Barrie Police Officer Jason Nevill And His Thugs Beat a Man

Barrie Police Officer Jason Nevill And His Thugs Beat a Man

CCTV video from police state Canada shows a dirty cop by the name of Jason Nevill of the Barrie Police Force in Ontario beating a man along with his thugs. Jason Nevill pinned the man face down on the ground and repeatedly punched and kneed him.

Jason Nevill has been with Barrie police for 10+ years and during that time, received a string of public complaints against him. Eventually, after 10 years of roughing public up, he’s now on trial for assault causing bodily harm, fabricating evidence and obstructing justice. Good riddance.

During the court hearing, Jason Nevill justified the beating by claiming that he had to use force because he feared for his life. He said: “I was afraid for my own personal safety, I was fighting for my life.” What a sack of lying shit!

The victim – 25 year old Jason Stern testified he had no idea why the officer attacked him. He said his friend broke a Christmas ornament at the Bayfield Mall and the mall security called the cops on them. This happened back in November 20, 2010.

The incident started with Jason Stern, his girlfriend and another couple walking through the mall when his friend swiped at an ornament hanged from the ceiling. All four left the mall but Jason Stern returned shortly after because he reportedly forgot his wallet. That’s when he was stopped by the mall security and requested to wait until police arrive.

Jason Stern thought they would make him reimburse them for the ornament but instead, he got beat up by Jason Nevill. The beating landed Jason Stern in hospital with a concussion, cuts and bruises.

In court, Jason Nevill insisted that Jason Stern was drunk and belligerent. He also insisted that he felt threatened because Jason Stern had his hands in his pockets.

As it goes in police state Canada, not only was Jason Stern subjected to police brutality, he was also subsequently charged with assaulting a police officer. He was facing a lengthy prison sentence but his family hired a lawyer who subpoenaed the mall to get the surveillance video of the attack. That’ when the tables turned and the assaulting a police officer charge was dropped.

During the hearing, The Crown pointed out there was nothing on the video that suggested Stern was belligerent. It also showed that the confrontation was started by Jason Nevill and that he struck the victim while he was face down, even after the cuffs were on. The trial continues on April 5, 2013.

In Perspective

Imagine you’re a law abiding citizen who stays out of trouble but one day your path is crossed by a power tripping cop. He beats you up just cause he can and the accuses you of assaulting a police officer. If you’re not wealthy and can’t afford a lawyer, or if you were unlucky and the assault on you took place away from surveillance cameras, you could go to jail for many years. How absurd is that?

Dirty cop Jason Nevill wanted to do this to Jason Stern and if his family could not afford a lawyer, he would have gone to jail. Because this is not the first time Jason Nevill assaulted an innocent citizen, it makes you wonder how many people are there in Canadian prisons who did absolutely nothing wrong, got beat up by a power tripping cop and are now locked up because of it.

It does not end there, though. Jason Stern is no longer facing the charges, however he’s 3 years into fighting this off and the ordeal is far from finished. Not only are legal battles extremely financially draining, they can literally ruin your life. There are cops like Jason Nevill out there who are just drooling to have someone’s life destroyed and because they’re cops, they’re often immune to repercussions. Think about it because tomorrow, it could be you whom a power tripping cop picks for a target.

Welcome to police state Canada. Props to John Stewart for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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60 thoughts on “Barrie Police Officer Jason Nevill And His Thugs Beat a Man”

    1. pretty sure he said something to provoke ALL THREE MEN INTO ATTACKING HIM

      in my opinion, he probably deserved to get beat up and he’s lucky I wasnt part of the gang that arrested him, because I would surely have broken a bone or two in him

        1. Shit mate I always told my mates you were the king of broke back mountain ? Until you posted your gutsy gutsy story about breaking your back. If you’re ever in Perth WA, ill buy you a few beers on the beach and we can perv on some hot chicks

    1. Dude they don’t show this kind of corrupt authority behaviour on local news networks let alone anywhere for the public to see.
      The strategy is don’t show the sheep anything that will provoke them into actually thinking

  1. This is a well known scam among American cops also. The cops lie and say someone hit them. The person gets the shit beat out of them while they are handcuffed and they get charged with battery on a police officer.
    And then the police whine about the dangers of their job. Well no shit your job is dangerous, people hate you crooked fucks and for good reason.

  2. Wow it took all three of those cocksuckers to take him down. Better hang on to those batons,gun,spray and taser your gonna need them faggots cause one day someone with twice the strength of this kid is gonna really make you fight for your life. And to wash away the blood WTF?!? I hope all three do federal time.

    1. Right? I thought that was pretty weird, like they were trying to “dispose of evidence” by washing the blood away. I don’t know why they would do that, considering the evidence is written all over the victims face. People don’t just wake up one morning with a busted face and a concussion, unless you were on some fucked up shit the night before. I’m wondering if the officer initially tried to claim that they found him like that.

      1. You’ll make money if it gets caught on camera. Without a camera, the cop and his cop buddies will get on the stand in court and testify, I mean testiLIE that you hit him first and you’ll go to prison for battery on an officer.

  3. Y’know, I was about to come and stand up for the Police as in my experience they’re usually alright, but these guys are off the chain. Attack dogs with no handlers.

    Glad this guy got off, that savage of a Police Officer is an insult to good Police Officers globally, especially in Canada.

    All for breaking an ornament. *shakes head* Can’t imagine what sparked that sudden response, though. The fact the Security Guard and the other chap in yellow just went along with it, too. But, it sounds like this prick of a Policeman was well known as is, maybe they didn’t want on his bad side either. Not that its right, of course.

    1. Notice how they seem to be preparing to assault this guy by taking a stance behind him and aside him. This guy was unaware what was coming his way until it was too late. Not that he could have changed anything, seeing they already had made a decision to fuck his day up..

  4. Won’t waste my time talking about the rights and wrongs of this.The Pigs are out of control and have been for years.Society gets the crime it deserves .If i’m ever in another situation where i can get the better of a cop i’ll slit his /her fuckin’ throat and i won’t lose any sleep over it.

  5. Look not ALL cops are bad. Seriously, some are alright and pretty decent human beings. Granted there are PLENTY of abuse videos and I will never deny that some do in fact abuse their power, however, not everyone with a badge on their chest is on a powertrip. Sadly the actions of a few make the majority look bad.

  6. Who is “Dakota Hought ” (… at least for now)

    Former Barrie cop Jason Nevill released from jail, changes name to Dakota Hought.

    By Rick Vanderlinde – Barrie Advance
    Former Barrie police officer Jason Nevill has been released from jail after serving eight months of his 12-month sentence, the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services has confirmed.
    Related Stories
    Const. Jason Nevill trial
    Nevill was also released into the community under another legal name ? Dakota Hought ? ministry spokesperson Brent Ross said this afternoon.
    Nevill?s lawyer, David Butt, said he could not comment on the use of a second name.
    Nevill, who was convicted of assault causing bodily harm Oct. 17, served two-thirds of his sentence, which is routine for prisoners sentenced to less than two years and have good behaviour.
    Nevill is on one-year probation, must take anger management counselling and is prohibited from possessing weapons. He cannot contact his victim, Jason Stern, or the Stern family.

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