Fatal Road Accident in Acapulco – Man Dead, Woman with Shattered Leg

Good ole Acapulco in Guerrero, Mexico. From time to time, people actually die from causes other than execution there? Whoa. The video shows the aftermath of a fatal road accident. A man appears dead with a pool of blood surrounding his head, whereas a woman is alive, but with a shattered leg.

Elderly Woman Killed and Devoured by Wild Pigs in India

In Sujangarh, India, a 72 year old woman went to poop outside, when she was allegedly attacked and killed by a pack of wild pigs. The animals partially devoured her limbs. The circle of life has been completed – you once survived by feeding on something else, then something else survives by feeding on you.

Girl Commits Suicide by Jumping Down College Stairwell in Philippines

On October 25, 2016, a girl apparently committed suicide by jumping down stairwell at a college in the Philippines. Best Gore member @Spookkake explains what happened: My brother and I both attend college in the Philippines, and at my brother’s school, there was an apparent suicide. According to what I know; a young lady jumped/fell … Continue reading “Girl Commits Suicide by Jumping Down College Stairwell in Philippines”

Indian Boy with Shredded Legs Begs for Help, People Gawk

Video from India shows a boy on the side of the road with legs shredded in an accident, begging passerby for help, but to no avail. Bystanders gawk and film the boy but do nothing to help him or even comfort him, although two men prop him up. Video surfaced on January 17th, 2016. Condition … Continue reading “Indian Boy with Shredded Legs Begs for Help, People Gawk”

Nasty Leg Rip Care of Go-Cart Crash

Men can’t help but take risks and prove their physical prowess. It is part of our genetic coding to impress each other and any women who choose to watch. We also get off on the adrenalin and competitive thrill many activities illicit. That isn’t to say women don’t do the same thing, or that some … Continue reading “Nasty Leg Rip Care of Go-Cart Crash”