Masochist with Exposed Penis Devises Self Stabbing Apparatus

I think this is the same masochist we’ve seen on Best Gore before – he likes to self mutilate and film himself on video doing it with his penis exposed. In his previous video, he also stabbed himself in the gut, but before he held the blade in his hands. This time around, he devised … Continue reading “Masochist with Exposed Penis Devises Self Stabbing Apparatus”

April Fools Prank

So we’ve been pranked by Brokeback & Juicy Inc. and now the feelings are mixed, although I tend to sense that there is more outrage than laughter. That probably has to do with being on the receiving end of the prank. I’d just like to let everyone know that I wasn’t let in on it. … Continue reading “April Fools Prank”

Woman Stabs Herself in the Breast

Finally a video I can masturbate to. I don’t know for sure if it’s real or fugazi, but except for her breasts, everything else looks pretty real to me. It’s a video of a woman stabbing herself in her left breast with a kitchen knife. Noises she makes as the blade penetrates her tit are … Continue reading “Woman Stabs Herself in the Breast”

The Caption This Photo Contest #63

Caption this photo if you can. Best Caption Worst bachelor party ever – Joe112358 Runners-up Madonna’s World tour 2030 – HMD Still waiting for my Klondike bar- Saiko I wondered what the Spice Girls were up to – ThaDRIP Honorable Mentions My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard – Trooper72 First ever Breast … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #63”

BDSM Torture – Tits and Ass Beaten Blue with a Bamboo Cane

We’ve had many exclusive photos of cutters on Best Gore, but never of fans and practitioners of BDSM. Being a dominant male, all my previous relationships had been sub/dom – before I realized FV bitches are so useless I’m better off looking for a Yeti. As such, in spite of the initial bitchslap Kazzak chastised … Continue reading “BDSM Torture – Tits and Ass Beaten Blue with a Bamboo Cane”

Masochistic Man Stabs Himself in the Gut with Box Cutter

This video starts with a caption which reads: “Masochistic Lust ends in Self Stabbing” and the video delivers exactly what it promises. The self proclaimed masochist is seen breathing heavily in front of some rocky hill. In his right hand he holds a knife which resembles a box cutter. He’s naked, only wears a drape … Continue reading “Masochistic Man Stabs Himself in the Gut with Box Cutter”