Man Broken in Half Under Truck Wheels

This man fell under the wheels of a big truck and got stuck between said wheels and the road broken in half, but still alive. His pelvis is completely busted, but it looks as though the truck stopped before it could crush vital organs in the abdomen. There would be some major bleeding either way, … Continue reading “Man Broken in Half Under Truck Wheels”

China – Man Falls Under Truck Wheels

Chinese drivers are notorious for their unsurpassed driving skills and ability to avoid taking lives when behind the wheel. Yeah right! Whatever happened to this fellow that dragged him under the wheels of a truck head first – he ain’t walking it off anytime soon. Brutal and thorough annihilation of skull.

Very Graphic Aftermath of a Road Accident

These boys are pretty beat up and even though they may have survived, the injuries they sustained were gonna leave them heavily disfigured for the rest of their lives. Pretty heavy and graphic aftermath of a road accident, especially the blood trail after the truck’s wheels. Does anyone recognize the language? Where did it happen? … Continue reading “Very Graphic Aftermath of a Road Accident”

Dead People Everywhere – Tractor Trailer vs Pickup Collision in Brazil

This video is an aftermath of a head on collision between a Chevrolet S-10 Pickup and a Volvo Tractor Trailer on a road near Bahia, Brazil. None of the passengers in the Chevy wore seatbelts and ended up sprinkled all over the road like garbage thrown out of the window. Dead bodies everywhere! Though, given … Continue reading “Dead People Everywhere – Tractor Trailer vs Pickup Collision in Brazil”

Motorcyclist Destroyed by Tractor Trailer

I don’t think this motorcyclist was wearing a helmet but it wouldn’t help him anyway. Tractor trailers are a destructive force on the road and a guy on a motorcycle is no match. No other info came with the pictures so just enjoy and give your own theories if you have any.

Rear-Ending Tractor Trailer – Not a Good Idea

This can be summed up with two words – Female Driver! Rear ending tractor trailers with passenger vehicles is never a good idea. Not only are you and your car going to end up leveled, the tractor trailed you have rear-ended will look like it doesn’t have a scratch. Speeding and texting are not a … Continue reading “Rear-Ending Tractor Trailer – Not a Good Idea”