9 Year Old Boy Punches, Kicks and Bites Babies at Daycare in Vicksburg, Mississippi

9 Year Old Boy Punches, Kicks and Bites Babies at Daycare in Vicksburg, Mississippi

The first thing that popped in my mind as soon as I started watching this video was a mental image of a single mother. Even though I could not find info on whether this kid was in fact spawned by a single mother, it takes a seriously failed parent to bring up a kid who at the age of 9 arbitrarily abuses the weaker ones and draws great joy from it. Unfortunately, aside from being failed women, single mothers are also in denial so to them, their kids are the best behaved creatures in the world that wouldn’t hurt a fly.

This seriously disturbing incident was caught on video at Kiddie City Childcare Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi. It shows a 9 year old boy punching, choking, shaking, kicking and biting girl toddlers all the while daycare’s staffer sits at her desk and turns completely blind eye to the boy’s reign of terror which lasted between 15 to 20 minutes.

Sandra Trevillion, daycare worker seen looking out the window as the boy terrorized the babies has been arrested and charged with two counts of contributing to the neglect of a minor.

Parents reported to have noticed their kids coming home with busted lips and bite marks on their bodies but daycare workers could not give them an explanation as to why these kids sustained injuries while in daycare. And then this CCTV video surfaced.

Go single mothers. Like the world doesn’t have enough bullies!

Props to Best Gore member drccoco for the video:

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124 thoughts on “9 Year Old Boy Punches, Kicks and Bites Babies at Daycare in Vicksburg, Mississippi

    • I bet it’s psychological trauma from his mother. She probably beats the fuck out of him, and just like how bullying works, he takes his anger/frustrations(aimed towards his mother) out on the little kids. Nothin but wild monkeys, they are! I hope the world ends on 12/21/12. This world is blown to shizzzz..

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      • yeah that’s a good thought on the situation, i didnt realize that. but this fucker was just fucking mean, it disgusted me even, they fucking didn’t do ANYTHING to him, the world is shit and it’s getting shittier every single day.

    • Imagine the Best Gore comments on this if he was drop kicking the shit out of a little White girl. Of course the little White girl wouldn’t have survived it. Then I wonder if he would of got the death penalty by White consensus?

      • Dont worry about it
        little fucks like that always get theirs cant wait to see his ass on here again mommy will probably smoke some crack or meth and give him a 1 way trip off the roof of there house

    • Unstable 9 year old… I guarantee you he’s a crack baby! The sad thing is that there is millions of black crack babies…. No one to blame but the crackhead mother or grandmother….

  1. What can I say that hasn’t been thought or said. Little bastard enjoyed it. Beat that ‘groid for even looking at my daughters. He will certainly be a great rapper or basketball player though.

  2. It would be fucking awesome if at night all the babies in the daycare gang up on him and eat his face off… Ok that would be weird but that’s one little shit that needs a big as whooping.

  3. I caught a followup story on one of the news sources saying that the father of one of the girls came up to the daycare center to get revenge….but he couldn’t tell any of them apart so he ended up hitting the wrong kid.

    • I heard about this to. I saw the video of the father coming up to the daycare. I am not sure where I saw it, but he was pretty furious. I don’t blame him.

  4. The last toddler on this clip that he abused…I do believe he would’ve killed her if he was alone with her. The girl in the walker makes a futile attempt to bite him back but he runs away. Some evening he might have a nightmare,almost real,and wake up and can’t move because of the laughing demon sitting on chest.

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  6. And it’s nice to see videos and stories coming from the us more often than we have in the past, maybe it will open peoples eyes to the truth of america. (probably not) Thanks @dr, my sibling from another dribbling.

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  9. I’d like to know how you think single moms are to blame. I thought you were open minded but it sure doesn’t sound like it. My mom was a single mom, my boyfriends mom was a single mom and we both turned out great. As a matter of fact, I was the one bullied when I was younger.
    A friend of mine, or used to be a friend, had both parents there for her and she turned out psycho as hell. Trust me when I say you can do anything right for a child and it can still turn out a self prostituting cocaine addict. So there you go, I hope you take this into consideration next time you start bashing single moms.

    • @Evex *some* single moms it all has to be based of if the parents or parent takes care of the turds in this case the mom probably neglected the shit and probably didn’t give *it* love her live to him was probably beating and emotionally crippling the poor bastard that’s why this kid is like that my mom was also a single parent she left my asshole dad and never looked back she’s one of them *whores* who only cares about money and doesn’t believe in love of happiness -.- my older sister she came out alright but me I’m *emotionally crippled by her constant beatings physically and emotionally so now -.- I don’t really care if I die I know this world is fucked up dont give a shit about religion where the fuck was *jesus* when she was kicking my ass >.> I have an uncle who died in a *suicide by cop* scenario poor bastard knew how fucked up this world was -.-

    • Agreed, It’s especially ridiculous to call them out when there isn’t even any evidence the kid had a single mother. Single mothers have a hard time and it’s a unfair to label them all as bad parents. This child has obviously been neglected in some way, but that could have been under many different circumstances for many different reasons.

      I’m a single mum so I take this personally ;)

    • although i had both parents, my husband’s mum was a single parent and both he and his sister turned out just fine. she loves them both so much, and is extremely protective, especially for his sister, even though she is 19 now. i don’t think single parenthood has anything to do with how a child turns out. to me, blaming a bad child’s behaviour on being raised by a single mother (regardless of whether it’s true or not) is the same as blaming psychotic/idiotic behaviour on video games.

    • “Single Mom Child Rearing”
      sounds like a good topic for your next open post segment Mark.Seems like it keeps coming to the surface,as of late,in the comments.

  10. Anybody else think the way he cradles the kids in a bad attempt to hide his actions looks almost sexual? Like, he’s too young to understand that part now but there’s a future rapist right there.

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  13. Not even going to watch it. Irrespective of race – I want to focus on a problem even bigger – The decay, erosion, and complete subjugation of the Moral Fabric of Western Countries, and the complete destruction of the Family Unit.

    Marriage is a failed institution now in the West. People barely last 3 years. Divorce is a complete and utter mess that favors the Woman in regards to Children, Alimony, Child-Support etc. regardless for reason of Divorce, which brings me to another point:

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    And do much more. The Moral Fabric and Family Unit in the Western World (with a focus on America especially) is eroding at a rapid pace.

    When you become a Nation devoid of morals, with no Family Unit, you become a Nation (or civilization) crumbled.

    • Yeah, I know that sounds really bad on paper, but my teachers and professors all assured me that this was strength and feminism is good, this was women’s emancipation from their oppressive male masters.

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      • Define ‘normal’? I post in Topics that speak to me. You can always ignore my posts, nothing bad is going to happen.

        Regarding your god comment.. I’m not Religious. Should I find myself needing and/or desiring a ‘religion’ or sorts, I’d probably become a follower of Buddhism or Taoism.

        I actually don’t know where the god thing came from, honestly.

  14. That lil nigger bastard lol wtf eh….as if the people watching the kids wern’t onto him the first time she screamed from being bit. It blows me away

  15. OK, guys & girls.
    This is happening in America (Vicksburg, Mississippi). If a camera was set up, it means that the parents (black) were concerned about the safety of their kids. The camera revealed the abuse and was publicly released or leaked. The film fulfilled its objective: prosecuting the irresponsible jerks managing the daycare.
    So why all the racist remarks? If anything the film would reflect the fact black parents are concerned by the safety of their kids. OK, they may be lagging behind with regard to white people who’ve set up this type of devices since a long time, but is this reason enough for the racist and abusive language?

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  22. there is no evidence of single motherhood. and you can only blame the parent(s) so much. this child is an individual with its own mind and personality. the best parents in the world can give birth to a monster…on another note, these darkies were in daycare, which means that their parent(s) were out working, right?
    i’ve said some fucked up things about blacks but thats just because this is the only avenue i have to voice these kinds of racial opinions, otherwise i’d lose my job or be shot dead.

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