Brazilian Father Delivers Brutal Beating to His Little Daughter

Brazilian Father Delivers Brutal Beating to His Little Daughter

Brazilian Father Delivers Brutal Beating to His Little Daughter

That’s some proper Brazilian parenting right there. Some of the punks I know could have used a beating like that when they were little so they wouldn’t turn out being the pieces of shit they are today. You don’t see this type of conditioning these days anymore – except of course in Brazil and possibly other third world countries. These days, a parent would ground their daughter and gets sued – at least in Canada anyway, not sure about other countries. Or if your little pouty kid doesn’t sue you, she may at least go on a rampage in your car.

In today’s world, regardless of where you live, you have got to be damn careful what you’re doing cause you never know who is quietly filming you from a distance (the government for is for sure, but they are often not the only ones). This Brazilian fellow seems to have gone a bit overboard delivering the beating to his little daughter, but I bet he feels like a total loon knowing his outburst was filmed on video.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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153 thoughts on “Brazilian Father Delivers Brutal Beating to His Little Daughter”

      1. Didn’t anyone click on the “go on a rampage in your car” button? Thats a Best Gore classic, Porsche Girl herself Nikki Catsouras. She got in a fight with her dad, stole his porsche and…, just read the story, Mark tells it way better than I do.

    1. OMG !! I’M in so much tears from within, I feel the pain from just lookn at this vid. OMG !! How can someone do that.. What did she do ? That little darln is in so much pain. I have two little ones of my own, omg !! If anyone did that to my child, I would be the “”DEVIL””l that they had never seen !! Honestly !! Also cut them to bits alive, yet will still keep them alive… Until they know what they have done !!! We know there are lots who does this to their child.. THIS IS SICK !! Poor girl can’t even run away !!

    1. A little home improvement !! Are you kiddn? ? How would you feel if that happened to you ? Would you say to yourself well we just needed a little home improvement thats all !! Just beat the hell out of me, until this little home improvements comes by? lol

  1. I hope I run into this asshole so I can cut his dick off and decapitate him Mexican style while showing him this video, I wanna run there and take that little girl and spoil the her rotten… fucking bastards

      1. KIDS are our life dear @trooper .. they are our blood… sure discipline them, but not beat the hell of out them !!! they didn’t ask to be born. if you can’t take care of your own kids, don’t bring them into this world !! the littlest mistake she could’ve done in the house. as you’ll see she was playing with another little sis in the corner…. not done anything basically… what could’ve she done break a glass or something…


      2. That little girl was fucking hot. She was lucky to just get an arse whooping. If she were my daughter, she’d have had my dick in her asshole. Id have made it pleasurable for her though.

        1. Haha, and just like Dahmer I go around and find dead animals to dissect. Only a matter of time before I go completely off the rails and kill someone. When I do I’ll be sure to post the pictures here. 😀

  2. While I can agree with Mark that the US and Canadian governments have gone too far with laws concerning what parents can and cannot do when it comes to disciplining their kids, it is assholes like this guy in the video that are the reason laws concerning child discipline are made.
    There’s a fine line between simply using your hand, switch, belt or even a board to whack your kid in the ass a few times as a form of discipline. It is something entirely different when someone does an all out assault on their kid.
    In the video above, this guy starts off with a ruff spanking with what I think is a flip flop then appears to be heading back into the house only to stop an come back out to do an all out assault on the poor kid. It is pieces of shit like him that should have been castrated long ago.

      1. im a father and i watched this and i found my self cursing at the computer screen when my daughter does something “That she knows is wrong” i spank her i give her three strikes on the bum with my hand. after i ask her why she got the spanking and she tells me what she did and i make her acknowledge her poor decision i tell her i love her and give her a hug and kiss and send her on her merry way this is my way of discipline that shit in that clip IS child abuse plain and simple i hope he ends up as one of those pancake headed mother fuckers who find themselves between the road and the tires of an eighteen-wheeler pitiful excuse of a man if you ask me

        1. That’s the way i believe a child should be brought up. You can spank them, as long as they know what exactly they are being spanked for. And you got to make sure, after you feel that the mental side of the punishing has lasted long enough, they know it’s all good.

          1. shes a good kid but shes a kid haha shes gonna get in trouble and im not trying to hijack this part of OB’s thread. all you can do is show them what is “right” and what is “wrong” then it is up to them. ill love her regardless of her choices in life and no matter what she will always be my little girl.

        2. i dont spank my kids….id rather start from a young age explaining to them what they did wrong….when i find myself really wanting to hit them is the time im really really mad at them…then i know its totally the wrong time because im too annoyed and would probably hurt them more than necessary

          1. my mom did this little open palm slap any time i would talk back to her im 25 and i said “fuck no” to her on the phone the next day she drove 50 miles to see my daughter when i answered the door i got slapped so hard it brought a tear to my eye and w/o skipping a beat she said “watch your language young man” GAH..i love my mom haha

          1. “Perhaps she is just an outlet”…
            Bingo-Bango. Abusers don’t need a real reason to abuse. They’ll fixate on the most trivial shit as an excuse. When they run out of those, they get creative and just start making shit up.
            My ex got pissed over furniture arrangement, me visiting my family, pulling weeds and cleaning up the lawn of a rental home, cleaning the house/cooking/reading/talking to people/etc “too long”, that I didn’t update him every 15 min of my whereabouts, not being a mind reader and “anticipating his needs/feelings/thoughts/desires”, and so many million things so insignificant I can’t possibly recall. He concussed me because he claimed I had rolled my eyes at him (I didn’t) etc etc. he just wanted his rage fix, and conjured drama when none presented to him.

            A small, helpless child could not fathomably incur an offense meriting abuse. There was absolutely nothing disciplinary about what he was doing. No verbal correction first, no warning, no explanation, no ensuring the child had absorbed any reason why something was a no-no. No reconcile and assurance of a more productive family dynamic. She fact that he paused, and resumed beating is a testament to his only motivation being rooted in compulsive violence.

            I felt angry watching that video. I also felt angry about the lack of intervention, because I was sure I was going to see him snapping bones in her legs. By that point, enough damning evidence was accrued. It nearly tipped the line from abuse to homicide.

            Look at the way the girl tries to get up, twice, and *can’t*. She has to shuffle on the ground to move. It doesn’t matter what the instrument is if the force behind it is severe. Ever seen a CD lodged in a wall or a drinking straw punching through a telephone pole by tornado winds? Same concept.

            Crush injuries are the worst. Nerves, veins, arteries… They all get “lost” in the internal hamburger. It’s like trying to find a thread in a haystack corresponding with another thread somewhere in the haystack to thread together. The threads are often frayed and lacking enough integrity to knit back together. Now imagine trying to do that again and again, clock racing against physiological salvation as lack of oxygen generates tissue death.

            This is why things like the drunk girl who passed out sitting on her legs–for 12+hrs–resulted in having to get her legs amputated–> lack of circulation/oxygen… Happen…

            I wouldn’t be surprised if the child suffered large muscular hematoma or worse… The way he handled her, all her weight straining her legs when he held her aloft, so slender theres no real fat padding her legs, and the fury and velocity of his blows…

            Sick. And I don’t mean that as a slang term. I mean it as “disgusting”.

  3. Super, another piece of human garbage, doing what pieces of filth do, inflicting cruelty on those that can’t defend themselves. I hope she remembers this and on the day that she’s big enough to swing a machete, she swings it into his face.

  4. what a dick he is i’ve seen worst beatings though if he lived in my area the homies would take care of his useless sorry ass we don’t tolerate child abuse to little girls that’s fucked up


    Well, it coulda been quite a bit worse….just check out how bad her next door neighbor got it……

    Keep this in mind, everyone who thinks that “karma” and “justice’ will befall this Father of The Year Award Winner……

    IT NEVER WILL because although we would LOVE to live in a world where right is right, which get rewarded and wrong is wrong and you end up as roadkill on Best Gore…..

    That’s just not the reality that we have, and it makes me feel completly over and done with this place.

    The Fleshy Virus just doesn’t fit in anymore

    1. Sadly, I think many of us understand that all too well; the full-circle karma is a wishing exercise. At least, it is for me. Without it, and my babies, I think I might cease toeing the line betwixt struggling existence and the yawning chasm of futility, and succumb to the despair that is the knowledge of how immutably atrocious human experience is… And how likely it is that there is no noble payoff, no meaning at the end.

      I’m typically pretty clinical in my observations and musings, but the above thoughts are what creep in at the end of the day, when the girls are warmly nestled in bed and daily tasks are fulfilled. The increasing insomnia burns the back of my eye-sockets and clouds my head. Everyday, I mentally traipse for an answer, or hope, when there is none to be found.

      There is, however, some measure in comfort from a most unlikely source (BG). I may be geographically alone, but my silent self is somewhat understood. That shaky solidarity possesses an unassuming strength. The outrage expressed here, mirroring my own disgust at times, fortifies it.

      There may be no hope for collective humanity, but, in small batches, there is profound identity.

    1. (and veiwing them as ANY diffrent that the F.V. that they will be growing up into inside of 10 years…..if that)

      Not that hitting a kid is right…that may come off as my point, which it is NOT.

      The real reality is that the F.V. is just able, and all ways ready and willing to do it WRONG, without much care otherwise.

      3 cheers for consistancy!

    2. The cruel destruction of innocence is a hot button. Incendiary outrage is–and should be–the response. Redundant? Intensely so… But a predictably foreseeable outcome. The proverbial torches and pitchforks have less to do with dispensing knowledge, I think, than an assailing solidarity of collective outrage.

  6. Sometimes kids need a good smack on the bum/hand to stop them from being naughty, such as biting or touching something. The main argument against it is, you can’t hit an adult so why should you be able to hit someone smaller? Its people that have thrashed their kids, that have made laws against it.

  7. Hey, I have received that kind of beating many times from my dad when I was a little brat and it only worked out good for me. Once I was fighting with that kid, my dad saw us, beat the shit out of me and I never tried to beat other kids again. Same thing when I was caught shoplifting when I was maybe 10. Too bad I started smoking when i was 17 or something and he didn’t have a chance to beat me again, maybe I wouldn’t be a smoker today. You don’t know what the girl did, maybe he caught her sucking some hobo’s dick? Wouldn’t you do the same? And he seems to beat her with a sandal or something, that doesn’t look too painful.

  8. At first I thought that toddler standing there was the one going to get beat!
    I felt deja vu to the first beating this little girl received. That was me at least once a week. The second beating was definitely too far. It’s sad when you see shit like this and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    Some teachers actually fear their jobs now because of the lack of discipline for kids here in Canada. My sister is a teacher and her first day on the job one of the kids told her that she was going to gut her with a knife. This kid was in grade 2. She doesn’t even have a double digit number for her age and already she’s talking like that! It’s getting so ridiculous that even bullied kids get in shit for standing up to the bully.

  9. “Im gonna go with EXCESSIVE PUNISHMENTS for $500 ALEX” … (lol)
    If I woulda seen that & I had a GUN … druing his 2ND WAVE of BEATING I woulda FIRED a SHOT in the AIR & If that didnt STOP him I woulda SHOT about 5 FEET ABOVE his HEAD & If I had NO GUN I woulda VERBALLY said thats enough & if he came @ ME he would be SLEEPING shortly after

  10. A bit over the top I think. I for one smack my son if hes been bad, but usually only after he has had 3 warnings and just won’t do as he is told.

    The annoying thing is here in the UK you are not allowed to discipline your child anymore. If you smack them its domestic abuse, if you send them into their room its false imprisonment, if you shout at them its verbal abuse. The kids today run wild, have no respect and are generally feral little fucks… yet the government then complain that its the parents fault when they are the fuckers who tell us we have to treat them like special little snowflakes and show no form of authority over them so what do they expect

  11. First of all, i remember being swatted with a flip-flop or ‘chancla’ countless times during my childhood so this brings back some memories.

    secondly, seriously someone needs to beat that guys ass. i can’t stand when adults find it necessary to cause pain to children, it makes me sick.

    and on a side note, when i saw the little girl with the broom in the beginning, i thought she was going to join in the beating…would have made things quite interesting.

  12. Ok spanking your kid is one thing but I couldnt se that she could have possibly done anything to deserve such beatings as this…. he basically tortured her cuz he ‘hung’ her upside down most of the ;spanking’ and he wacked her in the head a few times…. i to would like to beat him…. or push him in front of a speeding SUV or something. What a douche’.

  13. All those ”i wish i had a few minutes alone with that fucktard” comments cracks me up; you probably cry for your mommy within seconds, tough internet-warriors lol.
    It was a good beating, however not that extreme considering their culture and certainly not as bad as some japanese parents humiliate their childs.
    She’ll love her daddy still.

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