The Kedarnath Flood of 2013


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The flood at Kedarnath was a tragedy in the western Garhwal Himalayas that occurred on June 16th, 2013 when heavy rains overflowed rivers and lakes and brought rushing waters into the town from the mountains above, paving the way for … Continue reading

2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Photos (Great High Resolution Images)

2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Photos (Great High Resolution Images)

We here at Best Gore would like to extend our deepest condolences to the people of Japan affected by the devastating earthquake and the tsunami that hit the country on March 11, 2011. Japan is a great and safe country, full of great hardworking people which allowed it to get developed into one of the world’s strongest economies. Unlike freeloading shitholes the likes of Haiti, which only feed off of hard working westerners by whining about how poor they are but would not move their ass cheek to contribute to the society, Japan’s involvement with the growth of human race as a whole is undeniable.

That also means that Japan was better prepared for a natural disaster than shitholes like Haiti, however a hit of such magnitude is bound to leave a mark any way you spin it. This earthquake appears to be the 5th most powerful earthquake since record-keeping started in 1900. The tsunami it triggered seems to be the most brutal yet (the wave got 10 kilometres into the land in Sendai area of Japan, one entire village of 1,000 people got literally wiped out of the surface of the Earth) making for a disaster of epic proportions. To show solidarity with our Japanese friends and to support the cause of recovery, I’m dedicating another non gore post to one of the major natural disasters to hit the earth in our lifetime.

Below you will find a set of high resolution pictures of the earthquake and the tsunami which hit Japan on March 11, 2011. Some pictures contains the aftermath and the reactions of Japanese people who were there to experience the horror. Stay strong Japan, you’re a great country and I wish you a swift recovery.

Show Your Support

If you would like to shout-out your support for Japan through Best Gore, please take a picture of yourself with your message and a Best Gore nick on it and email it to mark [at] – let’s show Japan the Best Gore community cares and supports them in these difficult times.

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Video of Devastating Tsunami Hitting Japan After Powerful Earthquake

Video of Devastating Tsunami Hitting Japan After Powerful Earthquake

Japan was hit by several heavy earthquakes in the last few days, but today’s was the strongest yet. The original reports talked about a 7.9 magnitude earthquake, later it was upgraded to an 8.8 magnitude earthquake to finally settle at 8.4, but this number can still be adjusted. The earthquake had an epicentre off the coast in the north-east of Japan,
400km from Japan’s capital city of Tokyo. It is the largest recorded earthquake in Japan’s history. The tsunami it triggered hit the country almost instantly.

All 5 Japanese nuclear power plants have been shut down, but the tsunami has sparked many fires, including one in the oil refinery. The transport has been severely disrupted too. Many airports are shut down, trains are on hold and roads in the north west are under water.

20 people are known to have lost their lives already (UPDATE – the number of casualties reported to have grown to 26, UPDATE #2 – as many as 60 people are already known to have lost their lives), many more are missing. The tsunami warning was extended to Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hawaii and the Pacific coast of Russia.

UPDATE March 13, 2011: The number of confirmed deaths has grown to 2,000 – almost a double of what it was a few hours ago and it is expected that by the end of the ordeal, there could be as many as 10,000 dead. Northern area of the Miyagi Prefecture has been affected the most. Japanese authorities confirmed that they have 10,000 people from that area – more than half of its population unaccounted for.

The situation is developing as we speak. Stay strong, Japan. Video of the craziness triggered by the tsunami is below:

Another video of the whirlpool effect created by the tsunami just off the coast of north-east Japan:

And some photos of the damage caused by the eathquake and the tsunami in Japan:

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Tsunami Victims Pictures – Dead Children WARNING!

Tsunami Victims Pictures - Dead Children WARNING!

Tsunami is a force that doesn’t mess around. The name comes from the Japanese tsu (harbour) and nami (wave). Tsunami is basically a very big wave(s) usually triggered by seismic activity in the ocean. Underwater volcanic eruption, a vertical displacement of the oceans, earthquakes of meteorite hits can all cause tsunamis. This post contains a gallery of tsunami victims pictures from several tsunami caused natural disasters which affected Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.

Please be warned that some of the images contain dead children. Do not proceed if pictures of dead babies upset or offend you.

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Roadside Corpses

Roadside Corpses

So you’re just riding your motorcycle to work one day and the road is lined with randomly scattered corpses. You don’t even whinge. You just keep riding cause that’s normal in your hood. We don’t get that in my hood. All I see are dead skunks, but I smell them before I see them.

No word on what exactly happened here but “natural disaster” was my first thought. Perhaps a flood, a landslide or a tsunami could leave dead corpses everywhere and judging by the debris, it’s quite possible. But then some of the corpses bear signs of burns and flesh tears which would suggest that these people were subjected to an explosion. What do you think?

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