The Kedarnath Flood of 2013

The flood at Kedarnath was a tragedy in the western Garhwal Himalayas that occurred on June 16th, 2013 when heavy rains overflowed rivers and lakes and brought rushing waters into the town from the mountains above, paving the way for a wall of death to rush into the ancient town of Kedarnath. A 1,200 year … Continue reading “The Kedarnath Flood of 2013”

2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Photos (Great High Resolution Images)

We here at Best Gore would like to extend our deepest condolences to the people of Japan affected by the devastating earthquake and the tsunami that hit the country on March 11, 2011. Japan is a great and safe country, full of great hardworking people which allowed it to get developed into one of the … Continue reading “2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Photos (Great High Resolution Images)”

Video of Devastating Tsunami Hitting Japan After Powerful Earthquake

Japan was hit by several heavy earthquakes in the last few days, but today’s was the strongest yet. The original reports talked about a 7.9 magnitude earthquake, later it was upgraded to an 8.8 magnitude earthquake to finally settle at 8.4, but this number can still be adjusted. The earthquake had an epicentre off the … Continue reading “Video of Devastating Tsunami Hitting Japan After Powerful Earthquake”

Tsunami Victims Pictures – Dead Children WARNING!

Tsunami is a force that doesn’t mess around. The name comes from the Japanese tsu (harbour) and nami (wave). Tsunami is basically a very big wave(s) usually triggered by seismic activity in the ocean. Underwater volcanic eruption, a vertical displacement of the oceans, earthquakes of meteorite hits can all cause tsunamis. This post contains a … Continue reading “Tsunami Victims Pictures – Dead Children WARNING!”

Roadside Corpses

So you’re just riding your motorcycle to work one day and the road is lined with randomly scattered corpses. You don’t even whinge. You just keep riding cause that’s normal in your hood. We don’t get that in my hood. All I see are dead skunks, but I smell them before I see them. No … Continue reading “Roadside Corpses”