Brazilian Rapist Killed by Victim’s Father

On Tuesday, April 12th, in rural Caruaru, a 44-year-old man identified as Cícero Amaro da Silva, aka “Gabon”, attempted to rob a 47-year-old woman as she was waiting at a bus stop. Gabon had a cloth on his head and was wielding a knife. The victim had only R$200 (about $57.18 US), which wasn’t enough … Continue reading “Brazilian Rapist Killed by Victim’s Father”

Cute Cambodian Girl Drowns Resisting Rape

In Battambang Province, Cambodia, a young girl was abducted from home by a would be rapist, and dragged to the bank of the Sangker River. The girl resisted rape, and attracted too much attention with relentless screaming, so instead of raping her, the dude had to fight with her. The fight dragged both of them … Continue reading “Cute Cambodian Girl Drowns Resisting Rape”

Alleged Rapist Being Dismembered by Multiple Knives in Brazilian Prison

Brazilian prisons are notorious for brutal murders of inmates, in particular those accused of rape. The killing frenzy in this video is difficult to describe. Like starved dogs that got their first meal after a long time, inmates senselessly stab the long dead corpse like their lives depended on it.

Initiation of Alleged Rapist in Brazilian Prison

An alleged rapist was placed in Brazilian prison with general population, and this is how he was initiated to the prison life. The video appears to have been filmed in a filthy shower corner. The little rapist is being slapped around and choked until he passes out. Cold water is then run over him to … Continue reading “Initiation of Alleged Rapist in Brazilian Prison”

Father Accused of Abusing Own Child Delivered Beating in Prison

I got conflicting background information about this video. One information says the man killed his own 3 year old child, the other says he raped his own child. Either way, it looks like he abused the child one way or another, and for that was imprisoned in Brazilian prison. The video shows other prison inmates … Continue reading “Father Accused of Abusing Own Child Delivered Beating in Prison”

Man Caught Sexually Abusing 8 Year Old Girl Chopped Up with Machete

A man was allegedly attempting to sexually abuse an 8 year old girl, but her uncle caught him red handed, and immediately proceeded to apply machete justice on the perp. The would be child rapist had both his hands cut off, his head slashed in multiple locations, and other parts of the body lacerated. Props … Continue reading “Man Caught Sexually Abusing 8 Year Old Girl Chopped Up with Machete”

Rapist Decapitated in Brazilian Prison

Video from June, 2015, captures inmates of a Brazilian prison who have unleashed their own patented brand of justice on an an alleged rapist. The man in question was stabbed by multiple knife-wielding inmates and then decapitated. One man holds the head above a blood soaked corpse and, like everyone, bumblingly attempts to get the … Continue reading “Rapist Decapitated in Brazilian Prison”

Man Tied Up and Strangled by Mob

Video captures the final moments of an alleged rapist. We all know how it goes down in that area of the world but I just hope it’s not the result of a false accusation. You know how it goes. Old boy looks like he took a proper beating before being tied to that post and … Continue reading “Man Tied Up and Strangled by Mob”

Rapist Beaten and Hacked Up with Machete in Brazil

Video from Brazil shows the brutal aftermath of a public lynching of a rapist. Given his half naked state, I’d say he was caught right in the middle of his crime. If the townsfolk are speaking the truth, then I have no real sympathy. There is no excuse for rape. But man, did they go … Continue reading “Rapist Beaten and Hacked Up with Machete in Brazil”

Muslim Woman Shown Dancing, Then Raped, Then Beheaded

I don’t know if this video is real or a fugazi, but I tend to lean toward fugazi. It seems to trigger all the possible red flags in an instant. The video shows a Muslim woman dancing for a group of men. The video then cuts to the scene which appears to show the woman … Continue reading “Muslim Woman Shown Dancing, Then Raped, Then Beheaded”