14 Year Old White Girl Beaten by Mob of Black Women on MAX Train in Portland

14 Year Old White Girl Beaten by Mob of Black Women on MAX Train in Portland

14 Year Old White Girl Beaten by Mob of Black Women on MAX Train in Portland

Prosecutors seemed to have gone out of their way not prosecuting the attackers with hate crimes because, well… all the leftish sheep would quickly label them racists and bigots.

The incident happened one day after Christmas on a MAX train in Portland, Oregon. 18 year old Rakeshia Shamone Burns and her 16 and 13 year old sisters ganged up on 14 year old Karley Buckland and beat her with a slew of sustained slaps and punches only a mob of black bitches could summon. The beating was captured on video by an Iphone retard.

Mother of the mob (single mother?) – 38 year old Selena Estell Harris was charged with hindering prosecution for lying to investigators and hiding her daughters from them. Not hard to tell where they get their fine morals from, given that their mother has a lengthy criminal record which includes eight felonies.

According to Karley Buckland (victim), a group of 20 to 30 teenager got on the train and three of them then attacked her because apparently she had an attitude. Rakeshia Shamone Burns – the attacker who can be identified because she’s 18 year old was charged with riot, assault, disorderly conduct, harassment, and interfering with public transportation. Her two half sisters (both minors) were charged in juvenile court. No hate crime charges were filed.

According to Portland police and the prosecutor, the case does not fit Oregon’s hate-crime law. In the video, the attackers can be heard uttering racial slurs about the victim being white, but apparently it was not criminal because it was not the primary motivating factor for the attack.

Can you imagine the liberal outrage if the blacks were measured with the same ruler whites are?

Props to Best Gore member Hawk for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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136 thoughts on “14 Year Old White Girl Beaten by Mob of Black Women on MAX Train in Portland”

    1. Could you imagine if these were a group of white females attacking a single black female, the media would have a field day. Wake up America and don’t be afraid to point at the real problems in our society

    2. Oregon used to be a nice place until the Kalifornians escaped there and perverted it with their Liberalism.

      This was a good study of whites being indoctrinated to understand that only whites are racist haters and niggers misunderstood.

    3. Fucking niggers only fight in packs because they dont have the ball to go one on one. In the military under fire the niggers would freeze up putting me and my men in danger. I agree with putting them on an island and nuke the fuckers

  1. These fuckin’ niggers can get away with anything, this is why I HATE NIGGERS, go back to africa you lowlife government feeding baby machine pieces of shit. I wish and hope nothing short of death to all you uneducated pieces of bottom feeding NIGGERS.

    1. while government’s are at it, sending niggers back to africa, they should also make an effort to send back every muslim ape back to the middle east or to their islamic home countries, because they are just going to keep blowing up one another, better to let them do it among themselves

      I also say that all those brown midgets from mexico should also be sent back there, to prevent them from spreading their filth across the globe

      1. Never happen.

        Only way to facilitate the kind of changes our Countries need is a massive ideological shift (Away from Leftism/Liberalism) and overthrowing our Governments (An Arab Spring, but more like a White Winter).

        Unfortunately.. We are being replaced by products of that ideology. Our Children are taught by teachers of that ideology, our Entertainment, Media and Sport sectors are controlled by that ideology etc.

        Which means.. Violent revolution most happen first (To destroy and disrupt their methods of brainwashing and social-engineering). And I can’t see Whites doing that.

        1. “And I can?t see Whites doing that.”-Silenced

          “I also say that all those brown midgets from mexico should also be sent back there, to prevent them from spreading their filth across the globe”-theblademan

          That’s all white people do is demand that niggers, towel heads, and spics be sent elsewhere but all you hating dickheads do is bitch and whine. I don’t know which is worse, a whiny bitch or a rabid monkey. Your ideology of an all white, arayan, or whatever the fuck gets your chodes hard will never happen. You motherfuckers don’t like the diversity in America go start a Whites Only club in Antarctica or some other planet. I respect your views, although I don’t agree but your bitching and fussing isn’t getting you anywhere. I want to see one of you fuckers do something, start your little revolution or off yourselves. ๐Ÿ˜€

          1. Ahh, personal attacks. Nice. I don’t think I’ll engage in such, thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

            And my stance is not just for all ‘white’ lands, it’s for segregation. Black lands for Blacks, Asian lands for Asians, White lands for Whites etc.

            Not Asian Lands for Asians, Black lands for Blacks, Arab lands for Arabs, White lands for everyone.

            And, if you continued to read – I said a revolution is unlikely. What is more likely is the race that makes up a paltry amount of the global population (5%; Whites) will simply cease to exist.

            Our birthrates are already low, and our numbers are pretty much dropping in every Country we inhabit.

            But I guess that’s basically a utopian future for you and your like.

          2. Personal attacks, oh man. Don’t get offended when all you do is stand on your soapbox and blab about anyone who isn’t white. If revolution is unlikely why is that one of your pillars in your sky high pile of shitty ideas you so love spreading?
            These black bitches are shitty people, and everyone who does wrong. But so do white people. I would like to see segration happen again, just so you could see how most of you “sloth-like” organisms would perish.

          3. Personal attacks, oh man. Don’t get offended when all you do is stand on your soapbox and blab about anyone who isn’t white. If revolution is unlikely why is that one of your pillars in your sky high pile of shitty ideas you so love spreading?
            These black bitches are shitty people, and everyone who does wrong. But so do white people. I would like to see segration happen again, just so you could see how most of you “sloth-like” organisms would perish. Leave being lazy to me, since my kind (Mexicans) are good at it ๐Ÿ˜‰

          4. Considering Multiculturalism is a rather new concept (as is ‘Diversity’ at this rate) that is already showing massive, massive failure, I don’t think it’s a leap of logic to think that, at some point, Whites (The ones having to put up with it) would revolt.

            Telling me to go out and murder some Blacks or something? What kind of logic is that? Let me tell you what the headline reads:

            ‘White Supremacist (which I’m not) kills 13 African-Americans; Racism (which I’m not) still alive and well’

            The end result? People who share similar thoughts suffer for my selfish, murderous actions. It gives people like yourself ammo to use against them, to keep them ever more silent and without a voice, to twist the chains around their wrists evermore tighter.

            Yeah, no thanks. I’m not some mindless moron.

            And stop using strawman arguments. I never said Whites were angels incapable of being bad/horrible. I’ve always maintained that every race or ethnic group is capable of evil. I’ve also always maintained that Racial and Ethnical traits exist. Blacks are more prone to aggression and violence than other races, but we are all prone to it.

            My stance is that segregation, which is the natural cycle of nature, is.. well, natural.

            As a Mexican, you should know this more than anyone. Assuming you are a Mestizo, your Ancestors ruled the Americas, and my people (White Europeans) came, you welcomed us.. Didn’t turn out so great for you, did it?

            I’ve used this analogy before and I like it:

            Drop a Black Ant nest on-top of a Red Ant nest, what happens?

            Humans trying to play ‘God’, or subvert Nature or control Evolution are insane. And we shouldn’t have to pay for their insanity.

  2. Does that silly hate crime logic apply to other laws in Oregon? Can I walk into a convenience store with the intent of buying a case of beer, but then all of the sudden decide to stick up the joint, and make off with all the loot without getting arrested for robbery? My original intent wasn’t to rob the place, after all…

    Politically correct thinking leaves no room for common sense…

    1. I was with a friend of mine and he had some dispute with a bum about a small amount of weed.They got into it started fighting.He called the guy a faggot punched him the guy had an aneurysm the guy dropped and died right there.He didn’t even know the guy was gay he didn’t even know the guy at all.He was charged and convicted with a hate crime and of course killing the guy.

  3. I think it is utter bullshit! I’m glad all four of them are put away(for the time being). Hope they get the maximum.
    Roles reversed and a bunch of us whities were on one black person ALL hell would break loose! Like Rodney King riots!
    One thing… Looks like a girl/woman that is not black(white?) is up the the young girls face as well though.
    Either way bullshit for more than one person to fight another, it pisses me off and gets my blood boiling!

        1. Not even remotely similar. Actually, your comment genuinely makes zero sense.

          White men or women who associate with Blacks, generally also support Multiculturalism, Liberalism/Leftism, Diversity etc. All things that are tearing our Countries and people apart.

          Ergo, they might as well be considered Black, aka, ‘not of us’.


          And I don’t hate Blacks.

          I like Blacks like I like Muslims.. two or more continents and an ocean away.

  4. Meh. Live around them, suffer the consequences.

    Although, they only make up like 9% of the total pop in Portland, it’s still to much.

    Rules I follow to avoid this – Never live anywhere that has more than 2% total Black population.

    Never associate with anyone who: Sleeps with them, Listens to their culture, votes Left.

    One of the main-reasons my Country has no place in my future – Our cities are going to be overrun with them, soon (Toronto and Montreal already are).

          1. I was about to say the same thing 1girl1cup. You do NOT want to move to a liberal state Silenced. If you think blacks are bad from where you are, just imagine blacks with all the power and backing of the govt to live off of everyone else. Im sure in Canada there are lowlifes who take and never give, well they are a lot more densely populated.

          2. Those states are the Whitest states in America. With the exception of Hawaii, which is Asian/White etc.

            And I know all about Liberals and their disgusting ideology. Unfortunately, it’s being forced on every White Country.

            And honestly – I don’t think there will be much difference between a Republican and a Democrat state in the near future.

            Obama beating the Republicans a second time scared them to death, and now they are basically on their way to becoming just another Liberal/Left party. (Moderate Left Repubs, Ultra left Democrats)

        1. @silenced dude this happened in Portland Oregon. There’s a huge afro american presence there. Id be willing to bet that the black pop is much higher than 10%. Visit a place called Lloyd Center near Downtown and that’ll probably be enough to show the amount of blacks that live in Portland.

  5. Now lets turn that shit around, if it was white people beatin’ on a black girl we would have jesse jackson and al sharpton marchin’ in the streets sayin’ it was racism and the white people would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This world is fucked, I say put a tire around them and lite it up, give them the street justice like they do in their own country, those fuckin’ savages.

    1. See, I don’t know about this kind of thinking. I think it’s off-kilter.

      These people can act the way they do, because our Governments, Politicians and People let them.

      That’s where the ire needs to be placed, imo.

      Until Leftism is wiped out, this kind of thing will continue to spread.

      1. Just for the record, Silenced, I’m left wing and I’m not entirely keen on the rampant immigration that’s happening globally. I think instead of people arriving on shores in Western Nations, they should tend to their own countries. Hell, the USA will probably back them up if they’re fighting for their side or there’s oil involved.
        But, purely because I keep seeing you throwing out the Liberal/Leftism rants, I just wanted to let you know, we Leftists aren’t all “Yay! Open the borders, supported lifestyles for everyone!”. As a Canadia with access to free health care, I imagine you quite like your supported lifestyle, just as I as a British person does. You can see why people idolise the West, we’re almost always better, that’s the short of it. It isn’t necessarily the fault of Liberalism; Liberalism is politics, there’s elements of Liberalism in EVERY political system you can think of. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Marxist or a member of the KKK, your views are in someway hinged on at least some elements of Liberalism. But back to my point, our nations are often better then what people leave behind, those places need improvement and then we wouldn’t have this.

        Integration isn’t always bad, though. The most powerful nations on the planet still benefit from the knowledge people in other countries provide, there have been thousands of advancements that blacks, Arabs and Asians provided for the Western nations, things you take for granted also. Integration is also the sole reason we’re around today. Evolution has hinged on the back of tribes intigrating since we first hopped down from trees. Is that as necessary in today’s society, probably not, but you hate it that much, don’t neglect the fact its a key principal in evolution.

        But again, just as a side note, us Leftists aren’t all tree-hugging hippies. I believe in Multiculturalism, I think it can work and in many cases does, there’s a ton of savage black, brown and yellow people out there, but there’s also a fairly high amount of equally savage white people. However, I believe it only works when a society accepts those who want to intigrate and who want to work towards a common goal of a better society.

        If this gets the response, “you’re a soft liberal twat’ et al, you can read back to my previous two mentions of, “I don’t condone open border policy” (in a nutshell) but I do believe that complete and utter segrigation isn’t the answer either on the basis that there’s an awful lot of good coloured people I know who have fully worked to better the society they are in. And the fact that an Indian Doctor and an African Doctor have both saved my life once, which gives me a much more appreciative view of people who bring something to the table.

        1. Leftism right now, is basically the root of all evil in our Countries.

          Your ideologies have robbed us of our values and morals. You’ve made us nations of single-parents with monsters for children.

          You’ve utterly ruined the family-unit, destroyed the foundation and institution of marriage, eroded the very basic principles of relationships (love, honor, respect).

          Now, our Countries are filled with astronomically high-rates of Infidelity, Divorce, Promiscuity, Club-Hopping, Drinking, Drugs, etc.

          A product of this – Married White female teachers sleeping with their students.

          They are responsible for our Countries having no defense against Immigration, just wide open borders. Which has lead to the White population in the USA to start dropping by 2% every year (A Liberals dream no doubt)

          It’s turned Montreal into a hotbed for North African Islamic terrorism.

          It’s starting to turn Toronto into a shithole with gangs, shootings, ghetto’s. Whole places almost devoid of Whites (Brampton).

          It’s tearing Europe apart, with London; England now looking like a foreign Country, with Manchester, Birmingham not far behind. Where Black youths can riot and burn down a part of a city because a Black gangster was shot and killed.

          Where White women are being raped in Sweden by Blacks, Muslims etc.

          Where ghetto’s are now popping up in Denmark.

          Where Paris is like stepping foot into Africa.


          You’re responsible for the culture of fear and oppression Whites have to put up with, whereby we are not allowed speaking out about important issues (Immigration being one) without being labeled a racist and silenced.

          We are not allowed to point out problems with Blacks, Latino’s, Muslims, etc. without being labeled some form of ‘ist or ‘ism.

          You have fostered a culture of oppression to the point where when people don’t vote your way (Democrat in the US) you are labeled a racist, White supremacist, Uncle Tom etc. belittled and shamed into feeling guilty.

          You’ve pushed genocidal ideologies like race-mixing between White Females and Black Males (Check out any TV show that comes out in the US now, it will have a Black dude and he’ll be in a relationship with a White woman).

          Your ideologies have turned American cities into shitholes full of crime, ghetto’s, rape, murder (Chicago, Detroit, Philly, Atlanta etc.)

          Your ideologies have basically eroded Western culture and society to the point of nothingness. Where it is defunct of morals, values, dignity, and rather promotes the very opposite of that.

          Here where I live in Canada, you’d be hard pressed to find a White Doctor. The Vet where I take my Dog for checkups? Entirely Middle-Eastern.

          So now your ideologies are costing us Houses, Jobs, Money (Taxes to fund the welfare state) etc.

          Your ideologies are poison.

          And Multiculturalism doesn’t work. It’s been a huge, unmitigated disaster. The PM of England said it was. The Chancellor of Germany said it failed. The answer to multiculturalism right now? White Flight.

          We have to get up and leave our homes, neighborhoods because we know what happens when Blacks move in.

          Hell, America is full of Asians stuck living around Blacks being attacked and robbed.

          What’s that saying? ‘Birds of a feather..’ no matter how much you Leftists want to play God, or mess with Nature, and stick your hand in Evolution’s cup of tea.

          It’ll never work, and all it does and has done is foster hate, disgust, anger and frustration.

  6. I was verbally attacked on the train on the way home from work by four black girls. Another black girl who just happened to sit across from me prevented me from using the call box to notify the train operator that I was being harassed. All the black people on the train were cheering them on. I got by her anyway and called the driver, and when I got off the train the transit cops were waiting for me and my harassers. One of the cops told me the only thing they could do was kick them off the train, which they did. One one them was holding a toddler. I hope they had to walk to their destination. Poor kid. Every time I saw the cop who interviewed me, he always said hello and how I’m doing. He said that an elderly white man on that train asked about me and said he wanted to come to my aid, but because of his age, he knew he was unable to help me. The girl in the video was physically attacked, and that must’ve been horrible. I can identify with anybody who’s being bullied or ganged up on. It sucks. BTW, at that time I was in my 50’s and the black girls were in their teens and twenties. All I said was “ouch” when one of them bumped into me with her backpack, and all hell broke loose.

    1. My god Buffsmom. Ouch? Man these Pavement Apes think they are entitled to everything and everything is racist.
      Man I definitely feel ya. I try now to even acknowledge or respond to any yard ape unless I have friends with me and have to have a ratio of 2 friends for every 3 yard ape. That ratio seems to prevent these yard apes from getting to uppity and violent, like pack of cowardly Hyenas.

  7. I live in London, England, Regretfully, so I am very much used to the Nigger. London is like a zoo, there are various animals in this zoo, some more dangerous and violent than others but the monkeys, the orangutans, they always want to dance around the place getting angry and attacking all the other animals.

    These stinking baboons never seem to want to mate with each other and instead always try to mate with the other animals regardless of consent.

    They always get away with these antics however because the zoo owners love them, they love the anarchy they bring because it causes in fighting and when animals are fighting each other they are not fighting the owners.

    The owners then get away with whatever they wish because the animals are no longer in the position to work together and rise up and fight.

      1. Hi Silenced, We, the whites, are like sloths. We exist just to watch the world go by and because we are slow moving we allow alls sorts of predators to ruin our environment.

        Because of our dependence on external factors to keep us safe we have lost the ability to fight and therefore keep safe by blending in with all the other predators when, by all rights, we should be fighting these predators and reclaiming our environment.

        If things don’t change we, just like the ground sloth, will become extinct.

        1. Thanks for clarification. I don’t know how I feel about being compared to a sloth, but I guess it fits.

          Let me ask you – Do you think things will change, or do you feel we are, in a manner of speaking, doomed?

          1. Hi Silenced, In order for change to take place there would have to be a mass coming together of the people, power by numbers in order to force the hand of a king.

            However, those who run the show are not stupid, they realise that we have a chance of doing the above so they set out to make sure that the people would never gather together.

            Propaganda, mass immigration, multiculturalism, these were forced upon the people without consent, they even teach our kids these things in the same way as the Hitler youth were educated.

            So my answer to your question is, yes, we can change, however it will not be in our life time. There has been too much damage done, we are strangers in our own countries and even a lot of our own people are too damaged to be fixed.

            If we all got together to fight now they would just turn the army on us, call us terrorists, not freedom fighters, and kill us and most of our fellow population would stand back and watch.

            Large empires do fall, but sometimes it takes a long time.

          2. @Silenced

            They you sometimes speak of white people in third person or how you demean our women “Come on Albert, she?s a White female. They?ve been indoctrinated, and socially-engineered 100x worse than us”
            I feel like you’re either not really down for the white nationalist cause or maybe your not really white, maybe a mixed mutt.

          3. @ Empty Soul Ahh yes, I do believe you are correct. My problem with it is we are a mere 5% of the global population, and our numbers are declining in pretty much every Country we inhabit.

            I fear there simply will not be a ‘future’ for us. I shudder to think what the next generation will have to deal with.

            @Hawk I assure you, I am 100% White. Mix of English, Irish, Swedish and Danish. Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes.

            I take the ‘bigger picture’ stance. Rather than just focus on Blacks, Muslims, etc. I tend to focus on our Society and Culture as a whole, and how it is degrading and the methods that are used to bring such destruction.

            There are many examples of this: Immigration (Or, calling it what it really is, population replacement) is one, and a huge deal.

            Another however, is how Society/Culture has now become Liberalized to the point that, our women (White) are turning into.. there really is no nice way to say it, really.

            High rates of Promiscuity, Infidelity, Race-Mixing, Divorce, Single-Motherhood, Princess Attitude etc. They have become, in a manner of speaking, our enemies. Betrayers if you will. To be dramtic about it; Agents of sabotage set against us. The majority of them do not seem to stand with us, they seem to, in-fact, stand against us.

            For instance – In the USA, a Country with a rampant problem with Female teachers having sex with their students, the vast majority of such cases involve Married White Female teachers.

            We have role-models for women that include, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian (She is not White, but she is looked at it like she is) and so on.

            These are but two examples of how the degradation of Society and Culture has impacted our Women, but there are many more, this post grows too long, however.

  8. Black people are scum ! It feels good to be around so many people who wont ignore whats happening. I only hope the worthless liberal hippy fucks ,either them or their family fall victim to these peice of shit animals they protect.

  9. “Everyone in my family avoids living in places where there are black people, it’s not racism, we just want to avoid the problems that come with them. There are some black people who are not too bad however a majority of them bring nothing but trouble.”

  10. I’m not very fond of blacks… But my aunt mated with a black and spawned 2 black (or african americans) son and daughter. Because of them… It prevents my dislike of blacks from going into full blown hatred, they’re pretty much part of the family tree. Should having african american family members change my views on them??? Just because they’re family???

  11. Not living around them isnt always an option unfortunately. Im in southern California whites are on their way out here… But you can see we have been part of the community for a hundred years or so depending on the city. We cant keep running! Here in riverside county a not long ago a black gang of kids raped a mentally handicapped girl in a park bathroom… Look it up not propoganda

    1. Well, yes.. You guys stuck in America are pretty fucked.

      Well, I’m sure there are areas spread throughout the Country and some cities in some states, too (Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire etc. maybe?) but yes, the White population in the USA drops by about 2% annually, so we are becoming a minority there.

      You can come up to Canada.. We have a bunch of them here, but not as many as you guys down there. Just avoid Toronto and Montreal.

      There’s no long-term future prospects here, though. We’re being replaced by Blacks/Pakistani’s/Indians/Arabs/Berbers at a pretty alarming rate

  12. I live in an inner city high rise for the elderly and disabled. Most of the residents are black. Since we moved in, there is this one loud mouth bitch who has no qualms about telling me what a sinner I am and I am going to hell because I am gay. (BTW, she is a former crack ho who had cops she slept with to get her off the hook.) I for the most part would ignore her.
    Yesterday, the loud mouth cow was screaming at everyone about free testing as some clinic, and she smirked as I rolled my eyes. My wife and I caught up with a friend and started talking, and this bitch got in our face, screaming. My wife, who is a trans woman, lived many years on the street herself down and out. She is also almost 5′ 11″ and a big muscly girl. Nothing fazes her. As this cow was screaming at us. My wife looked at her and said “back the FUCK down. We heard you, we don’t need to hear it again. We don’t need testing. Get out of our face.” She stopped for a second, and starting screaming like a ghetto monkey “oh hell naw, that white dude did NOT JUST DISRESPECT ME!” My wife looked at her with steely blue eyes and said, “Get over yourself. YOU are the one disrespecting us, and thinking you can get away with it. You can’t, and you won’t.”
    All of sudden, like losers in 7th grade, her monkey possee sits there glaring at us trying to intimidate us. We ignored them. But here is the fucking annoying part.
    My wife and I come from very racists backgrounds, but we ourselves dont’ think like that; especially being LGBT. I am known in the building for helping people out, being kind, smiling, and asking how people are. This fiflthy crack whore nigger cries “racists bullshit” (even though they knew full well we hadn’t done anything) now the same people who would smile at us, act like goddamn ignorant thugs. I am so fucking tired of blacks throwing the fucking race card. Assholes, you have long since gotten “reparation” for the slavery bullshit, and like most black folks you just wanna take more. This bitch doesn’t like me because I had stood up to her once. I was walking by and she said to her friends “see that white girl? She don’t know shit about being poor or hardship.” I turned around and said “THE FUCK you just say?” She repeated it. I told her first off she was an idiot, that I couldn’t live in the building unless I was poor, and then I REALLY burned her and the other monkey’s asses saying they had it made. The only group I would give props to who suffer hardship and still make try to make it with dignity would be the indigenous folks. And that she could kiss my white ass. “Fat white ass” she spit out. I looked at her and said “maybe. But at least my ass isn’t riddled with AIDS.” Tensions are a little rough in our building though, on Tuesday a woman was stabbed repeatedly by a black man who was pissed she would not date him. She was white. It is getting ugly, but I have a Louisville Slugger…. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. This stuff used to piss me off, now I’m like ‘Meh’.

      Most of the people who live around Blacks are Liberals/Leftist who believe that ‘we are all the same’ stuff.

      I guess you get to see how equal we are first-hand.

      I am sorry you live there, though.. and I hope you make it out alive.

      I’m uncertain, but I think you’re a White female in a relationship with a White transgender woman? If so.. be advised – Black men love White women, lesbian or not.. they’ll take what they want.. and they hate gays. Don’t let Liberalism/Leftist propaganda fool you.

      1. I hope this doesn’t offend but by your story I couldn’t tell if you are two gay males or two gay females. You said “that white dude” and kept referring to the second party as “wife”. It’s no big deal and doesn’t really matter, Just curious.

  13. This is what happens when you make a mess of writing your laws. A great example of a law that doesn’t sound problematic in principle, but then… oops. In the UK it’s done as a racially aggravated assault if there was any racial element whatsoever, much better law.

  14. i dont know about anybody else, but man that white girl looked so freakishly intimidating compared to the zulu monkee bitches beating her down. thank god those crack hoars were being tried in court, actually surprised the white girl was not arrested for being white. loved also how the crack hoars were trying to block the view of their faces as if they were ashamed of what they did. as if there is some level of shame for acting like spear chucking monkees…

  15. I visited Portland last summer (my boyfriend lives there), and he took me on the MAX….. The most sketchy ride of my life. People who hang out at the stops, you do not make eye contact with…. They WILL end up following you. While on the train, the fucking people are scary. The glares, death stares, etc…you feel if you make one wrong move, you’re either going to get shot up or followed and murdered. My boyfriend ended up keeping me pretty close. He’s seen and heard of a lot of shit happening on the MAX…. Portland can be a beautiful city, but shit like beating, shootings, murders, etc is so big there….. I know you can find that stuff everywhere you go, but I never hear AS MUCH of it where I am from (Ontario, Canada)…. lol and this is why my boyfriend is moving here with me.

  16. Why were the younger daughters allowed to live with the mother if the woman already has 8 felonies (one of the assault)? I’m not saying the kids would have turned out to be angels if they were taken away, but maybe they would’t be locked up now.

  17. I live in Oregon. Roseburg. As late as the mid 70s there were signs at the west and south entrances to the town that said, NIGGER DO NOT LET THE SUN SET ON YOU IN THIS TOWN!. I sure wish like hell those signs were still up.

  18. Let us all be honest. These black bitches were pissed that this hot white girl had a nice phone. And following in their mom’s footsteps, they go animal on that hottie(is that wrong for saying she is hot?).

    1. No. All White Women are born with beauty. As a White male, to me there exists no other woman on this planet who matches our women in being beautiful. It is the choices they make that chips away at their beauty, and turns a once pure, beautiful flower into a dried out, rotten piece of nothingness.

      I’m sure Asian men feel the same way about their women, or Mestizos about their’s etc.

      Probably not Black men though, they can’t seem to jump into bed with a White European woman fast enough. Which turns her ugly.

    1. Yeah, it’s an 18 part video on youtube by Truthwillout, chronicling the life and story of the Third Reich and Hitler.
      It really was the Most Accurate, detailed, and realistic Hitler documentary ever made.

  19. Typical niggers beating up white people for nothing. In America, if two niggers beat a white person, its nothing. A nigger gets beaten up for ANY reason by a white person and its racism. Well let me tell you something, the NAACP can kiss my WHITE ass.

    1. That’s pretty ridiculous…America was made by White people.

      How many africans, asians, arabs, ameri-indians signed the declaration of independence and wrote our constitution?? ZERO! This is a White Europeans country. Fought for, founded for and built by White Europeans. Only within the last few decades have we been over run with third world hoards demanding this is now their country.

  20. That ain’t shit! I’m sure everybody knows what niggers do here in Philly. Fucking niggers show up in groups of 100 (give or take a few) when there’s a flash mob, look it up on YouTube, there all teenagers but they Dont touch anybody they know would put up a fight, there’s video of them pulling some poor bastard out of his car with his family in the car with him and they beat the balls off of him (white), he was in his 50’s just driving down south st. with his family, it happened a lot, they target old white men and white woman. They found a automatic with extra clips on a teenager, now I carry my gun for my family’s safety and I swear to god if it ever comes down to it, I’m gonna run every one of them over that’s in my way, fucking niggers

      1. It is sad Silenced!

        Watching the city I grew up in turn into a multicultural cesspool full of mongoloids has been one of the saddest things I have ever seen, in my entire life.

        It saddens me beyond belief to say that I want to leave my home land but everything here is fucked beyond repair.

        They let people come here from every fucking corner of the globe who have absolutely no intention of joining or contributing to our society. All they want to do is come here and receive benefits and fuck our women regardless of whether they want to or not.

        If Gillard wins the next election here in Aus, I will be moving ahead with plans to get the fuck out of Australia as soon as possible.

        I’ve tried to talk to others in Aus but I have been met with extreme violence. People who I have known for over a decade have bashed me black and blue for even talking about this with them.

        Last Christmas, some (EX) friends of mine beat me unconscious because I was talking about how fucking bullshit multiculturalism is in Australia and how it doesn’t work. I managed to get a few good shots in but nothing compared to the beating I received and even that was nothing compared to what everyone in the local community thinks of me now.

        I have been labelled an ignorant racist bigot, even though I am part Australian Aboriginal and have many full blood Aboriginal family (Sorry I have blonde hair and blue eyes) O.o .People are only now giving me the time of day in my local community because I have kept my mouth shut.

        Times are tough here in Aus.

        1. Damn.. Australia, too? ๐Ÿ™ I don’t know where you’d go. England, US, Canada all suffer the same thing at a worse rate than Australia.

          France, Germany, Netherlands are pretty much bogged down.

          Denmark, Sweden, and Norway all suffer from it (With Sweden being the worst, and almost as bad as England).

          There truly is no where to go.

  21. It would be convenient if we could identify bad persons by their appearance, but so far, no sure fire method has been discovered, which is evidenced by the fact that human pieces of shit have not yet been confined to any one identifiable trait – aside from their actions.

    What you witnessed in this video is the unforeseen consequence of raising a generation of blacks in America under the impression that they – not their enslaved ancestors – are victims, and as such, are owed special treatment by society at large. Obviously, nothing can be further from the truth because as time has demonstrated, there have been many blacks in America who have succeeded in transcending their history, so it may be said that training wheels are no longer necessary. However, because American politicians no longer represent any particular ideology (i.e. every man is equal under the law etc.) and can only afford to care about reelection, none are willing to upset their constituency by calling a spade a spade, so they sit on their balls and pretend they don’t have any.

    My friends, when you channel your righteous indignation into racial prejudice, you fall victim to the same mind trick that makes this video so outrageous by adding weight to the very argument that makes these people feel that they have a right to trample upon everyone else’s liberty.

    By all means, transcend ignorance; do not become it.

    1. They act the same in England. Pretty much rioted and burnt a part of the city down because a Black scumbag was killed.

      They act like this in Canada. You hear about shootouts in Toronto almost everyday. Recently there was a shootout in-front of a large mall which is a heavy tourist destination.

      It’s not just America.

      They were given back South Africa, quickly turned it into a shithole full of crime, rape, murder, genocide.

      And the list goes on and on and on.

  22. I dont get, why are black people in america allowed to talk about white people or other non ethnic group and make jokes about it on TV or media and not be considered a racist, but when a white person or other enthnic says something, were considered a racist

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