Dead People Everywhere – Tractor Trailer vs Pickup Collision in Brazil

This video is an aftermath of a head on collision between a Chevrolet S-10 Pickup and a Volvo Tractor Trailer on a road near Bahia, Brazil. None of the passengers in the Chevy wore seatbelts and ended up sprinkled all over the road like garbage thrown out of the window. Dead bodies everywhere! Though, given the state of carnage, I don’t think seatbelts would do much good.

Brazil continues its unrivalled rule as the gore capital of the world both on the road and in the streets. Complete annihilation of five bodies in this video raises a question of speed. Just how fast must the vehicles have been going to unleash such thorough extermination on all five S-10 passengers?

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Motorcyclist Destroyed by Tractor Trailer

Motorcyclist Destroyed by Tractor Trailer

I don’t think this motorcyclist was wearing a helmet but it wouldn’t help him anyway. Tractor trailers are a destructive force on the road and a guy on a motorcycle is no match. No other info came with the pictures so just enjoy and give your own theories if you have any.

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Rear-Ending Tractor Trailer – Not a Good Idea

Rear-Ending Tractor Trailer - Not a Good Idea

This can be summed up with two words – Female Driver! Rear ending tractor trailers with passenger vehicles is never a good idea. Not only are you and your car going to end up leveled, the tractor trailed you have rear-ended will look like it doesn’t have a scratch.

Speeding and texting are not a safe combination no matter how you look at it. Not even on their own are they a good idea yet when you see a young female driver it’s pretty much a given that she either speeds or texts behind the wheel. There’s always a tractor trailer on the road waiting for you to run into and scoot under it until it near cuts your head off.

Gallery of pictures of a young woman who died after collision with tractor trailer she rear ended at high velocity is below:

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