Syria – Four Men Found Executed in a Field East of Idlib

Four men were found executed in a field east of Syrian city of Idlib. Men had their hands tied behind their backs, which is typical of executions carried out by Muslim Brotherhood extremists. It looks as though the first men shown in the video was shot in the spine from the back. Very unusual for … Continue reading “Syria – Four Men Found Executed in a Field East of Idlib”

Syrian Man with Head Split Wide Open

Sectarian Muslim terrorists responsible for deaths of thousands throughout Syria now drive around in cars shooting indiscriminately at random people with their military grade rifles. When hit in the head at close range, a shot from such rifle can split skull like watermelon. The unlucky man in this video reminds me of a scene in … Continue reading “Syrian Man with Head Split Wide Open”

Aftermath of NATO Airstrike on People of Libya

This video is from October 20th, 2011 but has not surfaced until today. It shows the aftermath of NATO airstrike on a convoy of cars near Sirte. NATO’s plea to protect the loss of civilian lives translated into slaughter of civilians to clear path for terrorists who would upgrade it into a genocide.

Boko Haram 2011 Christmas Day Terrorist Bombing in Nigeria

Muslim sect Boko Haram reportedly claimed responsibility for a series of terrorist bombings carried out on Christmas Day of 2011 throughout Nigeria. Two of the bombings targeted Christian churches, timed to detonate while church-goers were inside for the mass. Boko Haram also claimed responsibility for similar attack in 2010 when holiday bombings killed 90 people. … Continue reading “Boko Haram 2011 Christmas Day Terrorist Bombing in Nigeria”

Young Girl Wounded by Qatar Mercenaries in Homs, Syria

After concluding their genocide in Libya, Qatar mercenaries now shifted their focus on Syria where they continue in the same ol’ fashion – nobody’s safe when they’re around. This young girl has an ugly wound on her right cheek and neck, but she’ll be all right. Obviously, any video of an injured person can be … Continue reading “Young Girl Wounded by Qatar Mercenaries in Homs, Syria”

Terrorist Attack by Suicide Bombers in Damascus, Syria

Two separate terrorist attacks carried out by suicide bombers with booby-trapped cars targeted Syrian State Security Directorate (General Intelligence Agency) and its detached branch in the Kafr Sousa area of Syrian capital Damascus on Friday December 23, 2011. German news agency DPA reported 50 killed and 150 wounded. While the attack clearly targeted Syrian security … Continue reading “Terrorist Attack by Suicide Bombers in Damascus, Syria”

9/11 Rarely Seen, Unpublished Photos

We all have seen countless photos from September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center twin towers in New York City, USA, yet despite it being such a high profile event, there still are pictures which are rarely seen, unpublished or otherwise unseen so let’s fix it up and publish some of those. Props … Continue reading “9/11 Rarely Seen, Unpublished Photos”

Grenade Bombing and Shooting Attack in Liege, Belgium

On December 13, 2011 at around 12:30pm, lone gunman identified as 32 year old Nordine Amrani went on a killing rampage in a busy downtown area of Liege, Belgium. Nordine Amrani lobbed three hand grenades at people standing at a bus stop near the Place Saint-Lambert square and subsequently opened fire from an AK-47. The … Continue reading “Grenade Bombing and Shooting Attack in Liege, Belgium”

Syrian Soldier Killed by Armed Terrorists

This video came with a name. The deceased is Lt. Mohammed al-Abdullah – I know, that’s a pretty generic Arab name, but that’s allegedly what his name was. Mohammed al-Abdullah was a member of the Syrian armed forces which made him a prime target for the terrorists. He was just strolling home to get to … Continue reading “Syrian Soldier Killed by Armed Terrorists”

Syria – Human Remains Scattered in the Street After Attack on Civilians by Terrorists

Turns out I was right when I started doubting the obvious propaganda we have been bombed with in regards to the 2011 uprising in Syria. All those videos of alleged unarmed protesters slaughtered by alleged crazed Alawite soldiers of president Bashar al-Assad were in fact videos of civilians slaughtered by terrorists who kill people left … Continue reading “Syria – Human Remains Scattered in the Street After Attack on Civilians by Terrorists”