Two Thais are Crushed by the Bed of a Dump Truck when the Hydraulic Lifts Give Out


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Since so many of you got your ovaries tied in a knot over me calling a spade a spade the other day with Christy Mack, I’ve decided to make it up to you by showing you a fucking brutal death … Continue reading

Dead Man in a Hammock


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I have no real info on what actually happened here but everyone who’s anyone knows that I love me some bloated greenies. I’m getting a strong feeling that this is suicide and this definitely has that “Thailand” vibe to it. … Continue reading

Fijian Fishermen Shot and Killed by Gunmen on Large Fishing Vessel Outside Fiji Waters


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The poor human rights record of the Fijian government has been documented at Best Gore before. What’s perhaps even more disturbing is that the various local Fijian governments have sold off their fishing rights to Chinese, Taiwanese, South Korean and … Continue reading

Woman’s Head is Crushed by a Truck, Helmet Offered No Protection


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We here at Best Gore always put safety first and we hope that these posts encourage people to follow the simple rules of common sense and self preservation. However, we also see that no matter how cautious or prepared you … Continue reading

Bound, Tortured, Killed and Wrapped in a Teddy Bear Blanket


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Someone, quite possibly more than one, had a real problem with this man. I have no information save for the photos themselves. However, it is quite clear that the person(s) responsible had him in a place where they could take … Continue reading

Family Killed in an Accident in Thailand


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Tragic accident in Thailand left a small family dead aside from what may be the father, who is clutching a dead child to his chest. Words cannot describe the agony that this man is feeling. His expression says more than … Continue reading

Possible Suicide with a Revolver in Thailand


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Got a case of apparent suicide from good old Thailand. It would appear that a man shot himself in the head with a revolver. That seems simple enough. However, look at the placement of the gun, would it really land … Continue reading

Man Falls Between the Gears of Some Kind of Machine


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I have some decent carnage here for you folks. A man working in a factory that makes Chinese pastries suffered horrific injuries when he somehow managed to fall in between the gears of some kind of machine referred to as … Continue reading

52 Year Old American Tourist Slashed in Pattaya, Thailand


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A 52 year old tourist on a bicycle was viciously attacked in Pattaya, Thailand after he got into an altercation with a motorcyclist. The accident occurred in Soi Xzyte off Pattaya Third Road around 10:30 pm. Dan O’Neill had been … Continue reading

Person on a Scooter is Hit by a Dump Truck – Epic Head Crush


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Thailand, a name synonymous with gore and brutality, has been a source for the cold, hard truth of the fragility and futility of human existence on Best Gore for a very long time and they deserve mad props for their … Continue reading