9 Year Old Boy Punches, Kicks and Bites Babies at Daycare in Vicksburg, Mississippi

9 Year Old Boy Punches, Kicks and Bites Babies at Daycare in Vicksburg, Mississippi

The first thing that popped in my mind as soon as I started watching this video was a mental image of a single mother. Even though I could not find info on whether this kid was in fact spawned by a single mother, it takes a seriously failed parent to bring up a kid who at the age of 9 arbitrarily abuses the weaker ones and draws great joy from it. Unfortunately, aside from being failed women, single mothers are also in denial so to them, their kids are the best behaved creatures in the world that wouldn’t hurt a fly.

This seriously disturbing incident was caught on video at Kiddie City Childcare Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi. It shows a 9 year old boy punching, choking, shaking, kicking and biting girl toddlers all the while daycare’s staffer sits at her desk and turns completely blind eye to the boy’s reign of terror which lasted between 15 to 20 minutes.

Sandra Trevillion, daycare worker seen looking out the window as the boy terrorized the babies has been arrested and charged with two counts of contributing to the neglect of a minor.

Parents reported to have noticed their kids coming home with busted lips and bite marks on their bodies but daycare workers could not give them an explanation as to why these kids sustained injuries while in daycare. And then this CCTV video surfaced.

Go single mothers. Like the world doesn’t have enough bullies!

Props to Best Gore member drccoco for the video:

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  1. He must not have known that there were plenty of ‘nanners to go around! Seriously though, it’s feral baboons like this one that keep me from letting my children go to an ape-filled daycare. The mother Baboon should have just kept him home and feed him ‘nanners with her feet. -It’s not like she has a job, or would ever look for one. Not as long as she can use her obama bucks.

  2. I certainly can understand the enraged father who went to the daycare looking for revenge. Not a good idea, but being completely pissed off is totally natural.

    As far as single motherhood, the people who comment to the effect that “my mom/sister/cousin/friend is a single mom and her kids turned out hunky dory” is no defense of a very poor child-rearing strategy. Of course exceptions exist, but children of single mothers have provably higher rates of criminality and government dependency than kids raised in intact families. Single motherhood is a very bad thing, not a good thing. It’s the best way to ensure that kids are raised in poverty, with all the myriad ills that come with it: bad schools, bad housing, high rates of crime. You are absolving the irresponsible fathers of the consequences of their behavior, and parasitizing the taxpayer instead. This is a losing strategy. For every Madonna parading around her African adoptees like so many handbag Chihuahuas, there’s ten million kids being raised in poverty and destined for bad outcomes. Shame.

  3. i want to find this kid and do the same thing he did, just to see if he likes it, and next punch his parents in the face just because…
    i wish i could really be there to teach one, just one lesson to this kid and nanny.

  4. i want to find this kid and do the same thing he did, just to see if he likes it, and next punch his parents in the face just because…
    i wish i could really be there to teach one, just one lesson to this kid and nanny.

    Please give me an address this kid shouldn’t be left alive!!!
    if that toddler were my kid, omg this kid surely would not get to 10 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. Oh shit..I saw this on my local news!It pissed me off bad enough when I saw just a little of the video then.Of course they didn’t show just really how bad it was.But this is horrific!!I don’t trust but only 2 people with watching my daughter.There is NO WAY in Hell I would leave my baby with a LAZY NO GOOD GREASY AZZ NIGGER!!!
    Also, no matter how a child is raised in some situations, when they are an adult they will choose their own paths..It’s their decision on how they want to live and how they want to treat others.

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    He even looks around every time so he isnt seen doing his sadistic shit by this moron…. why is it that you let the stupidest ape care for your most precious thing in the whole world? I guess its because most of the people with their kid in this daycare dont give a shit about their kid either?

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  11. Holy fucking sheepshit. Wow. I’ve never actually seen such a clear display of sadistic sociopathy in someone so young. Just..it’s horrific but also utterly fascinating. The way he carefully checks to see who’s looking before doing anything, the way he pretends to be showing affection to the little girl while planning to hurt her, to provide himself a cover. It’s incredible to actually observe a future serial killer at this age. There’s no question that he WILL kill as often as he thinks he can get away with in the future, this level of escalating cruelty allows for nothing less. The fact that at such an early age it’s progressed this far is terrifying. He puts me in mind of Mary Bell.

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