Motorcyclist Killed by Truck Leaves Behind Long Blood Smear

A motorcyclist from Indonesia fell under a truck and got trapped between the road and the truck’s wheels. The truck was in motion for 30 more meters before stopping. By that time, the motorcyclist was dead, and the 30 meters long blood smear painted his journey to death. Remarkably, despite the smear, his body looks … Continue reading “Motorcyclist Killed by Truck Leaves Behind Long Blood Smear”

Woman with Broken Leg Breastfeeds Her Child

A couple with a child rode a motorcycle and collided with a car. Both adults had their legs fractured, but the child was held safely by the mother and did not suffer a scratch. The video shows the mother breastfeeding the child while she sits on the road with her leg visibly broken. An exemplary … Continue reading “Woman with Broken Leg Breastfeeds Her Child”

Woman in China Got Her Leg Crushed by Bus

Video from China shows a woman in a pool of blood on the road after her leg was crushed by a bus. Poor lady is left to feel abandoned. Her cries of helplessness are observed from a distance, but no one comes to her to offer comfort. Props to Best Gore member @ruzzky for the … Continue reading “Woman in China Got Her Leg Crushed by Bus”

Victim Fights Back, Destroys Assailant’s Foot

This happened in Brazil. Unfortunately, I only got very incomplete and for the most part non-sensical background info, so the best I could do it try to paste the bits and pieces together to get to a probable backstory. It would appear that a pair of assailants picked on the wrong victim. The victim fought … Continue reading “Victim Fights Back, Destroys Assailant’s Foot”

Aftermath of Fatal Accident – Five People Appear Dead

Video from Brazil shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident. Cameraman could have done a better job filming it, and could have held the phone horizontally, but the extent of carnage can still be seen. There appear to be three dead people inside the wreckage – a male driver on the front seat, and … Continue reading “Aftermath of Fatal Accident – Five People Appear Dead”

Man Hacked by Three Masked Attackers in Kuala Besut, Malaysia

While in a barber shop in Kampung Pachakan near Kuala Besut, north-east Malaysia, 23 year old Muhammad Al Amin Zakaria was attacked by three masked men with machetes. He tried to escape them by running through the back door, but they caught him and hacked him all over, though no blow was fatal. The victim, … Continue reading “Man Hacked by Three Masked Attackers in Kuala Besut, Malaysia”

Hit and Run Victim Left Dead on Road with Head Crushed

In Taytay Rizal, the Philippines, a middle-aged man on a motorcycle was hit and had his head run over and crushed by a passing truck. The truck driver the drove away like nothing happened. I’m looking at the pattern of blood smear and trying to figure out how he was bounced around when he was … Continue reading “Hit and Run Victim Left Dead on Road with Head Crushed”

Aftermath of Multi Fatality Head On Crash

The video depicts the aftermath of a head-on crash between two passenger vehicles. The black Chevy looks like a newer model vehicle, and therefore built according to the latest safety standards. The other vehicle is some old beater that got crushed, and took all passengers with it. There appear to be 4 fatalities – 3 … Continue reading “Aftermath of Multi Fatality Head On Crash”

Bone Sticks Out Through Knee Smashed in Motorcycle Accident

In Cuiabá – the capital city of Mato Grosso, Brazil, a motorcyclist crashed and smashed his knee. The video shows him in agony, as part of his femur bone sticks out through the destroyed joint. I’m not sure putting cardboard over his knee was a smart idea. He has already seen how badly damaged it … Continue reading “Bone Sticks Out Through Knee Smashed in Motorcycle Accident”

Couple in Bad Shape After Accident

Video of an accident aftermath depicts a mature couple in bad shape. The woman appears to be dead and her broken lower leg is weirdly twisted. The man is alive, but his lower leg is shredded, with foot pretty much amputated. I don’t have any further information, but the way the woman is doing pointers … Continue reading “Couple in Bad Shape After Accident”