Decomposing Corpse Pulled from Storm Drain in Thailand


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You guys aren’t sick of disgusting corpses courtesy of South East Asia, are you? I thought not. I know you’ve all been patiently waiting for the next entry in the putrid, rotten fucking corpses series, so here you go. Tonight’s … Continue reading

Deadly Accident in South India – Child Dead, Woman with Leg Stripped to Bone


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Video from South India depicts the aftermath of a deadly traffic accident. A woman had her lower leg stripped down to the bare bone. Her foot is not attached at all – it was completely amputated. Child by the truck … Continue reading

6 Year Old Boy Allegedly Eaten by Piranha After Canoe Capsizes


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On January 7th, 6 year old Adrila Muniz was canoeing with his grandmother and some other children in the River Maicuru, in the municipality of Monte Alegre, Brazil, when the canoe hit a rock and capsized. Adrila’s grandmother attempted to … Continue reading

Car Crash Sends Thai Through Windshield, Head Cracked


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Hello. Ever wonder what happens when you go through the windshield of a car? Well, today is your lucky day. A car was struck by a motorcycle and the the impact sent the man inside through the windshield to land … Continue reading

Man Struck by Vehicle, Ripped to Shreds on Highway in Thailand


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This latest helping of Thai road pizza was served up on January 31st, 2015, in Mueang Chachoengsao, Chachoengsao District, Thailand. The mangled body of an as-of-yet unidentified man struck by a vehicle was found on a highway. I’m assuming that … Continue reading

Tanker Truck Versus Pickup Truck – Epic Road Carnage


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This is essentially an update post. a companion piece, if you will, to the tanker post from a couple of days ago. I was able to get so many more images and info that it seemed best to just make … Continue reading

Tanker Crashes and Kills Five People in Thailand – Three Die Brutally at the Scene


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This vehicular carnage occurred on the 26th of January, 2015, in Thailand. A pick up truck carrying five people was struck by a tanker crossing an intersection. Three people were ejected from the truck and in the process were mangled, … Continue reading

Thai Man is Obliterated by a Semi and Leaves a Long Smear Down the Road


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Obli here, serving up this latest offering from the Land of Smiles. A man was completely obliterated by a huge truck, leaving him in pieces and just look at that nice, long smear of blood and fleshy bits going all … Continue reading

Two Young Thai Girls Mangled by a Truck


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A fatal accident occurred on January 10, 2015 between a truck and two young Thais on a motorcycle. The truck driver is believed to have been driving drunk although the translation makes it a little hard to tell. We also … Continue reading

Aftermath of Fatal Motorcycle Accident, Two People Splattered on the Road


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I don’t have any back info about this accident, but by the sound of it, it happened in Brazil. Two people are shown splattered on the road, their motorcycle laying nearby. It seems to have happened on a divided highway … Continue reading