8 Youths Viciously Attack a Random Guy in Eindhoven, Holland

8 Youths Viciously Attack a Random Guy in Eindhoven, Holland

Dutch police are still looking for the miscreants so not enough info on the ethnicities of the attackers, but I won’t be surprised one bit if these youths were immigrants from incompatible parts of the world. However as I said – not enough info at this time so it’s just my guess.

On January 4, 2013 a group of 8 youths wandering the streets of Eindhoven in Holland viciously attacked a random guy. 22 year old victim suffered a severe concussion and injuries to his mouth and jaw. The video went viral in the Netherlands to which the police responded by banning it from further broadcast and ordering news channels to blur faces of the attackers for news reports. I don’t know about you, but that definitely sounds like protection of immigrants by a country that’s desperately fucked in the ass by the Zionists. Two youths turned themselves in and are reportedly from Belgium. No info on their ethnic background though.

Props to Best Gore member andersonaugusto for the video:

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47 thoughts on “8 Youths Viciously Attack a Random Guy in Eindhoven, Holland

  1. Yeah It’s pretty big news here, but this happens everyday. (I am Dutch btw) but just 1 of the guys is Muslim I believe the others are all Dutch , they live in Belgium though.
    They are all underage , and indeed being protected by their lawyers and even the media.
    Stupid fucks

      • A greedy/evil piece of shit that see’s himself superior to anyone that isn’t one, and uses everyone else as cattle. There already many people like this, but what makes this people dangerous is that they have a ton of power. They are the cause of Immigration and protection of immigrants, immigrants tend to come from shitty countries and don’t assimilate, thus creating problems, they tend to be inferior people, and because of this, in America anyways, education is lowered to their level, thus making everyone else stupid. I think the end plan is to make everyone stupid and use those same immigrants for divide and conquer. Same as the kikes are using Muslims in Europe. This Zionist will then be the only people with power. The future is bleak, ether “try” to join them or do something to better your country.

      • zionists are supposedly european jews from pre-nazi germany era. their only goal is to defend israel from imaginary invaders while at the same time stealing more land from the people they stole israel from.

        they are essentially jewish fascist-sociopaths who believe jews and only jews must survive over any other race.

        zionists and israeli’s are in my opinion the most racist people on earth.

  2. They look like muslim scum wearing those beards so that would be my guess. No matter where you are when these pieces of garbage land the beginning of the end has began.

  3. Imagine that!!…a news channel forbidden to report news,i guess its worldwide though in the zionist controlled media circus,am surprised belgium was even mentioned as country of origin…..after all its where the yid take-over was initiated…..

  4. It has nothing to do with jews, but everything with PRIVACY! These guys might have broken the law, but as they are minors and privacy is quite a big thing in the Netherlands it’s not allowed to show their faces everywhere.

    • it is when the police are looking for them. companies and citizens are not allowed to publish images, but the law can ;)

      as far as i remember, i saw this very same video on opsporing verzocht (Dutch program about crimes that have a high attention level in the news) , just the other night.

    • BestGore itself isn’t sick! I’m appalled! Humanity itself is sick! But…BestGore kicks ass by showing its love and sharing the sickness!I do agree with Rock On though!!!

  5. “but that definitely sounds like protection of immigrants by a country that’s desperately fucked in the ass by the Zionists. ”

    It’s not just an issue with immigrants Mark, according to the Ministry of Justice here in Holland all criminals recorded on camera deserve to have their privacy protected. Every time a criminal is arrested their face needs to be blurred from news reports and their last names can’t be shown publicly anymore. It’s fucking retarded.

  6. From what I’ve heard, the ethnicities are mostly Moroccan (what a surprise..) And their names are also being spread by various websites. I hope they find them and destroy their lives.. They deserve it.

  7. Sometimes it can be something as simple as the way you look that can set people off attacking you. It’s very wrong and I hope these people (if you can call them that) get appropriate punishments.

  8. Uncivilized little cretins. An embarrassment to Whites everywhere.

    No doubt they listen to HipHop or follow that disgusting culture.

    Western Society is a fucking cesspit because of Liberalism/Leftism. A goddamn cesspit.

  9. All of them are native Dutch except for one, he is Moroccan…I think no matter what race, we are all capable of torturing, attacking the innocent etc. but screw my speech, wanna see more Gore :)

  10. wow I have such good memories of Eindhoven from many years ago.Rode a bicycle through the city and camped there just on the outskirts.I remember the people being very friendly there.But that was in the mid 70’s.Sad to see this from there.

  11. they all are from the city next to my village, every one of them has been identified and they have received various life threats as well. la lot of people here want to hunt them down for this.

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