Photos of Cyclist Shot Dead in Philippines

Here are a few photos to update the post with the video of the cyclist shot dead after a road rage fist fight in the Philippines. In the gallery there are also photos of the killer. I have not received any new info on the case, so without further ado, here are the pics. Props … Continue reading “Photos of Cyclist Shot Dead in Philippines”

Road Rage Fist Fight in Philippines Ends with Driver Shooting Cyclist Dead

On the night of July 25, 2016, a cyclist was shot dead in a road rage incident in Quiapo, Manila, the Philippines. The victim was identified as 35 year old Mark Vincent Geralde. He was moving along P. Casal Street in Quiapo when a red Hyundai Eon deliberately hit him, and the driver picked a … Continue reading “Road Rage Fist Fight in Philippines Ends with Driver Shooting Cyclist Dead”

Pedestrian Violently Hit by Speeding Car

I don’t have any background information about this video, but it could be from Indonesia – they drive on the left, hand stray dogs on the streets and auto rickshaws driving around. The CCTV video shows a pedestrian crossing the road. He almost gets to the other side, when he notices a speeding car quickly … Continue reading “Pedestrian Violently Hit by Speeding Car”

Bus Hijackers Run Over and Kill Two Policemen in Venezuela

Earlier today in the parish of La Concordia in San Cristobal – a capital city of T├íchira State, Venezuela, a group of young criminals hijacked a bus from the Terminal of La Concordia, and rammed a row of policemen who were present to keep order during a protest. The hijackers ran over 24 year old … Continue reading “Bus Hijackers Run Over and Kill Two Policemen in Venezuela”

“I Don’t Care!” – 68 Year Old Man Hits Couple on Motorcycle

On October 17th, 2015, 68 year old William Crum struck a couple riding a motorcycle on Tin Top Highway, Granbury, state of Texas, USA. We see Crum swerve into the center lane and hit the bike. Mr. Crum seems to be out of sorts when the camera man approaches him, “What were you doing? You … Continue reading ““I Don’t Care!” – 68 Year Old Man Hits Couple on Motorcycle”

Brutal Beating Resulting from Road Rage

Footage captures a brutal beating that allegedly started over some road rage. Big boy has had enough and is ready to let loose. The victim’s woman is useless and the victim just gets the complete bitch treatment. I don’t know the circumstances, so I cannot pass judgement on either party, but I will say that … Continue reading “Brutal Beating Resulting from Road Rage”

Horrible Accident Leaves Many Dead and Many Grieving

Grieving survivors of brutal accidents seems to be the theme for today. Some pretty sad shit here, boys and gores. Lots of people wiped out in a vehicle accident. I’m not sure where the video is from, but aside from the body count, the thing to really note is the ones left alive and grieving. … Continue reading “Horrible Accident Leaves Many Dead and Many Grieving”

CCTV Footage of Two Brothers Shot Dead in Road Rage Incident in Turkey

CCTV captured a brutal slaying in Turkey on June 24th, 2015. From what I can see, the two brothers in a van cut off another van and then they stop, get out, and look ready to rumble. But the driver they cut off happens to have a rifle in his possession and doesn’t waste any … Continue reading “CCTV Footage of Two Brothers Shot Dead in Road Rage Incident in Turkey”

How to Help a Hesitant Driver Finally Take the Turn Like a Russian

Meanwhile in Russia… I got to say it’s truly irritating when you get stuck behind a driver who seem like they’re never gonna take that turn. In Russia, they have a sensitive way to help hesitant drivers finally do it.

Road Raging Ninjas with Man Purses

A pair of guys wearing man purses turned into road raging maniacs and proceeded to intimidate the driver behind their car. As the raging ones kept flaunting their man purses at the driver, the latter got eventually fed up and stepped on the accelerator. That’s when the fun began. Both road ragers demonstrated ninja moves … Continue reading “Road Raging Ninjas with Man Purses”