Shark Attacks Young Man, Bites Off Piece of Thigh and Family Jewels

Brazil, perhaps? The video shows the recovery and rescue of a young man who was apparently bitten by a shark in the sea. The victim was pulled out of the water with a chunk of thigh and family jewels bitten off. Makes you wonder what the Senor shark said… “Ewww, human pubes with loins!” UPDATE … Continue reading “Shark Attacks Young Man, Bites Off Piece of Thigh and Family Jewels”

Dutch Celebrity Biologist Freek Vonk Bitten by Shark While Filming

Last year in February, Dutch celebrity biologist Freek Vonk was bitten by a reef shark while filming for a new TV program in the Bahamas. He was rushed to hospital where he underwent a 3 hour long operation, during which the surgeons closed up the bite wound with more than 100 stitches. After the operation, … Continue reading “Dutch Celebrity Biologist Freek Vonk Bitten by Shark While Filming”

Girl Bitten on the Leg by a Shark in Florida

Twenty-Two-Year-Old Jessica Vaughn was inner-tubing in the Intracoastal Waterway in Fort Lauderdale, Florida when she was attacked by a shark that had been swimming unseen in the murky water. As she swam towards an inner tube, she said she felt like something had suddenly punched her in the leg but when she looked down it … Continue reading “Girl Bitten on the Leg by a Shark in Florida”

Teen Girl Fatally Bitten by Shark in Recife, Brazil

18 year old Bruni Gobbi suffered double misfortune at Boa Viagem beach in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil. As lifeguards approached to pull her from the water because she was drowning, a shark attacked her and bit her in the leg. Rescuers managed to move her to shore, and then to a hospital, but she died later … Continue reading “Teen Girl Fatally Bitten by Shark in Recife, Brazil”

Great White Shark Breaks Into Cage with Divers

I’m pretty sure that for a while following this incident, the section of the sea in Gansbaai, a well known shark spotting location in Western Cape, South Africa where this video was filmed has never bathed in so much floating human shit before. A group of thrill seeking divers stepped inside a protective cage and … Continue reading “Great White Shark Breaks Into Cage with Divers”

Banned from TV

Here’s 1 hour and 47 minutes of classic gore caught on camera, released in 1998 as Banned from TV (or Banned from Television). There’s no fluff in this shockumentary, just one awesome uncensored footage after another with to the point narration, although some of it contains incorrect information. The movie was directed by Joe Francis … Continue reading “Banned from TV”

Nasty Shark Attack Picture

Sharks rule the seas supreme. They don’t give a shit about your dick being tucked tightly into your skimpy pair of Speedos. You enter their waters, start twitching like a fucking seal, you’re gonna get your flesh tasted. Those are some pretty nasty shark bikes the guy took. Should have stayed in his room, playing … Continue reading “Nasty Shark Attack Picture”

Shark Attack Pictures

Something’s wrong with me. First thing I noticed when I looked at this shark attack pictures full, perfectly round ass of the victim. Then I noticed armpit hair and other body parts telling me that this half eaten by a shark body is a dude. Being perfectly straight, my half boner went right down. I … Continue reading “Shark Attack Pictures”