Gluteal Cleft Lift Procedure – Post Op Photo

At Best Gore, we take great care to maintain a level of confidentiality as to personal identity of people who graciously share their deeply personal photographs with the community. For this reason, we’ll refer to the contributor of this photograph simply as “A Truck Driver”. In his own words: Hello, thank you for the opportunity … Continue reading “Gluteal Cleft Lift Procedure – Post Op Photo”

Fall Leads to Surgery and Pressure Ulcer

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member, sandm4eternity, who not only suffered a nasty fall which required metal rods being screw to her tibia, but also developed a rather nasty pressure sore on her heel as a result of her incapacitation. In her own words: Here are … Continue reading “Fall Leads to Surgery and Pressure Ulcer”

Sepsis in Homeless Man’s Ass

Ho, Ho Ho, Obli’s big sack isn’t empty yet! You say rot mouth wasn’t nasty enough? You want to see something worse? Ok then, you asked for it! A homeless man bound to a wheelchair developed a second asshole in Gama, Federal District, Brazil. He was admitted to hospital on December 24th, 2015 after a … Continue reading “Sepsis in Homeless Man’s Ass”

Kill the Habit Before the Habit Kills You – Lung Cancer

Don’t worry, this is not going to be some self-righteous preening about how smokers are disgusting and literally the devil. This is just the cold hard reality of lung cancer. What it looks like, and what can be done about it if caught early enough. Now, I have a personal stake in this as my … Continue reading “Kill the Habit Before the Habit Kills You – Lung Cancer”

Man Ends Up in Surgery After Swallowing Cell Phone

A man ended up wearing a deer in a headlight look on his face, while being laid out on a surgical table, after somehow swallowing a cell phone. The damn thing got stuck in his throat and needed doctors to come out. Awkward insertions tend to happen in Brazil from time to time, and as … Continue reading “Man Ends Up in Surgery After Swallowing Cell Phone”

Bad-Ass Skull Fracture

Just a single image here, guys, but it’s definitely worth a look. A man in Colombia crashed his motorcycle and did quite a number on his head. Multiple fractures to the skull. We get the shot of him in surgery with his scalp peeled back. I like all the prongs holding the flesh away from … Continue reading “Bad-Ass Skull Fracture”

Pelvic Fracture Causes Distended Bladder

A woman was involved in a car accident and when she was taken to the hospital, she had developed a noticeable mass in her lower abdomen. Seriously looks like she’s pregnant with stretch marks and all occurring almost instantly. Subsequent examination revealed a pelvic fracture which had caused the woman’s bladder to fill beyond normal … Continue reading “Pelvic Fracture Causes Distended Bladder”

Man Survives Shotgun Blast to Face

All I know about this video is that the young man took a blast from a 12 gauge shotgun to the face, and survived it. Facial trauma is without a doubt severe, but vital organs, especially the brain, don’t seem to have been affected, so the fact that he survived is not surprising. He’ll be … Continue reading “Man Survives Shotgun Blast to Face”

Colon Injury in 5 Year Old Caused by Air Gun Pellet

Cool image here of a five year old boy from San Juan, Puerto Rico who was shot in the stomach with an air gun. The pellet penetrated is colon and caused some damage requiring surgery. You can see the entry wound in the skin and the lesion caused by the pellet after it hit the … Continue reading “Colon Injury in 5 Year Old Caused by Air Gun Pellet”

Nail to the Forehead Fired from Nail Gun

Hey, boys and gores, ever wonder what a nail gun could actually do to you? Well, wonder no more. Sadly, only a single image, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words. A mans forehead was penetrated by a nail after an accident involving a nail gun. Look how far that shit punched … Continue reading “Nail to the Forehead Fired from Nail Gun”