net big and that’s how the whole Porsche Girl phenomenon started.

This is what Nikki Catsouras looked like before car crash:

Nikki Catsouras Alive

Nikki Catsouras Alive

Porsche Girl was Born

One website after another was posting pictures of Nikki Catsouras before and after the crash. The after pictures were so gory that it never failed to shock anyone who saw them. Porsche Girl grew into massive phenomenon overnight and continued to grow making unaware people sick to their stomach.

Troubles started when mean kids thought it was funny to taunt The Catsouras with pictures of bloodied Nikki Catsouras. Needless to say, The Catsouras were devastated form loss of their beautiful teenage daughter, but what’s more, she died in such a horrific way, that they didn’t even want to admit her mom to her after she’d crashed that Porsche. The sight of her was so terrible, everyone assumed her family best not see it. That’s not what mean internet kids thought.

Following the growth of Porsche Girl phenomenon, The Catsouras started receiving emails camouflaged as something else, but containing pictures of Nikki Catsouras’ death. Her dad Christos is a real estate agent (that’s why he was driving a $150 000 worth of Porsche Carrera) so they were sending emails that were made to sound as if coming from a client interested in byuing a real estate property, but after opening, there was a picture of his little girl Nikki Catsouras dead.

Other meanies created profiles on social networking sites like MySpace that pretended to be made in honor of a beautiful Nikki Catsouras. These profiles features slide shows that started with the play back of images from her happy days and went on with beautiful pictures of Nikki Catsouras but then turned into a bad joke by displaying those horrific pictures of her death.

Having lots of money, Christos Catsouras hired company called Reputation Defender to help remove Nikki Catsouras Car Crash Photos from the net and they were almost able to eliminate them completely. One site after another was taking them down and soon enough they’d become a hard to find commodity. Things took an unexpected turn on March 21, 2008 when The Catsouras lost the lawsuit they had filed against the California Highway Patrol for leaking the photos.

Porsche Girl Photos Controversy

Despite extremely gory nature of the Porsche Girl Photos, many people feel that Nikki Catsouras asked for it herself. She was the one who disobeyed her father, she was the one who was speeding was over speed limit on the highway and she was the one who crashed into another car and almost killed pedestrians. Seeing a teenage girl this destroyed normally calls for sorry feelings and many people do. However, it was Nikki Catsouras who endangered others by her reckless driving and many people say it’s only good she was killed before she killed somebody else, somebody innocent.

The Porsche Girl dispute continues. There is hardly any middle ground. People either totally hate everyone who posts these pictures for being too cruel, or people think those pictures should be mandatory in driving classes to make sure teenagers sober up and start acting responsively when driving a car.

I agree with one thing – there was no need to taunt The Catsouras with pictures of their daughter’s death. That was stupid and should never have taken place. However these pictures should be seen. It was plain and simple the fault of Nikki Catsouras and nobody else. Had she been responsible and not reckless, there would naver have been any Porsche Girl.

Porsche Girl Nikki Catsouras Car Crash Photos

The infamous Porsche Girl car crash pictures are below. You can comment on each photo from the gallery individually. Nikki Catsouras is dead and can not be brought back. I am a firm believer that she still can help others. Yes, these pictures are tragic and she did die a terrible death, but if there are any pictures that can help stop inexperienced drivers from speeding and endangering other’s it’s these Nicole Catsouras car crash photos. Who would have thought you’d mean so much, even after your orrible death, Porsche Girl. RIP!

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