Homeless Thai Man Ends Up with Smashed Head


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Thailand has supplied Best Gore with…Thai gore for nearly seven years. Can you believe that? That is true devotion from this group providing us with fresh content for so long. Thanks a million, Thailand, for the million deaths you’ve soaked … Continue reading

ISIS Execute a Gay Man, Two Suspected Thieves and an Adulteress


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This post is a series or executions carried out by the Islamic State aka ISIS, in Nineveh, Iraq. The first set of photos depict the death of a man being thrown to his death from a roof top who was … Continue reading

Man Slowly Bayoneted to Death in Syria


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Video from Syria shows a man getting slowly bayoneted to death by a person in military clothing. The victim is repeatedly stabbed with the bayonet mounted on a rifle in the head and neck. I’m surprised he lived through multiple … Continue reading

Thai, Bludgeoned to Death with Piece of Wood, Found in Field


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Not too much info on this one. A Thai man was found beaten to death in a field. The murder took place where the body was found and a piece of wood near the body seems to be the only … Continue reading

Young Woman is Found Raped and Decapitated in Magaji Province, Nigeria


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A young woman was found decapitated in Magaji Prrovince, Nigeria. Aside from the brutal murder, the woman also shows signs of having been sexually assaulted and according to investigators their is evidence to suggest it was a gang rape. The … Continue reading

Murdered Couple – Return of the FlipFlops and Da Silvas


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A few things are associated to Brazil. Most people think of samba, capoeira, mixed-race people, long palmy beaches with exotic women with big asses and silicon tits, carnival and party all year round. Of course some are oblivious to the … Continue reading

Murderer is Caught Fleeing the Home of His Victim and Gets His Face Smashed


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Nova Canaã, state of Bahia, Brazil. Two dead men are at the center of an investigation. Both were drinking in a bar, both got into an argument with each other that continued out into the streets, and now both are … Continue reading

Man Murders His 12 Year Old Son and is Promptly Stoned by Area Residents


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A 49 year old man in Ribeirão Preto, state of São Paulo, Brazil came home and for seemingly no reason, beat his 12 year old son so severely that the child later died. The ten year old brother of the … Continue reading

59 Year Old Brazilian’s Face is Caved in with Blunt Object


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A 59 year old man identified as João Nunes dos Santos, also known as “Indian Joe” was found in a weed-infested lot in Bezerros, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. Details are lacking in the what-the-hell-happened department, but the victim’s wife says … Continue reading

Pregnant Drug User Killed and Dumped in a Reservoir in Caruaru, Brazil


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Ah, Caruaru, Brazil. One of the most violent places on the face of the Earth. Case in point, 22 year old Noelma Maria da Silva who was five months pregnant at the time of her murder. She shared a home … Continue reading