Gluteal Cleft Lift Procedure – Post Op Photo

At Best Gore, we take great care to maintain a level of confidentiality as to personal identity of people who graciously share their deeply personal photographs with the community. For this reason, we’ll refer to the contributor of this photograph simply as “A Truck Driver”. In his own words: Hello, thank you for the opportunity … Continue reading “Gluteal Cleft Lift Procedure – Post Op Photo”

Man Ends Up in Surgery After Swallowing Cell Phone

A man ended up wearing a deer in a headlight look on his face, while being laid out on a surgical table, after somehow swallowing a cell phone. The damn thing got stuck in his throat and needed doctors to come out. Awkward insertions tend to happen in Brazil from time to time, and as … Continue reading “Man Ends Up in Surgery After Swallowing Cell Phone”

Face Stomped by Bull (Before and After)

I’m sure you’ve all seen this type of thing before; when a rodeo bull rider gets thrown and then the bulls hoof comes right down on the man’s head. Some people have been killed by the force of these kicks delivered by these huge animals. Everyone from rodeo clowns to to bull riders to handlers, … Continue reading “Face Stomped by Bull (Before and After)”

Maggots Crawl Inside Swollen, Infected Pussy

I don’t have any background information about the video, but this here pussy is right up there with Blue Waffle, or this weirdness, as one of the world’s nastiest cracks. The visibly swollen and infected pussy, when spread open, reveals a colony of maggots that are excessively busy crawling over one another. Makes you wonder … Continue reading “Maggots Crawl Inside Swollen, Infected Pussy”

Gunshot to Right Lung (Surgery)

Small set here showing surgery on a man who had been shot in the chest, through the middle lobe of the right lung. Also caused a cardiac injury as well with the bullet passing through and hitting the atrium. Entry wound and exit wound are shown post op, sutures. Pretty interesting stuff. What People Searched … Continue reading “Gunshot to Right Lung (Surgery)”

Ass Stitched Up After Cancer is Removed

Video here is of a man who’s had a cancerous tumour removed from his ass and is now in the process of being stitched back up. Shitting and sitting are gonna be a real pain for this dude for a while… This vid also serves as my personal thoughts on all the butt hurt pussies … Continue reading “Ass Stitched Up After Cancer is Removed”

Piece of Broken Glass Removed from Eyeball of Accident Victim

A 33 year old man who was in a car accident got a large piece of glass from the broken mirror inside his eye. The video shows him getting the shard surgically removed. This happened in Coimbra, Portugal. The victim reports to have unaffected eyesight post surgery. His pupil was missed by literally millimeters. Props … Continue reading “Piece of Broken Glass Removed from Eyeball of Accident Victim”

21 Year Old Girl Loses Breast After Being Diagnosed with Rare Cancer

Devin (BG nickname devindeborah) is a 21 year old girl from Michigan. At age 20, Devin was diagnosed with an extremely rare breast cancer, that normally would only rarely be seen in elderly women. One year ago next month, Devin had a full left mastectomy (breast removal) followed by radiation treatment. She denied the chemotherapy … Continue reading “21 Year Old Girl Loses Breast After Being Diagnosed with Rare Cancer”

Wimpy Kid Gets Splinter Removed from Leg

Kids these days – they still know how to play and get splinted in their extremities? I thought all they knew was how to play Nintendo, and… that’s about that. Running around, exploring and playing Cowboys and Indians seems so uncool nowadays. Kid in the video somehow managed to get a large splinter embedded in … Continue reading “Wimpy Kid Gets Splinter Removed from Leg”

Syrian Surgeons Use Garage Tools to Operate on Compound Leg Fracture

Owing to the desperate humanitarian situation in Syria, caused by the West arming, training and financing international terrorists, Syrian surgeons are left to operate in less than ideal conditions. Regardless, when wounded persons are in need of medical care, they use whatever they have available to them in that moment to save the person’s life. … Continue reading “Syrian Surgeons Use Garage Tools to Operate on Compound Leg Fracture”