Barefoot Motorcyclist Dies Mangled on Road in Tebing Tinggi Deli, Indonesia

In Tebing Tinggi Deli, North Sumatra, Indonesia, a motorcyclist crashed and got run over. The video shows the barefoot corpse doing pointers while being thoroughly mangled. There is a very low frame rate to the video, so it plays back choppy. The carnage and cute feet are quite clear either way.

Head Inside Motorcycle Helmet Spouts Brain Out After Being Crushed

In Indonesia, a female motorcyclist was struck down and a large vehicle ran over her head. Even though it was inside a helmet, the head was crushed and brain matter it used to house, spouted out. No further info:

Biker Smashes Into Pickup Truck, Cracks His Head Open on Cargo

A motorcyclist riding without a helmet rear ended a pickup truck carrying construction site supplies, and killed himself cracking open his skull on what looks like scaffolding tubes? I don’t know where the video is from, but I think I’ve heard a few Spanish language words in it. South or Central America, perhaps?

Motorcyclists Ride Over Median, Oncoming Truck Runs Them Over

I don’t know where this video is from, but I’m thinking… Indonesia? It’s a CCTV footage of traffic on a bend. At one point, a pair on a motorcycle ride down their side, but fail to negotiate the bend safely, fly over the median and fall under the rear set of wheels of an oncoming … Continue reading “Motorcyclists Ride Over Median, Oncoming Truck Runs Them Over”

Young Indonesian Biker with Head Run Over and Crushed

This happened in the port city of Cirebon, on the island of Java in Indonesia. A young motorcyclist had his head run over and crushed, presumably by a truck. He’s shown in the photos missing half the flip flops and all of the brain matter.

Out of Control Truck Slams Into Residential Buildings in China

On January 17, 2017, in Haiyuan county, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China, an out of control truck slammed into residential buildings, leveling a few of them. Five people, including the truck driver, reportedly died. I think the truck’s brakes may have failed, and the driver served to the left to avoid hitting other cars on … Continue reading “Out of Control Truck Slams Into Residential Buildings in China”

Woman Hit by Truck Has Arm Amputated and Femur Broken

On January 2, 2016, in the Tabuleiro neighborhood in Juazeiro, Bahia, Brazil, a young woman was hit by a truck while crossing the BA-210 highway. The impact amputated her arm and broke her femur. Witnesses reported that the woman’s arm got caught in the truck’s tire.

Biker Hits Pedestrian, Bounces Under Wheels of Bus

In Thailand, a motorcyclist reportedly hit a female pedestrian on the road, bounced off of her and fell under the wheels of a passing bus. The bus ran over his head, crushing it and killing the biker. I don’t see any helmet in pictures, so I’m guessing he wasn’t wearing one, not even the unfastened, … Continue reading “Biker Hits Pedestrian, Bounces Under Wheels of Bus”

Video of Anis Amri Pledging Allegiance to ISIS Before Berlin Attack

Islamic State’s Amaq Agency released the video of Berlin Christmas Market attacker Anis Amri of Tunisia, pledging allegiance to the Islamic State leader prior to the attack. Conveniently, Anis Amri was killed in Milan, Italy, putting to bed yet another “terrorist attack” without the supposed terrorist answering questions about who his collaborators were, who trained … Continue reading “Video of Anis Amri Pledging Allegiance to ISIS Before Berlin Attack”

Aftermath of Truck Attack at Breitscheidplatz Christmas Market in Berlin

The beginning of 2016 was full of false flag attacks, mostly directed at European nations. Not a week went by without some form of attack, but then they all stopped, and the establishment focused all its resources on hoodwinking the populace to fall for and worship the Great Leader and staunch friend of Israel Donald … Continue reading “Aftermath of Truck Attack at Breitscheidplatz Christmas Market in Berlin”