Child Wounded by Missile in South Kordofan, Sudan


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The video claims to depict the aftermath of an airstrike on Abu Lila in South Kordofan, Sudan. The area is pretty barren, I wonder what the jet fighter pilot was thinking when he dropped a missile there. Aside from several … Continue reading

Sudanese Woman Whipped for Getting Into Car with Man Not Related to Her


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Sudanese woman named Halima was publicly flogged by police for allegedly getting into a car with a man not related to her. In the video, the officer is heard warning the woman by saying: “This is so you don’t get … Continue reading

Large Ovarian Cyst Surgically Removed from Woman in Darfur, Sudan


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Surgeons from Darfur in Sudan removed large ovarian cyst weighing 15.7 kg from 26 years old woman. This is not the first time we’ve seen ovarian cysts of such enormous size removed from women. Here’s a video of one and … Continue reading

Sudanese Man Executed by Beheading in Saudi Arabia


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You asked for it, so here it is – the video which precedes the video of a decapitated man suspended on a scaffolding for public mockery in Saudi Arabia. The scaff idea was supposed to resemble crucifixion but I suppose … Continue reading

Public Lashing of 17 Year Old Girl in Sudan – Video

Public Lashing of 17 Year Old Girl in Sudan - Video

Let’s talk about Africa. The black continent is sitting there quietly thinking that the world won’t see the atrocities that take place there on the daily basis. Even though that’s pretty much the case of Africa as a whole, let’s ask ourselves this: what would happen if you mixed an African state with the religion of peace? Let me answer it for you. You get a country like Sudan. A country the leader of which (president Omar al-Bashir) is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. A country that’s known for its close ties with Al Qaeda and Egyptian Islamic Jihad. A country widely recognized as an authoritarian state in which the military government suspended political parties and introduced an Islamic legal code on the national level. A country that’s been listed by the USA as a state sponsor of terrorism since 1993 for production of chemical weapons that it allegedly supplied to Al Qaeda. Would it surprise you that in a country like Sudan, a 17 year old girl was subjected by public lashing?

In my personal opinion, this 17 year old girl was only sentenced to public lashing because she is a Muslim (judging by the woman slave scarf – whatever it’s called). Sudan is under heavy rule of the Arabs enforcing Sharia Law. Actual Africans are treated like shit – if they’re still alive. More than 2 Million of them were killed in the Second Sudanese Civil War which is widely regarded as a genocide. Many of the ethnic Dinka people (black Africans) were forced into slavery by the Arabs. I don’t think the totalitarian government would show this type of “mercy” to an African girl.

There is no information on what the girl was found guilty of. Maybe her boyfriend practised his Islamic right to beat the woman on her and she dared to dodge one of his slaps so she had to pay. That’s usually what women get punished for in Islamic countries – someone assaults them so it must be their fault for being there and making the man do it.

The screaming of the girl as she’s being whipped is haunting and will likely resonate in your ears long after the video has stopped. Sadly enough, the Sudanese totalitarians are used to the screams of tortured people. That it won’t haunt them is pretty much a given, but I’d go as far as to say that the screams fuel their manliness (you can actually hear them laughing in the video).

Being a woman in a totalitarian, Islamic country must suck major ass. Not only is the abuse of women greenlighted by the religion, it is also sanctioned by the government giving the women no chance of fair treatment. There is absolutely nothing a Sudanese woman can do about the abuse because this abuse is institutionalized by the Islamic government. There are cases of power tripping police officer and the government stepping over the line in Western countries, but (whether effective or not) people, including women have an option to press charges. What can in Islamic woman do?

Sudanese women are subjected to institutionalized subjugation that’s still in play since it was introduced by a 7th century destructively narcissistic power tripper with gripe against women. The barbarism he taught is practised by the Muslims to this day. And this is what his teachings make people do.


Additional information regarding the “crime” this girl was being punished from resurfaced. The girl, who some reports say was 16 year old was sentenced to 50 whips for wearing a skirt that only reached below her knees. Because she exposed her ankles, she had to be punished according to Sharia Law. Who exactly was the first retard to call Islam the religion of peace?

The video of the 17 year old girl being publically lashed in Sudan is below:

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