Burning of Turkish Soldiers by ISIS

Newly released ISIS video shows the mujaheddin burning to death two alleged Turkish soldiers. The claim obviously stinks of bullshit, because Turkey has been a friend and supporter of ISIS from the beginning. This has got to be a well timed attempt to whitewash Turkey’s involvement in destabilization of the region at the behest of … Continue reading “Burning of Turkish Soldiers by ISIS”

Indonesian Man with Severe Shoulder Wound

Video from Indonesia depicts a man on a hospital bed with a severe shoulder wound. He’s in obvious agony, and prays to Allah to help him. I was told that he was a victim of an accident, but that’s a very broad term that can mean many things.

Massive Wart Removals Cause Holes in Foot

An aunt’s warts have been removed as shown by the image which lead to enormous craters in her foot. There is no further information other than that this image was uploaded on the 30th of June 2015, so I assume it occurred around then. I am sorry but that shit is disgustingly grotesque and huge. … Continue reading “Massive Wart Removals Cause Holes in Foot”