Young Person Shredded in Half by Truck in Indonesia

In the village of Bringkang, located in the Gresik district, East Java, Indonesia, a young person was shredded in half by a truck. I used the word “shredded” because that’s about all I could think of when I looked at the crushed, separated, but still trapped under the either side of the wheel halves of … Continue reading “Young Person Shredded in Half by Truck in Indonesia”

Traffic Accident Victim with Multiple Leg Fractures

Video from Brazil shows a young woman with multiple fractures of the leg. She was obviously involved in a traffic accident, but I didn’t get any specifics as to what exactly happened. That leg looks seriously messed up. The victim turned the accident into an opportunity to test her high pitch shriek.

Motorcyclist Loses Leg in Accident in Costa Rica

In the Heredia province of Costa Rica, a motorcyclist crashed and lost his leg. The video shows passers-by comforting the victim, and even applying a tourniquet on the stump to prevent fatal blood loss. I wonder if thanks to the prompt administration of first aid and arrival of medics, the leg could be re-attached despite … Continue reading “Motorcyclist Loses Leg in Accident in Costa Rica”

Aftermath of Fatal Accident Involving Head On Collision

On April 9, 2016, at around 09:40am, a fatal accident occurred on DF 180, which is a road that connects the BR 070 highway with Samambaia – an administrative region in Distrito Federal, Brazil. The victim was identified only as Marcio. He was on a motorcycle heading towards BR 070, and while trying to overtake … Continue reading “Aftermath of Fatal Accident Involving Head On Collision”

Medics Keep Trying to Save Life of Man Ripped in Half

The video shows the medics fighting a fairly losing battle trying to keep a traffic accident victim alive. The victim was ripped in half by a trailer. Although it often happens that people ripped in half survive to savor the agony, this guy seems quite out of it, displaying no signs of wanting to cling … Continue reading “Medics Keep Trying to Save Life of Man Ripped in Half”

Crashed Motorcyclist Lands on Side of Road with Leg Destroyed

The video shows an aftermath of a motorcycle accident. The motorcyclist is on the side of the road with his left leg pretty much destroyed. As he rolls around and moans with pain, he lifts his mangled leg to expose the degloved femur (thighbone), with everything below the knee joint shredded beyond repair.

Man Survives Being Cut in Half, Slaps Himself on Forehead in Disbelief

It’s not uncommon for people to survive being cut in half. To what possible extent that can be a good thing is a whole new matter. In the video below, a man cut in half appears to slap himself on the forehead in disbelief over his ordeal. He’s effectively immobilized, but conscious, and since he … Continue reading “Man Survives Being Cut in Half, Slaps Himself on Forehead in Disbelief”

Young Thai Man Falls Out of Moving Train

A 19-year-old Thai man fell out of a moving train car traveling through Yala District, Southern Thailand. The man was traveling with some friends and it has not yet been determined what caused the man to fall. All that is certain is that he was sucked under and rolled over, breaking bones and twisting his … Continue reading “Young Thai Man Falls Out of Moving Train”

Pedestrian Dismembered by Speeding Car

In Nakhon Nayok, Thailand, a pedestrian was hit by a speeding vehicle. The impact was so strong, the pedestrian’s legs were amputated, and his legless body flew into the vehicle after smashing the windscreen. The ever awesome translation from Thai explains it all: Ben Pass Bridge accident. Nakhon Nayok, Prachin labels closely to float plying … Continue reading “Pedestrian Dismembered by Speeding Car”

Accident Between Two Motorcycles and Car Leaves Two Dead in Caruaru

A fatal accident occurred late on Monday, March 14th, 2016 on the PE 95 in rural Caruaru, Brazil. The accident involved two motorcycles and a Fiat. Two people were killed and two were injured. 28-year-old Adriana Cícera da Silva and 23-year-old Gefeson Alfredo da Silva were both killed. Adriana was thrown from the back of … Continue reading “Accident Between Two Motorcycles and Car Leaves Two Dead in Caruaru”