Inspirations of Satan – Various Executions of Journalists and Bloggers by ISIS

New video released last night from the Islamic State is titled “Inspirations of Satan“. The video features multiple journalists and internet reporters/bloggers who are considered to be traitors of ISIS. They are executed by various methods, including knife to the neck, strangulation, beheading, and from bombs placed in their computers and recording devices. Props to … Continue reading “Inspirations of Satan – Various Executions of Journalists and Bloggers by ISIS”

Corpses of Two Newborns Found in City Dump by Scavengers

On June 2, 2016, in the city of Baturité, state of Ceará, Brazil, corpses of two newborn children were found in a city dump. The corpses were stumbled across by scavengers. The police believe the corpses were placed there the day earlier. One of them had been strangled. Both showed signs of violence.

Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging, Uses Son as Counterweight

In Khagrachari, Bangladesh, a young woman committed suicide by hanging herself, and while she was at it, hanged her little son so she’d have a dead weight to act as counterweight. Woman’s brother-in-law overheard the child’s screams and ran to the house to find out what was going on. But found the door locked. So … Continue reading “Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging, Uses Son as Counterweight”

Woman Found Hanged in Saudi Arabia

Video from Saudi Arabia shows an apparent suicide by a female. The woman, not an indigenous Saudi, is speculated to be an immigrant maid from India or other surrounding land. People who have come to Saudi Arabia for work from destitute countries like Ethiopia, Somalia, Pakistan and India are often times mistreated or even tortured … Continue reading “Woman Found Hanged in Saudi Arabia”

Mother Kidnaps Son and Chokes Him on Camera to Torture Her Ex

Piece of shit excuse for a mother taped herself choking out her son on two separate occasions after she and two armed men broke into her ex-husband’s home and stole his son. Incident occurred in Curitiba, State of Santana, Brazil. Shocking video hit the internet on December 27th, 2015 and apparently was made for the … Continue reading “Mother Kidnaps Son and Chokes Him on Camera to Torture Her Ex”

16 Year Old Girl Sexually Assaulted, Strangled and Turned Into Bloater

The body of a 16-year-old girl was discovered on December 18th in a wooded area in rural Canhotinho, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. The body showed signs of sexual assault and had begun to decompose. The bloated body was identified as Fabiana Pereira da Silva, who lived in Rua das Tabocas in Canhotinho. She had left … Continue reading “16 Year Old Girl Sexually Assaulted, Strangled and Turned Into Bloater”

Chinese Girl on the Slab

Well, it’s just as the title says. Some pretty good, hi-res photos of pre-autopsy examination of a young Chinese woman. Although, we do get a nice ending shot of her opened up. Wish there was more.. Unfortunately, no real info on what exactly happened, although I can speculate, same as you guys. Notice the mark … Continue reading “Chinese Girl on the Slab”

Homeless Man Bound and Suffocated in Caruaru

A homeless man, identified as 60-year-old José Albino da Silva aka “Ze Boy”, was found dead in an abandoned section of the Santa Rosa neighbourhood of Caruaru on Wednesday, December 2nd. A piece of wood is still tied to his leg possibly from a makeshift chair that got broken but the “Last Supper” painting propped … Continue reading “Homeless Man Bound and Suffocated in Caruaru”

Thai Man Takes Beating for Stabbing a Girl

In Thailand, a guy attacked a young girl in a mall, and apparently stabbed her several times without caring about all the people around. Passers by quickly overwhelmed the attacker and delivered random beating to him, but it all may have been late for the girl. She’s covered in blood, and seems unresponsive. Judging by … Continue reading “Thai Man Takes Beating for Stabbing a Girl”

Thai Eats and Settles Down for Everlasting Nap

A Thai man sat down to his dinner and then decided to just spend the rest of night hanging around the house. Looks like he went out pretty peaceful and without any of the blood splatter and drool like the guy in the other post. I’m thinking that maybe he added a few special ingredients … Continue reading “Thai Eats and Settles Down for Everlasting Nap”