Bolivian Politician Domingo Alcibia Rivera Caught on CCTV Raping Drunk Woman

Bolivian Politician Domingo Rivera Alcibiades Caught on CCTV Raping Drunk Woman

Bolivian lawmaker Domingo Alcibia Rivera was caught on CCTV allegedly sexually violating a passed out woman. The incident occurred after a Christmas Party at the seat of the Parliament of Chuquisaca on December 20, 2012 but the video was not published until now. The president of Bolivia Evo Morales called for the resignation of the regional legislator and described the event as “reprehensible and repugnant”. Evo Morales also had Domingo Alcibia Rivera fired from the president’s party MAS – Movimiento Al Socialismo (The Movement Toward Socialism).

Domingo Alcibia Rivera denied that any sexual violation took place and by looking at the video – I could not see any taking place either. But in a world plagued by feminism, nobody cares if a man committed rape or not. All it takes is for a woman to say that he did and every sheep will bleat against him.

The allegedly raped woman was reportedly a cleaning maid. Why was a maid drunk unconscious at a political Christmas party is anyone’s guess. Perhaps she was a gold-digger looking to score with a big shot politician but got so drunk, she could not consent to something she was prepared to consent to no matter what? I know, I know… how dare I say something that goes against the agenda of single mother feminists and their ilk of pussy whipped lesser men? How’s it hanging, Evo Morales?

Props to Best Gore member rubialan07 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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117 thoughts on “Bolivian Politician Domingo Alcibia Rivera Caught on CCTV Raping Drunk Woman”

    1. @notasheep, that’s exactly what I was thinking. At about the 30 seconds mark the video goes from being in color and quite sharp to being in black and white and being blurred. Something fishy is going on here!

      1. was that the light being turned on or off or something?? don’t get that color shift at all… can’t really tell how drunk the slut was… she didnt seem to fight at all… I dont care how drunk you are unless you’re totally passed out most people have a little fight in them…. whose to say. I can’t make heads or tails from this.

          1. No… Watching a dude get run over by a Tank is one thing but watching a little girl get raped…. No man.. Thats what that back arrow is for at the top of the screen.

    1. I’m pretty sure Anna Bulleta is just a troll who’s laughing his ass off right now. He made a blatantly over the top claim expecting everyone to rage about and that’s exactly what you people are doing. In this case, the troll wins cause you people can’t tell when someone’s pulling your leg.

      1. Nothing to see here laties and gentlemen just an old couple fornicating .. xD has anyone seen the funny movie *badsanta*. O_o but yeah @Anna woah o.o please don’t tell me you were enjoying that little girls pain while she was being raped if you did you need to see a fucking psychologist ASAP. this is a little off but godamn where the fuck where these hot sexed up *female* teachers when I was in high school DX ..?

      1. Ok so .. Yeah is the video the chick talking about supposed to be a *shock video* like the 1 lunatic 1icepick or the chainsaw beheading I’m not going to lie I saw both of those videos but I was not impressed. first the lunatic one I was expecting it to be more gory but it turns out its nothing but gay sex -.- the chainsaw one I’ve seen it 3 times and nothing I don’t feel a thing. you guys want to know how many times I’ve seen the 2 girls 1 cup video ..? 8 times /: I’ve also watch that video while eating and I don’t feel a thing is that bad o.o am I still considered a human because I don’t shown any emotions to these type of videos ..? Or am I an evil boy with a black heart @Anglo Maniac sit your floppy titts down the chick probably watched that fucked up video because maybe one of her friends showed it to her like many of us on this website we all came here because one if our friends recommended watching a gory video and *BAM* we were automatically addicted to bestgore or we were a little curious and we wanted to see what others were talking about. Don’t be an asshole maybe she didn’t want to watch it but like the human beings we are curiosity took over. I just hope she doesn’t end up turning into the female version of Jeffrey Dahmer.. And no don’t end up pointing fingers at me accusing me of a child rapist you tard, like everyone else on this website I hate sick fuckers like that. child molesters and rapists deserve to have their flesh pealed off and also have their limbs cut off while they are still conscious!!

    2. Anna, that is something you should never want to see! What the hell is wrong with you? Granted we are all here looking at the worldly truth in pictures and videos but to watch a child get raped is horribly disgusting! We all enjoy this site or else we wouldn’t be here, but you, my dear, could use some help…seriously!
      (Haven’t scrolled down so hopefully I’m not making an ass of myself, just commenting as I read ’em.)

      In regards to the video…not too sure about the changes: maybe lights went out so it went to night vision cams? Either way the chic looked way passed out! Probably didn’t even know that someone had sex with her until the video came about. Either way…shouldn’t drink to the point where you can’t see straight.

      Thank you for loving or hating my novel!

      Best Gore rocks my world!!!

    3. LOL WOW for people who enjoy watching children torn to pieces by drones and run over by cars you are a little too sensitive in some matters. NO, I don’t like child porn but sometimes you just click links you shouldn’t, and this was the case I guess. Pretty hilarious your reactions, maybe I should share the link to the vid for more laughs.

      1. Go ahead, you can laugh all the way to the slammer. That accidentally clicked on link bullshit doesn’t work too good as a legal defense. Especially when you say, “I guess”. You can criticize us for coming here, but you crossed a line that even convicts won’t tolerate.

        1. I’m not criticizing anyone, I’m far, far beyond from criticizing someone on the internet. I don’t know I just consider myself too much to do something like that. And the “legal defense” and “convicts” thing is funny and naive at the same time.

    4. How could you even watch that? Why would you watch that? Thats not interesting… A dude getting smashed by a machine or dudes getting beheaded is interesting… Shit with kids like that is not interesting thats just fucked up period….. Not to mention illegal as fuck too to even view such shit.

  1. Here’s a thanks to @Lady Laz, @Rider, and my boy toy @Killa. All you guys made my heart swell in that boobie post back there. I tried to post this there, but it wouldn’t take. There’s a reason why I feel at home here.
    vandle…if i had a dick i’d shove it down your throat.

  2. I don’t understand how some men let their cocks lead their life.

    I have a cock, a beautiful one, in-fact he looks just like me. Long with beautiful pale skin, with blonde hair and blue eyes (veins), and I’d be damned if I would allow such a beautiful creature to be tainted by fucking some whore. I guess that’s why we are such good friends, one could even say blood brothers – I don’t lead him astray, and he doesn’t lead me astray. I got his back he got my sack.

    And rape? Out of the question. My enjoyment comes from giving pleasure, not taking it.

    There’s nothing manly about fucking a chick and not getting her off, or worse, making her cry from torture/pain. Fucking a chick and making her squirt? Or cry from sheer pleasure? Now I feel like I got balls of gold and I’m walking around like I could lift a motherfucker mountain.

    1. Right? You rattle it around just right in there and you can give chicks orgasms better than they can give themselves.
      Fucked one so hard once that when I suddenly pulled out she continued to convulse and squirt like those losers in the advertisement have to do with their hands.

      It made me feel incredibly proud to be able to do that without fingers or tongue involved, just some good hip and cock action! I get where you’re coming from.

  3. To rape a woman must be one of the most boring activities. This make me wonder why a man would rape a woman, since there are thousands of women begging for a dick, almost everywhere?

    On a side note: I wonder if Mark would post a photo of the dead corpse of his friend Hugo Chávez… (when the moment come)

      1. Atahualpa Yupanqui said: “De nada vale la mujer m?s buena si su hombre, por ella, no ha pagao un derecho” (“There is no point the best woman if her man, for her, has not paid a right”).

    1. Where do you live, Siberia?

      White women everywhere are like dogs in heat. They cannot keep their legs closed.

      Well.. unless you’re East-Asian, then their thighs are locked down tighter than Fort Knox.

      If you’re Black though, just a “Come here bitch” will do.

      1. I’ve dated two asian girls one of which was from Japan and the other born in America and all I’m going to say is neither we’re “locked down like Fort Knox”. My white American partner now is alot more conservative then they were. You’re just full of shit.

        1. Err, I’m sure you did. My dude – let’s be honest. You’re a Liberal beta male, mate. No woman wants you.

          You most likely hate yourself and are full of self-hate when you look into the mirror. That skin-tone just offends you, doesn’t it?

          Most likely you’re into BDSM – Well, just the submissive part. Probably find the idea of your lady doing other men a turn on.

          Now stop going to Thailand and banging them hookers. That shit is bad for your health. And it also gives us a bad reputation.

          And by the way, I was talking about White chicks legs being locked down tight if you’re an East-Asian guy.

          Keep up, I’m not slowing down for some college graduate with an art degree, a chip on his shoulder and poison in his brain. This isn’t kindergarten, I’m not holding your hand for you.

          Now – Go paint me a picture. Use vivid colors. I know how you Liberal males like your colors 😉

          1. Your tired attempt at insults is kinda lame. You throw a blanket over an entire race based on your own encounters,its actually kinda sad. And lets see who seems like a race traitor here, The guy that prefers to date white women or the guy that insults them in ever post. It’s annoying to see you put down an entire race (my race and the one you claim to be so dedicated to) that’s the thing that bothers me about you. Without that you’d be any other person with racist views. And I hold racist views also (middle eastern people) so that’s not to hard for me to put up with. No need to reply I’ve already read what you have to say, Ever comment of yours is the same.

          2. Actually – It’s not based upon my own encounters solely. You are really going to sit there and tell me you don’t think White women are some of the most promiscuous, cheating friendly women? Come on. Be honest.

            Regarding my race-mixing, I admit that. And it wasn’t an easy decision. But I tried celibacy, and yeah.. Not happening, and I’m not the type of guy who can just fuck random chicks, I need more than that. My experience with Asian women has been vastly superior to my own experience with White women.

            Also, ‘racist views’. That tells me all I need to know about you. It’s not racism, my Liberal friend, it’s realism. Segregation is natures way, and humanity is going against nature by forcing Liberal/Marxist dogma on the citizens called ‘Multiculturalism’.

            Which has real impact on our communities, cities, Countries and people.

    2. PitchBlackAura…so very sweet of you! I bet all the women love you!

      And Silenced…Quit hating huh? False accusations, at least for this white woman! (Well, mixed with Black Foot Indian, Russian and German) 😉

      SpankmyMonkey…love your response. (Thumbs up!)

      1. You guys dont worry bout @silenced. His whole shtick is insults and put downs. No matter who you are.
        Now see I bet you he’ll say something mean to me now. Don’t bother to read his post (i stopped awhile ago). There only about what’s wrong with everyone else but him.

        1. Pft. I don’t insult anyone unless they insult me first. :). And this Spankingthemonkey has nipped at my heels far to many times already.

          Regarding some White females feeling insulted by the description yet it not matching them – Why? If you don’t fit the description of the average White female of today, then it isn’t talking about you, ergo – You shouldn’t feel insulted. You’re the exception, not the rule.

          I’m sorry but it’s the absolute truth – White women today are some of the most promiscuous, most cheating friendly, divorce happy women there are, and trying to build something with them is like trying to build a church on-top of Mecca.

          Now – This site has a lot of White female members, and a lot of men who feel the need to ‘protect’ them from the nonsense of a noob. But they cannot, because as the Admins name implies – Truth conquers all things.

          And Pale, put your tongue back in your mouth. Trying to butt into others conversations to save women isn’t going to get you pussy and tit shots.. Well, I guess since it is 1girl, it might.. But still. It looks pathetic.

          Now – You keep biting my ankles, and I’ll bite your head off in return. Don’t put yourself in that position. I’ve read some of your comments – Don’t make me dissect them.

          Some of you BestGore users are a weird bunch. You don’t know how to handle a new member on here challenging you with truths that would be considered ‘controversial’ in the mainstream. I think the reality is actually funny – You are sheep in wolfs clothing.

          Keep trying to howl at me – all I hear is a baa, baa.

          But I like it. Fitting in with some of you bunch would make my skin crawl.

          1. Hmmm…Silenced you said, “White women everywhere.” So I want to let you know that I don’t feel insulted but do not put me in the pot with all others. 🙂 thank you very much. Others might hate all you say but that is all I have said. So enjoy my love!

            Thank you PALERIDER and 1girl1cup…much love!

          2. I’m trying to defend anybody I’m just saying the truth that your full of shit and everyone here knows including yourself and if you cant handle that then quit being so full of shit…although I’m pretty sure someone like you doesnt even know how full of shit he is until everyone around you tells you your full of shit, your comments are all the same and theyre all fucking stupid maybe if you said something worth while we wouldn’t mind the repetitiveness of your crap but hopefully now that you know how we all feel about you stupid ass you can change for the better and if you dont then thats fine you can keep being the the annoying class clown that thinks everyones laughing with him when they’re actually laughing at him and wishing he would just shut the fuck up.

          3. Bro, I’ve read your comments. You’re a classic captain-save-a-hoe.

            You’re a desperate, pathetic man.

            What’s hilarious is – Most of your comments, at least the ones made with your tongue firmly planted in your mouth and not hanging out and drooling all over the place like a pervert, mirror mine, but when it comes to saying something that offends females here – Your nuts curl up like a Western politician accused of racism, and you prostrate like a loser and start apologizing.

            It’s hilarious.

            I suppose I could be more like you.. And pretty much beg female posters for tit shots etc al. but that’s not me.

            I’m better than that. Sorry.

            My comments are about serious issues affecting our Countries and people, and if your simple mind cannot deal with that, nay cannot comprehend that – then ignore them.

            Don’t try to be something you’re not. You simply aren’t intelligent enough to trade barbs with me. Doesn’t matter how many of these so called ‘vets’ gang up on me.

            My views get Liberal panties in a bunch on a daily basis, I’m used to debating/arguing with 10+ belligerent people on all sides.

            As far as everyone here hating me or whatever, do you think I care? This site is choke full of sheep and people who support multiculturalism, or women with their tits hanging out for attention.

            If those people liked me, there’d be something wrong.

            The only thing that bothers me on this site, is the constant errors I get.

            Oh – check it out. Another White woman just cheated on her White husband with a Black dude (Lindsay Vonn-Tiger Woods)

            I stand by my comment – The vast majority of White females are nothing but promiscuous, cheating friendly, divorce happy, lost women. They are completely worthless to ever start a relationship with :).

            And – to clarify – If this description does not fit you, then don’t be offended. You’re the exception, not the rule.

          4. The diffrence between my comments and yours is no one gives what you think cause all they are just long as rant about racism and you hating on your race please how the fuck you expect anyone to take your dumb ass serious your just like every other racist white you talk all this shit abkyt what’s who.g with your race but you to fucking scared or to much of s little bitch to do anything about it so you come o.there think that we all give a fuck about what you have to say, for instance your comment above I didn’t even read that shit cause its fucking stupid and long you talk to much just like a the bitches you claim to hate in fact your worse then the bitches you claim to hate cause they don’t even talk as much shit as you do and if I stick up for someone here be it male or female its not because I’m trying to get pussy I think we already established that I get more pussy than you do and you dont get shit and that why you talk shit against women so much cause they dont give you pussy captain blue balls Mr I don’t fuck women I just hate on them thats some faggot fruit shit right there…bro I promise you if you go get laid all this retarted hate you feel for women will go away try it pussy it don’t bite I promise but who knows maybe you dobt like pussy and that ok, but I do and thats not the reason why I defend anybody on here if i defend somebody which is rare its because it they’re BG members and thats what we do stick up for each other especially when stupid fucking faggot sheep like you come out of no where talking shit that no one here wants to hear and trust me no of the girls here need me to defend them they got balls than you do they ain’t weak like you are and they ain’t bitch made like you either and just so you know I know you get confused having your head up your ass…i wasnt even defending anybody i just told you the truth that your full of shit and everyone here knows it but you couldnt handle that and took it like the little bitch that you are instead of being a fucking man and shutting your mouth you choose to keep running it like a women just like the women your trying to talk down to your acting worse than them so take this for what it is the cold hard truth I ain’t trying to defend anybody cause they don’t need it but I will talk you what everyone think of you and that Is that your full of shit.

  4. Off topic here but it is fffucking cccold here in Toronto! I just went out to my car for a few minutes and my balls have disappeared somewhere into my torso. You people in warm climates don’t know how lucky you are.

  5. I don’t get how you can be so partisan and prejudiced, even when faced with pretty firm evidence.
    How can you say you “could not see any sexual violation taking place either”, the guy was lying on top of her, what do you think he was doing? Practicing his MMA groundwork?
    And why must the woman be accused of being “a gold-digger looking to score with a big shot politician”? Of course, it could be possible, but why say it when there is absolutely no reason to believe it?
    Or are you just trying to troll feminists?
    Someone fill me in.

    1. Finally! Thank you! I was trying to comment the same thing but there were so many nonsense arguments in the comments about…nothing. One person talks trash to get a rise & it blows up into a battle of the (dim)wits & measuring penis sizes. Lame.
      But yes! It’s obvious he’s got his hands all over her in the chair & lays on top on the floor. Who turned the lights off at the start & did the same person turn them back on? That’s curious. Please tell me the intro of not seeing anything was a joke?? If not, then how are you any different then the conformist, Zion controlled media you hate so much who feeds lies to all the sheep keeping them in check?? I know your better than that. There’s enough atrocity and ugliness out there without taking away this woman’s dignity a second time. This site is way better than that.

  6. To all you fucktards that are criticizing Anna, take a look in the mirror. Your all judges now? As if watching a woman get raped is more appropriate? All rape is disgusting, and the pussy motherfuckers that are so cowardly enough to commit such an act should be left in a room with me for 10 minutes..the pain and agony that would ensue is not even describable. The most of you that are talking about how disgusting of a human being Anna is boggles my mind. I watch sick videos daily of these websites, and every day people think I’m odd, but hey..give me reality…fuck the fake world

    1. Wow! Thank you for calling me a “fucktard”! You are so very sweet Gorey Haim! If you want to get all pissed at someone maybe you could blow a gasket at your beloved Anna for being “disappointed” watching the rape video and then commenting on watching a 7 year old child screaming while getting raped. I’m pretty sure we all commented as certain things are not acceptable.
      Rape of any kind is not acceptable! Maybe you should read the comments again and not be blinded.
      Sorry you took offense to something that you shouldn’t have.

  7. Honestly, I don’t understand what is wrong with a lot of people on here. Many of you are repulsed because Anna Bulleta said she watched a video of a kid being raped. You people are seriously messed up…there’s no difference whether it’s a kid of a full grown woman. Who the heck cares – it’s wrong and disturbing. If doesn’t make it funny if it’s a grown woman and it’s no worse if it’s a kid. Geeze louise.

  8. Rape is never about sex, it is about power over someone. Maybe he even drugged her to get her passed out like that. She was probably in there to clean up and he had/or made her drink something with the drug in it. Looks more like something that ruffies do rather than alcohol. Sick. All rape is done by sick, little fucks that only feel big when they are hurting someone.

  9. It could have been as for the blurry switches in colour, that because it was government incorporated crimes and the woman may have wanted to keep identity anonymous, providers of the video may have blurred out the video so any links to the woman or anything else besides the offender could be made.

    1. I suspect it was the producers who were got at to protect the politician. Also seems premeditated – like “I’m gonna rape one of the cleaners, want to film it? Just ghost me out when I am actually doing her. OK?”
      You can see enough though to know he got her drunk and got his load away in her

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