Penile Adhesion Photo

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member Ollie Only, who had been circumcised and skin on his penis adhered to the glans of the penis, forming what’s known as penile adhesion. In his own words: This here is my penile skin adhesion. It’s very uncommon and I … Continue reading “Penile Adhesion Photo”

The Caption This Photo Contest #83

Well…Caption this photo if you can. Also, we’d like to wish a very happy birthday to a Best Gore OG. Brokeback, this one’s for you. What People Searched For To Land Here:2 kids 1 sandbox xhamsterwww pinis boy cock and low ball fotowww only arab boy cock and kow ball fotowww bbo muslim arab cock … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #83”

10g Ampallang Piercing Video

The ampallang is a horizontal piercing of penis glans. The individual in this video already had the apadravya (glans pierced vertically), so the addition of the horizontal barbell forms what’s known as the magic cross. The video was sent to us by Wayland Rumble who added the following commentary: I am a BIG fan of … Continue reading “10g Ampallang Piercing Video”

People Mutilated and Castrated by Government Backed Militias in Rwanda

According to Best Gore member babayao, this video shows the current situation in Rwanda, where people are being slaughtered by militias backed by the government. In the video, several men on the brink of death are being mutilated and castrated. Their arms are swollen from being tightly bound behind their backs, when their captors slice … Continue reading “People Mutilated and Castrated by Government Backed Militias in Rwanda”

Brutal Ritual Circumcision of Boys in Africa

Who said men have it easy? The following is part of a documentary showcasing the brutal circumcision rituals of an unknown African tribe. Interesting to note is that these practices predate the seemingly mandatory circumcisions of the modern Western era. The practice is carried out with no anesthesia and any, no matter how old, who … Continue reading “Brutal Ritual Circumcision of Boys in Africa”

Maggots Squeezed Out of Pee Hole of Mutilated Penis

This appears to be the case of maggot fetish, whereby some individuals pop maggots up their genital orifice because they like the way the crawlies wriggled up the tube. In the S&M community, the act of inserting objects into one’s urethra is known as “sounding“, although it typically involves insertions of inanimate objects, like pens, … Continue reading “Maggots Squeezed Out of Pee Hole of Mutilated Penis”

Self Castration – Man Removes His Own Testicle at Home

A Best Gore member who wished to remain anonymous sent us a video depicting his own self castration he performed and filmed at home. The castration consisted of complete removal of one testicle. He put it this way: I just made a video where I attempted to castrate myself, and cut off my right testicle … Continue reading “Self Castration – Man Removes His Own Testicle at Home”

Cheating Husband Gets His Dick and Balls Cut Off by Wife

Santo Angelo, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. A woman found out that her husband was cheating on her and well, she did what every woman has thought about doing at one point or another. Cut his dick and balls off. Straight up cut his shit off. We see pre and post op, and … Continue reading “Cheating Husband Gets His Dick and Balls Cut Off by Wife”

Video of Maggots Being Pulled From a Penis

It’s the weekend, why not start things off with some nasty ass shit. Unfortunately, there is no back story on this so how this happened is anyone’s guess. Maybe something similar to this. Hell, maybe she was the one who did this to him. Either way, this is sick. Not necessarily the maggots, but the … Continue reading “Video of Maggots Being Pulled From a Penis”

Man High on PCP Cuts Off the Tip of His Pecker

As much as I want to cry fugazi, I hear this is very real. It apparently happened in Brazil. A man high on PCP decided to not only cut off the tip of his pecker (which should be punishable by death), but to also film the “procedure”. Because, why not? It’s 2015, everyone and their … Continue reading “Man High on PCP Cuts Off the Tip of His Pecker”