Decomposing Corpse Pulled from Storm Drain in Thailand


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You guys aren’t sick of disgusting corpses courtesy of South East Asia, are you? I thought not. I know you’ve all been patiently waiting for the next entry in the putrid, rotten fucking corpses series, so here you go. Tonight’s … Continue reading

Dos Santos on Motorcycle Versus Horse – Everyone Loses


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A fatal crash took place on the BR-423 in Lajedo, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. A dos Santos and his wife were traveling by motorcycle when they struck a horse who was apparently attempting to cross the road. The impact opened … Continue reading

6 Year Old Boy Allegedly Eaten by Piranha After Canoe Capsizes


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On January 7th, 6 year old Adrila Muniz was canoeing with his grandmother and some other children in the River Maicuru, in the municipality of Monte Alegre, Brazil, when the canoe hit a rock and capsized. Adrila’s grandmother attempted to … Continue reading

Car Crash Sends Thai Through Windshield, Head Cracked


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Hello. Ever wonder what happens when you go through the windshield of a car? Well, today is your lucky day. A car was struck by a motorcycle and the the impact sent the man inside through the windshield to land … Continue reading

Tanker Crashes and Kills Five People in Thailand – Three Die Brutally at the Scene


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This vehicular carnage occurred on the 26th of January, 2015, in Thailand. A pick up truck carrying five people was struck by a tanker crossing an intersection. Three people were ejected from the truck and in the process were mangled, … Continue reading

Horrific Gunshot Wound to the Hand


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The picture depicts a horrific gunshot wound to the hand that resulted in severe damage, exposing bones, veins and tendons. I can imagine getting shot in the hand hurts like there’s no tomorrow, though I suppose the nerves damage and … Continue reading

Thai Man is Obliterated by a Semi and Leaves a Long Smear Down the Road


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Obli here, serving up this latest offering from the Land of Smiles. A man was completely obliterated by a huge truck, leaving him in pieces and just look at that nice, long smear of blood and fleshy bits going all … Continue reading

Indian Woman Whose Foot Was Crushed by a Train, Gets Surgery


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A 47 year old woman in India was switching train cars on a subway when her foot got caught between the platform and the train and her foot was crushed. She ended up losing all but one toe which they … Continue reading

Mangled Bodies of Dead Terrorists from Iraq, 2004


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I know a lot of you are nursing hangovers after yesterday’s festivities, so to make your splitting headache even worse, here’s a brutal gallery of mangled cockroach bodies. It’s going back a ways to Iraq in 2004 but well worth … Continue reading

Man Riding Motorcycle Severely Ripped Apart by Hit and Run Accident in Thailand


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The incident happened in Ratchathani, Thailand where a man was found torn and ripped to pieces on a road. It was suspected that he was hit by a larger vehicle leaving him in a ghastly state. No other information besides … Continue reading