Open Post#35 – Of Mods and Men

One of the first rules to being a successful blogger or YouTuber, etc, is that you never address the hate. By addressing the hate, you potentially expose insecurities that a troll or professional adversary can then use against you. By addressing the hate, you ultimately invite more hate as it shows to the troll that … Continue reading “Open Post#35 – Of Mods and Men”

The Caption This Photo Contest #84

Caption this photo if you can… Also, check out last time’s winner here. Best Caption: Is the massage oil gluten free? – escapegoose Runners-Up: Der Duhr huhha sumtymz I like flyeeing in my dweems hoohuhha – Lio Cho He chose poorly… – greetsob Single white female seeking sandwich. Please, no Rye. Provolone a must. Only … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #84”

Cutting Frenzy Brought on by Bipolar Episode

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member, samcma. Sam, like myself, suffers from both bipolar and borderline personality disorder. Two conditions that can really make a roller coaster out of you mind and emotions. The first image in the gallery was from a past episode while the … Continue reading “Cutting Frenzy Brought on by Bipolar Episode”

SOB Celebrates One Year Anniversary on Best Gore

Hello, Gorians. Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to us exclusively by Best Gore member, Anon2797. He joined the site one year ago (January 1), and decided to show his appreciation for our humble site by shedding some of his own blood for us. In his own words… Happy new year best … Continue reading “SOB Celebrates One Year Anniversary on Best Gore”

Happy Halloween, Motherfuckers!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year with Da Silvas a-falling and everyone calling “get the Fuck out of here!” It’s the blood, bloodiest season of all There’ll be live suicide’s hosting and Indians roasting and street fights with ghetto hoes there’ll be scary Thai bloaters and drunken dead floaters from Samhain’s long, long … Continue reading “Happy Halloween, Motherfuckers!”

Best Gore’s 1st Annual Gor-etry Contest: The Results Are In!

Here it is. The moment you have been waiting for. The winner of the first annual Best Gore Gor-etry Contest. Let me preface the proceedings by saying that I am proud of all of you for your contributions. I honestly didn’t think too many would give a shit about doing this, but I was clearly … Continue reading “Best Gore’s 1st Annual Gor-etry Contest: The Results Are In!”

Open Post #33 – What Best Gore Is, And What It Isn’t

Given the influx of new members joining the community, I have decided to publish this simple, but important reminder of the true purpose of the website. To avoid misunderstanding, and misquoting – which tends to happen often – let me clarify what Best Gore is, and what it isn’t. Many, many years ago, Greek … Continue reading “Open Post #33 – What Best Gore Is, And What It Isn’t”

Open Post #32 – World War III

Hello. Today, I bring you topic of great importance. The consideration of inevitable circumstances which will throw the entire world into mass chaos once again. I’m talking about the Third Great War. World War III. You see, many believe that WWIII is on it’s way, that it is inevitable. Given the current state of the … Continue reading “Open Post #32 – World War III”

Unser Name ist Legion

Unser name ist Legion. Our name is Legion. Fitting, is it not? We are a fraternity of brothers and sisters who represent the Truth as presented to many of us by our Founder, Mark Marek. His vision for this site was to represent the Truth of reality, in all of it’s gory glory. But, throughout … Continue reading “Unser Name ist Legion”

We Are the 99%

This is another public service announcement brought to you by Obli. If you didn’t see my hidden post yesterday, you can get yourself caught up here. You ready? OK…We are the 99%, and as such we serve the 1%. We make their food, we wash their cloths, we build their houses, we pump their gas, … Continue reading “We Are the 99%”