Thieving Couple Killed by Rival Thieves in Venezuela

A couple that steals together, fucks together? Ahhh… Earlier today in Venezuela, in Ciudad Guayana – a town located in the state of Bolivar, a thieving couple along with their two accomplices were ambushed and killed by a group of gunmen, who are believed to have been rival thieves getting rid of competition. The fatal … Continue reading “Thieving Couple Killed by Rival Thieves in Venezuela”

Woman Dies in Motorcycle Accident Twisted Out of Shape with Skull Cracked Open

In the city of Barranquilla, Colombia, a middle aged couple riding on a motorcycle crashed. The woman died twisted out of shape and with brain matter exposed through the crack in her skull. The man seems to be alive. His flip flop rests next tot he woman’s corpse. I don’t have any specifics about how … Continue reading “Woman Dies in Motorcycle Accident Twisted Out of Shape with Skull Cracked Open”

Head Inside Motorcycle Helmet Spouts Brain Out After Being Crushed

In Indonesia, a female motorcyclist was struck down and a large vehicle ran over her head. Even though it was inside a helmet, the head was crushed and brain matter it used to house, spouted out. No further info:

Couple Dies in Embrace, Woman Does Pointers, Man Spills Brain Matter on Road

Aftermath video of a fatal traffic accidents shows a couple dead on the road after crashing a motorcycle. They died in an embrace, with the woman doing pointers, and the man spilling brain matter on the road. I don’t have any backinfo about the video, but the closeness in which the couple died is rather … Continue reading “Couple Dies in Embrace, Woman Does Pointers, Man Spills Brain Matter on Road”

Biker Smashes Into Pickup Truck, Cracks His Head Open on Cargo

A motorcyclist riding without a helmet rear ended a pickup truck carrying construction site supplies, and killed himself cracking open his skull on what looks like scaffolding tubes? I don’t know where the video is from, but I think I’ve heard a few Spanish language words in it. South or Central America, perhaps?

Young Indonesian Biker with Head Run Over and Crushed

This happened in the port city of Cirebon, on the island of Java in Indonesia. A young motorcyclist had his head run over and crushed, presumably by a truck. He’s shown in the photos missing half the flip flops and all of the brain matter.

Man Brutally Killed by Pickaxe to Head

I didn’t get much in terms of background info, but I have a feeling it’s again from our favorite country that’s totally owned the world of gore since the first minute of 2017. The video shows a man getting brutally killed by pickaxe to the head. He’s also stoned, bludgeoned with a 2×4, and with … Continue reading “Man Brutally Killed by Pickaxe to Head”

Man Crushed by Truck Beyond Recognition in East Java, Indonesia

This happened in Bangil – a town in the Pasuruan Regency, East Java, Indonesia. A man somehow ended up under the wheels of a truck, that crushed him beyond recognition. There are a couple of limbs that look somewhat human, but most of his body has been reduced to uncured jerky.

Revenge Taken Out on Rival Gang Member in Caracas, Venezuela

Brutal video from Caracas in Venezuela shows a group of gang members taking revenge on a rival gang member by breaking his bones, shooting him to absolute shit and then cremating him right there on the street. When the video starts, the rival is already reduced to a blood and brain stain on the pavement. … Continue reading “Revenge Taken Out on Rival Gang Member in Caracas, Venezuela”

Motorcyclist Crashes and Loses Brain and One Flip Flop

I don’t know where this video is from. I would tend to think Indonesia, but I could be way off. The video shows the aftermath of a fatal motorcycle accident. The biker is shown being face down on the road, with brain splattered around him. Aside from missing one brain, he also misses one flip … Continue reading “Motorcyclist Crashes and Loses Brain and One Flip Flop”