After School Brawl Involving Pretty Girls in Skirts

After School Brawl Involving Pretty Girls in Skirts

It’s a strangely erotic title for a gore site and it does involve a whole lotta tight bodied girls in skirts – as you would expect from good porn, unless you’re into chubbies – but unlike on a porn site, the brawl in the video is real. It’s still girls fighting so you won’t see any knockouts or head kicks, but since it’s all white girls, it’s good cat fighting, unlike anything you could observe in a ghetto.

The bad things about the video are low resolution picture and stupid music. Props to Best Gore member pnn69 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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53 thoughts on “After School Brawl Involving Pretty Girls in Skirts”

      1. Before sending the link to Mark, I should have just downloaded the vid and change the music myself using a video editor. I just was too excited, you know, so I forgot the shit )

  1. Surely that was a guy filming this. He stayed way too long on the panties shot to be a girl, else it was a lesbian.

    At the beginning you can see she tried the lethal purse swing. You never really know what they put in there, there could even be a brick in there…

  2. seeing as how most of the male BG population probably never gets laid judging by how they drool over fucking avatars like they’ve never seen females before, i’m surprised this doesn’t have five hundred comments already.
    but yeah….nice. 🙂

  3. Is it weird that I have a greater appreciation for life after seeing the things I’ve seen here? After watching almost all of the videos, the only thing I can think is, I will never look another person on Earth the same. I have no power right now and have been drinking. My keyboard is rediculously small. 8 hours in a retardily hot kitchen and the sound of an annoying ass generator that I get no benefit from and I am still loving life thanks to this site. Tonight could be soooouch worse. Thanks for putting things on perspective.

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