Stepfather Kills 16 Year Old Stepdaughter After Failed Rape Attempt

In the province of Samut Prakan in central Thailand, a man from Myanmar allegedly attempted to rape his 16 year old step daughter, but she acted hard to get, so he ran a knife through her throat, and left it embedded in there with just the hilt sticking out. Here’s what the traditionally epic translation … Continue reading “Stepfather Kills 16 Year Old Stepdaughter After Failed Rape Attempt”

Thai Biker Has Head Inside Helmet Crushed, Brain Poops Out

26 year old Thai biker had his head crushed by a truck, despite wearing a helmet. That piece of plastic wrapped around his head provided no protection against the weight of the truck. I like how his brain matter pooped out of the skull like sour milk induced diarrhea.

Man Mangled by Train in Mahachai, Thailand

Young man was killed and mangled by a train in Mahachai, a port town in Samut Sakhon province, Thailand. Here’s the translation from Thai, which albeit as mangled as the body in the pics, is not as epic as they often get: Horror! Railway Mahachai – circus big man off the Thonburi district of Bukhara. … Continue reading “Man Mangled by Train in Mahachai, Thailand”

Pregnant Woman Choked to Death in Thailand

According to the info I got, this woman was choked to death by her husband who suspected that the child was not his. The crime allegedly happened in Thailand. I’m not sure to what extent the story is true. Sad thing is, should the child have been born in Thailand, there’s a good chance it … Continue reading “Pregnant Woman Choked to Death in Thailand”

Thai Worker Scalped by Industrial Blender

A Thai worker was scalped by a machine, after his long hair got caught in its spinning part. From the translation, I deduced the machine is a kind of industrial paint blender: Scary !! Blender pulling hair color. Scalp fell seriously ill. Young plants do not pull a blender. Grisly bloody scalp off a serious … Continue reading “Thai Worker Scalped by Industrial Blender”

Burmese Man Stabbed to Death in Thai Pet Shop

CCTV video from a pet shop in Thailand shows a Burmese man attacking another Burmese man with a knife and stabbing him to death. Here’s the traditionally epic translation from Thai: CCTV footage of the incident, Mr S. or Chatmanop Burmese migrants. Put a knife to stab Mr Sotiris torrential shy fellow to death. The … Continue reading “Burmese Man Stabbed to Death in Thai Pet Shop”

Man with Good Teeth Half Head Decapitated in Thailand

Would you look at those healthy teefs? I got very frustratingly insufficient information about these photos, but apparently it’s a biker who got half head decapitated in Thailand. It quite clearly happened on a road, but other than that, there isn’t much to indicate the victim was really a biker, so take it with a … Continue reading “Man with Good Teeth Half Head Decapitated in Thailand”

Hanged Thai Bloater Drips Necrotic Juices on Floor

A video from Thailand depicts a bloated, tattooed man hanging from the ceiling by his neck. It looks like the man committed suicide for reasons known to himself, but that’s not the information that was confirmed. He was discovered a few days after death, and by that time, his body was in an advanced stage … Continue reading “Hanged Thai Bloater Drips Necrotic Juices on Floor”

Thai Woman Flies 17 Stories to Her Death

While it’s usually foreigners who fly multiple storeys to their deaths in Thailand, the killing method is popular enough to also be used on locals. In this case, a 32 year old Thai woman was sent to free fall 17 storeys. The translation, while traditionally epic, is not very clear on what really happened, though … Continue reading “Thai Woman Flies 17 Stories to Her Death”

Thai Man Attempts Suicide by Disemboweling Himself

A 32 year old Thai man with history of mental illness episodes apparently attempted to kill himself by cutting open his abdomen and disemboweling his body. Here’s the translation from Thai with numerous gems: Horror! The young Kiri own intestines spilled to the ground coma! Cousin’s like hurting yourself! On June 20, a loan officer … Continue reading “Thai Man Attempts Suicide by Disemboweling Himself”