Abducted Civilian Tortured by Fake Syrian Army

Abducted Civilian Tortured by Fake Syrian Army

Precisely as you would expect, because the Fake Syrian Army terrorists who torture the abducted man in this video are wearing military clothes, sections of this video have been posted by the relentless FSA propaganda team on YouTube with claims that it’s Syrian soldiers torturing a civilian. Well, the fact that it’s a tortured civilian remains unchanged, but if you look at an unedited video, such as the one posted here, you will see that one of the abductors wears an FSA flag on the magazine of his rifle.

Syrian flag contains red, white and black colors. FSA terrorist flag on the other hand contains green, white and black. There is an arrow in the video to help you see it. These are FSA terrorists beating a random man who refused to support their genocide. That’s what they do everywhere they go. This is what proceeds executions in which the FSA claim that the condemned was a Shabiha (name they give to everyone who doesn’t join their Jihad, including children).

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41 thoughts on “Abducted Civilian Tortured by Fake Syrian Army

  1. I was reading through a “News source” site just now which explain that in the video of Chris Steven’s death, the Libyans are carrying him to safety.
    I smell something and it’s not the dried semen on my briefs. its the smell of bullfucckingshit.

  2. He made some pretty sickly sounds during that beating. All this video needed was that cameraman from Brazil who couldn’t stop choking off at the sight of a body, and we’d have a complete gag fest here. It’d sound like those gross sound effects Ferris Bueller played on his keyboard.

  3. Strange how this footage which CAN be ‘independently verified’ is not shown by the BBC. Maybe they don’t want the British public to know that their 5 million pounds of ‘humanitarian aid’ is being spent on shit like this.
    Footnote: Mark, the job of BBC Director General is up for grabs shortly, please do this country a favour and forward your CV.

  4. Props to this. The propaganda team are in for a pasting now from Al Jazeera and the Zionist paymasters as this shows them to be the frauds they are. Oh well another innocent victim alias Shahiba to be rid of. The FSA don’t mess around when payday is coming.

  5. Pussy beating. They caint do anything right. Boring and shitty is all I can say. They should have cut his head off witha butter knive. Fuck I wanna bomb the shit outta these bitches. Im tired of Jihad and bullshit muslim fucks. Kill every last one of them including children so the future generations can suck dick too. Im done with my worthless rant.

    • that was a legendary beating, for some reason I got addicted to watching that beating. Am I becoming a sadist or something?
      PD: For those who do not known, the firearms used to finish off that poor procurator’s brother were tracked back to OPERATION FAST AND FURIOUS. Los Zetas and Al Quaida should start some Obama and Hillary fanclub for all the support they recieve from them…

    • wow look at the beautiful alumni on that comment post. That entire post deserves an award, it was hilarious, brutal, informative and overall amazing. So many of them have disappeared…

    • second PD: unsettling to see so much argentinian police and military “know how” in Los Zetas videos, in this case, with the electric “picana” torture at the start of the prosecutor brother’s video.

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