Cock Ashtray – Penis Torture with Cigarettes and More


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Warning: Shit is about to get weird. Now, I’m no stranger to the dark, disturbing and downright fucked-up nature of the human condition, so you know when I get a hold of something that has me grinding my fucking teeth … Continue reading

New Video of Matam – Self Flagellation During the Mourning of Ashura


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We’ve recently had a video of Shiite Muslims hacking their backs with swords on the Holy Day of Ashura posted on Best Gore, and here’s another one. This one was also filmed during the mourning of Ashura, a day which … Continue reading

Shiite Muslims Hack Their Backs with Swords in Pakistan


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I’m guessing the idea behind the way these Pakistani Shiite Muslims express their faith is similar to Afghani Shiite Muslims whipping their backs on the Holy Day of Ashoura. In this case, however there’s much more blood drawn because in … Continue reading

Shiite Muslims Whip Their Backs Bloody on the Holy Day of Ashoura


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To commemorate the death of Imam Hussein – grandson of Prophet Muhammad who died in the 7th century, Shiite Muslims from Afghanistan gathered in the nation’s capital city of Kabul and celebrated the holy day of Ashoura by whipping their … Continue reading

David Nebreda Self Harm Art and Photography


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Born on August 1, 1952 in Madrid, David Nebreda is a Spanish photographer who’s anything but ordinary. At the young age of 19 (which was more than 40 years ago), the Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate David Nebreda was diagnosed … Continue reading

Religious Self Flogging (Bloody Self Mutilation) in Philippines – Pics

Religious Self Slogging (Bloody Self Mutilation) in Philippines - Pics

Self Flogging or Self Flagellation is ritually performed in the Philippines during Holy Week (on Good Friday, before Easter). Young men would walk down the streets shirtless, whipping their own backs till blood is drawn and flesh is torn. Self flogging is performed to punish themselves for their own sins committed during the year. Whips used have glass or bamboo tips to ensure each stroke draws blood.

I understand that these men self flog themselves due to religious reasons which makes it hard for me not to use the word “fanatics”. Certain areas of the Philippines, such as Pampanga which was featured by National Geographic’s “Taboo” also involve crucifixion whereas men are actually nailed against the cross and lifted up to suffer the same pain Jesus Christ went through when he was crucified.

In the Philippines, the rituals of Self Flagellation and Crucifixion re-enactments are seen as highest form of faith a man can express. I wonder if it’s still what it was originally intended to be as nowadays these self flogging events are advertised by the Filipino government to draw more foreigners to the country as it is a spectacle most people don’t get to see elsewhere. A tradition, albeit maniacal has been turned into a profitable touristy venture.

Here’s the YouTube video to go with the pictures of self flogging during the Easter Week in the Philippines. The gallery of photos involving people self mutilating themselves and getting crucified as part of their religious ritual is below the video. Christianity has deep roots in the Philippines:

Gallery of a few photos:

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