Overkill – Man’s Head Obliterated by Gunfire

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present… Overkill! Video from Salvador, Brazil captures the murder (and then some) of a man lying in the street. Gun fire tears apart the victims head until it is reduced to bloody paste. Fucking brutal. Unfortunately, not much in the way of info, but we are also treated with a still … Continue reading “Overkill – Man’s Head Obliterated by Gunfire”

Houthi Man Executed by Yemeni Resistance Loyalists

Video from Yemen shows resistance loyalists (Saudi Arabia supported Israel friendly useful idiots) executing a Houthi man accused of being a spy. The alleged spy is riddled with bullets. A huge crowd then appears out of nowhere around his corpse. Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the video:

Brazilian Turned Into Bloody Mess on the Sidewalk

Murder in Caruaru occurred on Saturday night around 10 p.m. at the corner of Rua Bom Jesus and Rua João José do Rego in the São Francisco neighbourhood.The victim was identified as 31-year-old José Edilson da Silva Cruz who was fatally shot just down the street from his home. The homicide was committed by the … Continue reading “Brazilian Turned Into Bloody Mess on the Sidewalk”

Two Men in Car Ambushed and Riddled with Bullets

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, two men driving in a car were ambushed and riddled with bullets. Driver died on the spot, the passenger experienced a bit of agony before release. The passenger was a Military Policeman, which is suspected to have been the reason for the attack. According to witnesses, the black Volkswagen Polo … Continue reading “Two Men in Car Ambushed and Riddled with Bullets”

Two Men on a Motorcycle Catch a Fugitive

On December 14th, 2015, an escapee from the “Agricultural Penitentiary Mario Business” was found…by two men on a motorcycle. The fugitive was identified as 28-year-old Lazarus “Lazaro” Nunes, and had been shot to death in the driveway of his home in the San Antonio neighbourhood of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Lazaro was one … Continue reading “Two Men on a Motorcycle Catch a Fugitive”

27 Year Old Mother Executed Due to Drug Debts

On November 27th, 2015, 27-year-old Jessica Alves da Silva was murdered in her home in the Upper Saint Anthony neighbourhood of Santo Antônio de Jesus, state of Bahia, Brazil when an unknown assailant(s) broke in and shot her three times in the head. She died at the scene. But Jessica’s two month old daughter was … Continue reading “27 Year Old Mother Executed Due to Drug Debts”

Man Shot In the Face at Close Range by ISIS

In this video, a man is executed by being shot in the face at close range with an assault rifle. Though I don’t have any background information about the video, apparently he was executed by ISIS. At this point, even mainstream media report on evidence of foreign puppeteers behind ISIS. British Daily Mirror published an … Continue reading “Man Shot In the Face at Close Range by ISIS”

Syrian Man Hoisted Upside Down and Executed by Tunisian ISIS Battalion

A Tunisian ISIS battalion of five militants executed a Syrian Arab man in Al-Hassakah, Syria. Before the execution, the jihadist gives speech about promises of future terrorist attacks in their homeland of Tunisia. The victim was hoisted upside down in a tree and shot in the head at close range with a rifle. Props to … Continue reading “Syrian Man Hoisted Upside Down and Executed by Tunisian ISIS Battalion”

Little Syrian Girl with Brain Blown Out of Her Skull

A new video leaked from East Ghouta in Damascus, Syria shows a little girl with head split open. Whatever struck her, it blew her brain right out of her skull. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a video with a hired actor displaying a mangled corpse while reciting his scripted speech about how Assad … Continue reading “Little Syrian Girl with Brain Blown Out of Her Skull”

Woman Who Ran Drug Ring in Fortaleza, Brazil is Assassinated

29-year-old Valquiria de Araujo Alves was found murdered in Mondubim neighborhood in the South Zone of Fortaleza, state of Ceará, Brazil on the night of December 3rd. Valquiria was on the state’s most wanted list for drug trafficking, running a drug ring, falsifying documents, robberies and suspect in several murders in the Mondubim and Caucaia … Continue reading “Woman Who Ran Drug Ring in Fortaleza, Brazil is Assassinated”